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Waka Flocka Gets Roasted Over Powerball Comment

Photo via Waka Flocka’s Instagram

While everyone wanted to win the $1.5 billion lottery, Waka Flocka had a different view-a view that would get him relentlessly roasted on social media.

Waka tweeted,

“How is it that America is quote on quote in debt #But the lottery is 1.5 billion #PleaseExplain.”

Didn’t he want to run for president? Poor Waka. No one told Waka how the lottery works, and no one told him that even if the lottery was government run, $1.5 billion wouldn’t put a dent in the trillions of debt America is in. Many fans were also stuck on “Quote on quote.” Carry on.


  • Celz

    Well.. He actually has a good point. If the lottery prize is 1.5 bil.. That means they raised far more than that. So all that money was raised very quickly right? So why can’t we come up with plan to pay off the govt debt quickly? He’s actually 100% right.

    • Jmo-Texas

      76 billion was raised by the lottery last year alone.

    • Bo$$ Bueller

      “If each of these 81,890,189 federal taxpayers
      were given responsibility for paying off an equal share of the entire
      federal debt of $15,885,854,755,351.47, they would each need to pay about $193,989.72”

      He’s 100% ALONE!

      • Celz

        Why would people pay it? Corporations can pay that off easily in a decade or less. I didn’t make that debt. The debt came from solidifying and maintaining America’s dominance in influencing geopolitical affairs.

        Are you safer than someone in another first world country? No. Do yo have more financial opportunity than someone in another first world country? No. So if NO AMERICAN CITIZENS directly benefited from the accumulation of the debt. Why should we pay it? A good chunk of thr money to pay off the debt is chillin in an Irish tax-shelter.

    • Q.

      My question is, wtf are they doing with all this tax money? This powerball alone generated at least $800M alone, but states are out here still crying broke, and raising taxes on the everyday man and woman.

      • Celz

        Apple pays less tax than a nicca working part time at wal mart lol

      • Q.

        Wow. On top of that, Wal-Mart employees are underpaid.

    • meandepiphany

      Exactly! Especially when they have a good $150 coming from me every 2 weeks. That covers 30 people putting in $5. Like me, millions of people aren’t just putting in $5 worth of taxes. 43% of the US pays nothing at all. They don’t want us out of debt, then there’ll be no reason to unite the nations into one.

  • Brindle

    is he retarded?? the lottery comes from the people throwing $1-$5/person… the gov don’t put up the money…

  • Hakeem

    dumg nig*** with a twitter account…..

    • Celz

      They want you to think he’s dumb. The only thing dumb about his comment was accidentally typing an i instead of an o.

      • Chris Ridiculoslylongnfakemidd

        I think u mean “u” as In unquote

  • Ummm….. What’s dumb about his question? Just like this one….. Why is prostitution illegal and porn legal? Those hoes ain’t acting. They f*cking for money. Why are cigarettes legal and marijuana isn’t? Cigarettes are so deadly they kill the n*gga standing next to you. Weed mostly helps people. Seems kinda dumb to have a $1.5 Billion lottery but still have all kinds of ill sh*t like homelessness, starving children and other stuff going on in America. I think that’s where he was trying to go with this. Any f*cking dummy knows the U.S. Economy is bigger than $1.5 billion. If you want to get at Waka, get at him for his poor usage of “quote on quote”. Now that’s some dumb sh*t. But his aim is correct.

    Truth be told, the whole article makes me kinda question the aim and intelligence of the writer. Must be a slow news day.

    • Soulrebel1

      If you realize how lottery works its simple to see why its not going into helping the homeless, starving children etc it’s a fund for education, what you want is called charity and people don’t donate to charity in the same amount as lottery cause they’re trying to win lottery, people have bought 2.6 billion in powerball lottery since December, sure majority of those people haven’t given a dollar to charity…

  • bluelight74

    Please, before you say this dude is correct read about how our money is generated ( through the issuing of debt through the fractional banking system and the Federal Reserve) and a basic introduction to government bonds and monetary policy. the lottery is a distraction for the public’s attention and has zero to do with this. Hell, if you don’t want to read just watch Money is Debt on youtube.

