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Rick Ross Is Done With Def Jam, Leaves Legendary Label

Rick Ross has departed his longtime recording home of Def Jam for seemingly greener pastures at Epic Records.

The iconic label made the announcement on Instagram with an image of Rozay, Epic Records CEO LA Reid and Sylvia Rhone, the label president.

This marks the first time Ross was not releasing commercial material on Def Jam since 2006’s Port of Miami.

He released a total of 8 solo albums on Def Jam and 4 compilation or group efforts like the Self-Made series.

 Rick Ross Leaves Def Jam Epic Records

Rick Ross Leaves Def Jam Epic Records

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  • Anthony Mason

    Please stop rapping….

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      It’s a FL thing, what did you expect?

      I’m from a borough with the most respected HIP HOP artists, the most of all time. I could write a list but it would be too long, I’ll just say this………


      • Gonja

        You’re not even from America.. Sesame Street sweater wearing ass ngga

  • Juleo478

    Damn didn’t even notice he dropped all those albums looks like he fulfilled his contracts.

    Def jam is going to miss him with those extra walls ross helped build with those bricks he was dropping.

  • youKNOWthatYOUugly

    That’s a big move and it was probably time considering this last album didn’t come off as strong as he would have hoped even tho it was a strong album. He’s a step ahead on this one.

  • Markus

    Thought this was a move to go independent but Ross wouldn’t bet on himself like that. Especially after what happened to his last album. When you have to use a stripper to promote your music,maybe it’s time for new surroundings.

    • ZUBU

      Yeah he should have went independent; not certain why any artist once established with a fan base would sign to a label. You’re doing all the work and you get maybe 10% of the profit? Immortal Technique said it best sell your own music, and say what you want to say content wise..

  • Gap Tooth Bruce

    Niggas can say what they want about the man but his music is always dope always….50 cent fans in limbo ROSS Killed homes musically

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      50 Was done before Ross.

    • Christopher

      50 Cent fans aren’t paying attention to Rick Ross along with his own fans who didn’t even bother to but his current album which sold only 60,000 copies

  • Dreday410

    Seem like Ross would go INDIE….he really don’t need a lable

  • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    I thought his deal was up on Def Jam? I thought they did him dirty because they didn’t promote that last album on the way out.

  • You’ll hear all the naysayers saying how Ross fell off. Blah…blah….blah…. Truth be told, Def Jam is crumbling. Back in the day it used to be that Def Jam could take a dope artist like Big Krit and give them mad shine and make dough for both the label and the artist. But with the way Def Jam dipped into R&B and then tried to reverse engines when club music took over R&B’s slot, it’s a wonder they even have one single artist to go to. Def Jam is a shell of its former self. This move for Ross and LA Reid is huge. Look for Ross to move right back up in stature with the first release. This ain’t a 50 Cent-washed-up-boy move. This ain’t no indie sh*t. This is a serious power move. But if Rozay blows it, his career is toast.

    • M.DOT

      Not only that when u sign lil reese and fredo santana u know ur record label is going down hill

    • Christopher

      Def Jam is crumbling now since they decided not to offer a rapper who just sold 60,000 copies of his new album a new contract while that so called washed up rapper went independent and sold 120,000 copies of his last album along with a hit TV show. Since when signing to Epic records is a power move? Ask Bobby how that worked out for him

      • Okay.., Take your 50 Cent Dick Rider T shirt off for a minute and use basic common sense. Ross is not Bobby. Ross got long green just for putting his signature on the line. Furthermore, this move isn’t due to the sales of his current album (although it should be). This move has been anticipated by Ross and Def Jam for some time. Why do you think Ross put out so many albums so quickly? Furthermore, as successful as you think 50 is, he ain’t. He is in hella trouble right now. No matter how many of you 50 Stans try to prop him up with that modestly successful show, the fact still remains that he’s not who he was. Most successful people in hip hop realize that although you can make money through other venues, your hip hop popularity is what anchors it all. If you ain’t selling hip hop, you ain’t selling much else. Of course there are a few exceptions to this formula, but by and large, it holds true. Ross summed it up perfectly in his interview. The only person in hip hop with a worse year than 50 is….. Nobody! I feel your fandom for your man. But the truth is the truth.

      • Christopher

        Whenever a person can’t hold an intelligent debate they start degrading you by calling names which means they aren’t smart and very emotional. How did 50 have a bad year in rap when he hasn’t dropped an album? Are we forgetting that Meek Mill went up against Drake who is Ross artist and got his ass handed to him? Are we forgetting Ross dissed both Drake and Birdman and both ignored him? Meek outsold Ross last 2 albums off 1 album and he lost a battle last year which to many rap fans is the biggest lost since Ja Rule lost musically to 50 Cent. Kendrick sales, J. Cole sales, Drake sales along with Eminem & Jay Z. Hell even Meek sold but Ross flopped real hard. His popularity ain’t there because people wasn’t checking or forgot about his new album. Now since you want to call names I bet you won’t put up a real picture of how you really look

      • First of all, if I wanted to call you a name, I would. Ain’t nobody scared of nobody over here. I didn’t call you a name. You were d*ck riding 50 and it was what it was. Second…. 50 had the worst year I’ve ever seen in hip hop. How many businesses failed in 2015? How many lawsuits did he lose in 2015? Did he file for bankruptcy in 2015? Did he diss and threaten his own son in 2015? Did he admit that he likes anal play in 2015? Did his tv show get shut out of every awards show in 2015? Did homegirl Taraji air his ass out for the world to see in 2015? Was he anywhere on the Forbes list in 2015? Did he get called out for faking how many times he got shot in 2015? Man…. Damn….. That sounds like a losing ass year to me. I state facts homie. It ain’t emotional. And as far as Rick fake ass Ross, I could give a f-ck about dude. Yeah, his album sales tanked. But any student of hip hop knows that most of that was on Def Jam. Why are they going to promote a n*gga that’s leaving? Furthermore, Def Jam sucks. Ask Big Krit, Neo, The Dream, Red Man, Method Man, LL and others. It ain’t on Ross at all. It’s on that label.

