Vince Staples & Lord Jamar Bicker Online Over Comments About 1990's Hip Hop

(AllHipHop News) It seems there are still rap fans that feel a certain way about Vince Staples’ comments on 1990’s Hip Hop. During an interview last October, Staples stated he did not understand why the decade was considered the “Golden Era” of the culture. The California spitter caught some backlash for the statements months ago, but the conversation heated up again after Lord Jamar shared his opinion on the matter.

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Jamar did an interview with VladTV where the Brand Nubian member took issue with Staples saying the 90’s didn’t even have a Kanye West. Jamar’s critique mostly centered around the idea of people wanting to promote what he called a “euro-based” (sales, money) criteria for greatness rather than an “afro-based” (cultural impact, quality) criteria.

A Twitter user supported Jamar’s point of view by sending Staples a picture of a few top stars from the 90’s and writing, “Pay attention to what [Lord Jamar] has to say.” The Def Jam recording artist replied with a simple “lmao.”

Jamar then responded to the Twitter exchange by asking Staples, “What’s funny bruh? People just correcting your statement by giving numerous examples.”

Staples sent a message back that read, “I’m laughing cause I never thought I’d hear a n*gga ever say listen to what Lord Jamar has to say.”

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Read the tweets below.

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49 Responses to “Vince Staples & Lord Jamar Bicker Online Over Comments About 1990's Hip Hop”

  1. A.P. Millz-CT

    I would love to see someone put their Timberland boot on Staples neck! Please WorldStar that $h!t if it ever happens.

  2. Black

    This Vince Staples dude is a fruit who praised Young Thug for his fashion sense & I believe used to be down with Frank Ocean & that other weirdo Tyler the creator. He doesn’t care about the culture & despite his music making NO noise whatsoever he’s being promoted constantly by all of these sites. All he does is make dumb comments.


      …despite his music making NO noise whatsoever he’s being promoted constantly by all of these sites.” and that just go to show you how you can be promoted 25/8 & not 1 fvck will be given about you if everybody hate your product. That’s why he resorting to coonery like this because I forgot he was still doing music.

  3. Markus

    Dude is locked in his own timeline. Refusing to acknowledge or pay homage to the trailblazers of the industry he himself is in is disrespectful and ignorant. For me, he gets a laugh if he ever makes an album that comes close to Brand Nubian’s One for All.

  4. TheAfroRican

    It’s crazy how this generation of “rappers” refuse to respect the architects. Without them, there would be no Vince Staples in this rap game.

  5. Celz

    He trollin the troll.. Vince is the closest thing to 90s rapper that didn’t actually rap in the 90s we got. He’s a student in the game who just dropped a masterpiece. Sure he needs up shut the fucc up. But damn besides Kendrick and Coleb he’s the last weird of all these new niccas.

      • Celz

        Summertime ’06… CNB, Lift Me Up, Jump Off The Roof.. He has a double cd with no club or songs.. Good beats, deep lyrics, no commercial shyt. No weirdo rap.. He’s no Nas, but he’s a Nas type rapper. Common featured him on his album twice for a reason.

      • Celz

        I’m talking about niccas that write their own lyrics fam.. Not pop singers with ghost writers..

  6. Idiocracy

    Law 41: Avoid Stepping into a Great Man’s Shoes
    What happens first always appears better and more original than what comes after. If you succeed a great man or have a famous parent, you will have to accomplish double their achievements to outshine them. Do not get lost in their shadow, or stuck in a past not of your own making: Establish your own name and identity by changing course. Slay the overbearing father, disparage his legacy, and gain power by shining in your own way.

    Power depends on appearing larger than other people, and when you are lost in the shadow of the father, the king, the great predecessor, you cannot possibly project such a

  7. STEPH

    He’s a kid that wasn’t around when all the shit was popping in the 90’s, maybe he need to study his history or doesn’t feel he has to…He seem like one of those kids who are too smart where it becomes detrimental to himself. I think about it when me and my uncle talk about basketball, and he brings up Oscar Robertson, I wasn’t around then but I did my research…”The big O” was a bad muthafucka…You just have to be open and no it isn’t all about what you know, it’s folks who came before and paved the way for him to even be a rapper making money. The money value which let’s rappers splurge came from when NWA, Run DMC and a few others start selling records, before that wasn’t no money in hip hop.

