2 Chainz Addresses C-Murder Diss Track (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Earlier this week, 2 Chainz found himself as the target of a diss track recorded by incarcerated rapper C-Murder. On the “2 Stainz” song, the former No Limit Records representative called out the Atlanta rhymer for stealing his TRU brand.

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TMZ caught up with 2 Chainz. The Based On A T.R.U. Story album creator downplayed the conflict by making it clear he will not be releasing a response track. Chainz also stated he was a fan of No Limit, but he was never influenced by C-Murder.

“I didn’t even listen to it,” said Chainz about C’s diss record.

He added, “I’m disappointed that he’s upset, but I got nothing but love for the man. I hope he can come home and take care of his family. I ain’t got time to try and kick nobody while they’re down.”

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Watch 2 Chainz’s interview below.

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  • Translation: Master P has long reach to match his long dough. I ain’t dumb enough to f*ck up my career. Smart move 2 Chainz. This brother has a brain.

    • STEPH

      These young boys who know nothing about Master P, C Murder, or how those New Orleans dudes get down would have responded on some ignorant shit, and would been found bagged and tagged, simply because they think because he in Jail, they couldn’t be touched….smdh 2 Chainz was right in how he handled this situation…he remembered how those New Orleans dude came into Atlanta after hurricane Katrina….off the chains, had the FEDS running thru the ATL…

  • Frank Yoster

    Cmurder was a loud pitbull that barked hard at 2chains the cocker spaniel and now 2 chains got his tail tucked betwèen his legs! Bitch ass loser!

  • The Legendary Troll

    Now watch C Murda say some ish like “It was all a misunderstanding. Shout out to the homie”

    • T Dolla

      LOL…. He gonna be acting all MEEK!

      • STEPH

        Shout Out to this uninformed nigga smdh, you gotta be a young nigga

  • Casor_Greener

    I would have had a much more simple response…”He’s in prison”

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    2chain dont want want none with C. Plus he only sayin this shit cuz he right.

    • ursocalledgod

      stop it with the fuckery dawg lol smh

  • Markus

    A dis record about a dude in prison for life is a win for the free dude before he even writes a single bar. Completely unnecessary and Chainz is right in letting it go.

  • ursocalledgod

    LMAO who gives a fuc about what a flash in the pan azz rapper whos doing life in prison has to say? this nigga dropping diss tracks from behind them walls? LMMFAO if I was chainz I would of said ” no comment” and gave this nigga no shine at ALL.

    • T Dolla

      “Would’ve,” not “would of.”

      • ursocalledgod


  • T Dolla

    I like how everyone is attributing his silence as fear of P or C…… He is a grown ass man out here hustling for his family, I wouldn’t respond to a jail bird either. Just because P got long money doesn’t mean he has more hooligans than 2 Chainz! Yall kill me with this outlandish shit. He has NO REASON to respond.

    • Whofarted42

      Understand this Homie without any disrespect to your comment but P needs no goons like that! That’s one Nigga who will come see you face to face if need be…Do not play with that nigga their. ..that nigga is a 3rd ward nigga..So 2chainz did the right things for a couple of reasons. ..that was a grown man move by not responding and second he really don’t want that problem with them types of katts!

    • STEPH

      Atlanta niggas is, was, and always will be spooked of those New Orleans niggas that’s not a secret at all. Those boys was terrorizing shit all over Atlanta after hurricaine Katrina my G. 2 Chainz is being the bigger dude in the situation, which he should, but he ain’t built like that bruh. He smarter though…..keeping it moving.

  • Dox

    I wouldn’t respond either. CMurder never been really relevant and is obviously bored in jail (how the hell is he recording anyway?). C obviously wants attention, best thing to do is not give him any.

    • NCcatsBALLhard

      A platinum artist never relevant?

      • Dox

        One who hasn’t had a tour, radio single or nationwide club banger in at least 6-7 years in an era where attention spans for music is shorter than the hair on Amber Rose head? Yeah.

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        You said never. His platinum albums say that at some point he was really relevant. Realize what u first posted…

  • Keyser Soze

    I respect 2 chains taking the highroad… That’s grown man shit.. I don’t believe he wasn’t somehow influenced by T.R.U. when every rapper who came out the south after Cash Money No Limit was influenced by them.. And also don’t discredit who C was and is 2 chains ain’t no Street dude C is I do believe that plays a part.. Plus Atlanta niggas know not to play with Real New Orleans niggas… Ask em..

    • Tanman01

      Every rapper out the south influenced by tru?? I mean business wise maybe but musically they did nothing ground breaking.

      • Keyser Soze

        I didn’t say influenced by TRU… I said influenced by No Limit or Cash Money… You can’t name a rapper from the south from Scarface to Boosie… Big Krit Tip Jeezy Cole Ross.. I can go on and on all of em will tell you they’ve been influenced by what was coming out of New Orleans.. whether it’s business wise like you touched on…. Or music wise..

      • EL_BARK

        its clear your bias
        outlast wasn’t influence by tru or no limit for starter
        ludacris, i could go on

      • Keyser Soze

        I said that came out after… Read the comment… OutKast was out around the same time and had earlier success so I wasn’t referring to them and luda said himself he was influenced by Mystikal that’s why he grabbed him for the move bitch record… I’m not bias.. I’m just talking truth…

      • Tanman01

        Mystikal, mac and fiend was dope. The rest of no limit was trash. And don’t even get me started on the ‘new’ no limit. Hot fuckin TRASH.

      • STEPH

        The rest of them, but… Scarface, He even said himself he was influenced by James Prince. Lil J did the shit before both of them (No Limit and Cash Money) Shit Master P said James Prince influenced him. The rest of them though…you on the money, Scarface had the original “it guy” to learn from, and he still doing it today with Andre Ward in boxing, Cattle ranch, Real Estate,etc..refer to youtube “James Prince’s Houston Empire”. Why you think no one fucks with Drake? (“courtesy call”, youtube)

      • Keyser Soze

        I’m familiar with everything you mentioned… J Prince gave the entire rap industry game… But so did no limit and cash money.. just because I’m giving them shine doesn’t mean I’m discrediting anybody else…

      • STEPH

        real talk…salute boss

  • why go back and forth with someone you’ll never see unless you went to visit them?

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  • dbfromdc


  • Jaymat_

    Rappers make more music dead or in jail than those alive and free.

  • LoverOfHipHop

    I mean….even if he did steal it he not using it anyway

  • Izzy McGlizzy

    That’s the difference between man and boy.

  • ZUBU

    Two Chain did the right thing, having said that he ain’t built for this. Real Talk… Say what you want C was/is obviously is built for it. God or Bad, Right or Wrong… He’s built for this…..


    Be the bigger man, and not falling into that street shit…..Salute 2 chainz. #keepitmoving