    • Anthony Mason

      Stop trying to save these dudes. Nevermind….maybe they will listen since it came from you not me…..

  • dbfromdc


  • Frank

    wow. He got his trillions and billions mixed up. Can I get a trillion dollars Wacka?

  • Anthony Mason

    Hey here is an idea….Stop placing your money in lottery tickets and get on your grind….

    Studies have shown that a single American adult making 100k/ yr lives the same quality of life as a millionaire. You can only buy so much s***….

    If your household income is 200k plus you are usually able to retire earlier too…

    When I have truck drivers or construction workers buying a ton of tickets in front of me at the gas station it makes me want to bash their head into the cash register and scream at them to wise the f*** up….

    No disrespect to truck drivers. My grandpa was one but dammit stop wasting your money

    • Q.

      I used to feel the same way, but it’s hard to pass up a dream for $2. Mofos be going overboard throwing down hundreds though. BTW, wealthy folks play the lotto too–it just comes down to greed/materialism with most people.

      • Anthony Mason

        2 bucks can’t hurt. You are right. People who buy $50 worth of scratch off tickets every paycheck just break even or lose money . Lol.

    • Soulrebel1

      Lol you do know if you’re making 200k your probably in the 5% 100k unless you have many kids def top 10%, Americans median income is around 42k with a family of four so don’t eeally understand your analogy your talking about a very successful minority doesn’t make sense….

      • Anthony Mason

        True. 200k might as well be millions to a typical minority family of four .

      • Soulrebel1

        Thats to most upper middle class 200k is either both parents are engineer’s or some kind of professional or if only one parent is working most likely Dr or a lawyer those are the only people I know personally making any thing close at my age 30 my homegirl she’s a tax lawyer she’s making around 95k, my other girl just finished her PhD just got a professor position at Rutgers making 120k…

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah. Both people just usually have good jobs.Engineer, IT professsional, doctor, lawer, management, accountants, even a head chef of an upscale restaurant…

        My girl just got her JD. She just needs to pass the bar. Fresh out of school she is already making 75k.

      • Soulrebel1

        Yea that’s what’s up what I wanted to do JD in the 90s you came automatically making 100k or better out of school, I was going do it but couldn’t get a full ride already owe 30k undergrad no way was going take out another 100k for law school finished in IT Security Analyst wish I knew about this as youngter I’m making 65 but a few more certificates if I can get a ccnp can push me to 100k this is from an associate degree…

      • Anthony Mason

        At the end of the day, if a couple makes 140k combined zero or even two kids which is highly attainable they are good..

        Let’s say the guy makes 80k and she makes 60k….they will be just fine. It is when like you said a 4 person family has 40k total. That 10k per person per year and that is below the poverty line….

      • Anthony Mason

        Keep grinding bruh. You will make it. I can tell…

      • Nemo hos

        Teach me some security and I can help you with some dba and qa stuff

  • Q.

    Waka isn’t quite there yet on the knowledge tip, but I like the trajectory he’s been on lately. He’s THINKING.

  • ShaStud

    Criticize the homie but you know what he meant #lookingforanything2016

    • Dox

      No, I didn’t know what he meant at all. A billion is like NOTHING for the trillions the government owes…and the powerball prize is determined by how many people buy tickets…so I have no clue what this coon was trying to say.

      I guess it makes sense if you don’t think about it….only not really.

      • Nemo hos

        Is there such a thing as a debt?

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  • Mack

    Looking beyond the intentional misunderstanding here, Waka’s on some grown man shit.

  • Jaymat_

    No way will I criticize him on grammar. Read some of his tweets. He has more depth in the things he tweets about than a lot of other rappers. Plus, his sentences don’t read like a middle school kid using Kik.