    • DownSouthGAboy

      You was a kid in the 90s like me and we liked what we liked. They are kids now, let them like what they like. ijs.

  8. Idiocracy

    what artist today is doing Juvenile numbers, mase numbers, biggie small numbers, 2pac numbers, snoop numbers, nelly numbers, jay z numbers, this music today ain’t even selling, they gotta grade it on a curve, and pay artist for streaming, cause they not selling nothing thats how much the music has lost its value

    • DownSouthGAboy

      Not at all. You said it, streaming, downloads. Nobody is buying albums anymore so you the grading system is not even at all. Nowadays you can just buy those 3 or 4 songs and not the whole album. How has music lost its value when it is still making billions of $$ annually. I think folks need to get past album sales as measuring block.

      • Idiocracy

        Believe me I understand what u are saying, and honestly I enjoy the way I’m able to consume my music now adays, I love spotify, I get everyone’s whole catalog for $10 a month, I enjoy YouTube and everything else, but what I enjoy most about it is I can experience the music without having to commit to a sell to the artist, cause for real for real, I couldn’t see myself purchasing to much of this stuff they putting out now, these Kats getting away with mumbling and everything else I can’t spend my hard earned on that, and when it comes to music I’m like Barry Gordy in the temptations movie ” would you spend your last dollar on this song or a sandwich.?So that’s what makes album sales important, is a song good enough that you would buy it? That would spend your last on it

      • DownSouthGAboy

        I’m with you on that. I would pissed if I had to buy whole albums in this climate because most only have a couple songs that rock and the rest is straight trash.

  9. Idiocracy

    You don’t even hear about albums going platinum nowadays, ask one of these new Kats about going platinum they gone look at you like you crazy,”platinum what’s that?”

    • DownSouthGAboy

      They went Platinum and their labels got all the money!! These artists now are making way more money and being independent. ijs. It doesn’t require 1mil album sales to make substantial amount of $$.

  10. big brain

    Staples comeback was funny. Jamar is a 5% and they look at things differently. 90s rap was the top genre and sold the most, more than pop. Staples was to young, has to do his own research.

  11. Brindle

    I’m officially done… and I like Vince, but I refuse to support him anymore, he’s retarded, talented but retarded… he’s officially on my R. Kelley list… I’ll listen to what I got of him, but refuse to listen to anymore…

    • Celz

      Damn my nicca.. I ain’t on that level yet but he is alienating potential fans. Maybe he’s bitter because he’s the new generation but raps like he’s from the 90s, so all niccas who grew up on music like his from the 90s, shyt on his generation off top..

      Lol this nicca prolly lost a couple hundred just from niccas on this site. I don’t even understand how he can hate on the 90s when raps like Illmatic meets Straight Outta Compton..

      Oh well he’s grown, gotta live with your choices. And he is really fuccin up right now.

      • Brindle

        These cats just need interview training. . Someone else will get on my nerves and Vincent will be in my graces again

  12. RAMADAwhite

    i think hes sick of the whole respect your forefathers bow down attitude thing in hip hop . 90s heads was disrespecting the 80s rappers 80s rappers dissed the rappers in the late 70s. yes the 90s made the best albums but i see it as a lets move forward stop dwelling. Yeah dude obviously is trolling hard at times but i do see some points he make as valid. These “old” heads usually don’t wanna help or educate until a. someone is doing better than them or b. they make an outlandish statement and want publicity by responding. If someone is not wanting to open their horizons why waste time trying to pound it into them

  13. Ronlg1

    This dude Vince Staples is letting everything but his music speak for him. When people don’t like you, they don’t buy your music and people are starting to not like him.

  14. Papi Peligro

    Man how soon we forget man. PM DAWN, CNC Music Factory, the early 90’s had a whole lot of soft ninjas. It was the latter half of the 90s that didn’t play that shit.

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