      • Christopher

        Of course you win’t scared of nobody on here keyboard gangster because no one can see you or get at you behind a phone of computer so talking tough is easy for you and calling someone a d*ck rider is calling names. By the way what other business outside of SMS Boxing did he have fail last year? Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy 4 times but is still worth $3 billion, I guess he had a bad year too! He lost one lawsuit in 2015 but is he paying her is the question? Go and get the article where he threatening his own son. Power is still the number one show on it’s network and he got a deal to make two more shows so how you feel about that? He’s been on Forbes every single year except for one and was always above Ross, how do you feel about that? Tariji saying his name brought more eyes to his show and since when a woman performing a sexual act on a man weird? lol

      • The fact that you have that many negatives about 50 in your response proves my point. And you’re using Donald Trump to defend 50 Cent????? You just killed yourself my n*gga. Hahahaha

      • Christopher

        No I was using the fact that rich people file for bankruptcy all of the time. That doesn’t have to be a negative

      • Barturo

        Don’t matter 50 cent is still doing better than all of us. But between 50 or Ross? 50 always wins hands down Dr.Dre or Eminem wouldn’t of signed this guy if he wasn’t the real deal. When you bring up about when he got shot the only people I read bringing that up is his hateful Ex an everybody knows how hateful women can be. 50 Cent got a tv show on Stars that people love come on tell me what rapper has done that before? He working on the 3rd season an going to make a fourth an maybe pushing till a 5th season. 50 far from losing he is moving on to bigger better things like Ice Cube has. Also if you read the news 2015 almost had no awards going to African Americans in movies/tv shows making or acting. It was some article so that can be the reason Power didn’t get anything.

      • Here comes another 50 Stan….. Time to check another one. Okay…. In reference to movies and tv shows. African Americans are getting awards. Just not from The Oscars. But since 50 isn’t even in the realm of “movies” we won’t bash you too much on that one. But Blacks are winning awards elsewhere. So please, do a little homework before commenting. Secondly, Dr. Dre and Eminem signed 50, not because of his talent, but because of his marketability. At the time he had a helluva story. And I can’t front, he has a decent amount of skill. But he has no depth. He is a one dimensional rapper and cannot move beyond the gangsta talk. He tried and failed miserably. Also, who goes against their boss? Not only did he try to sh*t on Jimmy Iovine but he also went at Dr. Dre. Talk about burning f*cking bridges? 50 has worse people skills than Dame Dash. Third, while his performance on Stars is top tiered, when compared against most other networks his show’s performance absolutely is average or below. So saying you’re the top show on Stars is really shooting helium into the truth.
        While I feel you on showing love to your favorite artist (I’m sometimes like that with mine) don’t confuse fandom with honesty. They are not the same thing.

      • Barturo

        Not my favorite artist but he does come into favor the way he handles his beef with others. Do what kinda home work when there are articles on what I’m talking about just google it. Dr.Dre and Eminem would of never signed this guy if he wasn’t what he was talking about especially Eminem. The show is more than average or below if its lasted this long on Stars and already got the contracts laid out for the future seasons. You can’t ever compare officer Ricky to 50 or any other decent rapper the correctional Bs will always bite Rick Ross plus the name an persona he uses is all bad.

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  • cain455

    def jam will be okay they still have justin bieber


    Check game he dropped 3 albums in a year and a half. He was trying to get off Def jam.

    • Anthony Mason

      Yeah he wanted off quick.

    • Christopher

      Is that why those 3 albums never reached gold status?

  • Papi Peligro

    Will it still say slip n slide

  • meanygreene

    As Redman said, “def jam don’t know how to build an artist”.

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      If they fucked over ll cool j then ross never had a chance.

    • Anthony Mason


  • Leonard Tarver

    Epic is getting scraps because his last album bunked out… Rick Ross’s interviews killed him. He exposed himself… lmao He still make dope Music though but people realized it doesn’t match his actual personality haha

    • How did he expose himself? Serious question

  • THISIS50

    Def Jam Is Done with Rick Ross

  • Anthony Mason

    Yacht Club is the best Rick Ross song ever. That and Aston Martin music

    • M.DOT

      Hustlin is his best song

      • Anthony Mason

        Most popular and probably best selling. I like the production better on the others.

  • Lyrics

    Ross winning….fuck the crabs on this site, they dont contribute to nothing positive. He built this from the ground up, most of these niggas cant even get through a 10 min interview but they speaking on real business being conducted lol..these crabs are amusing on these blogs.

  • Wtfcity

    This guy is supposed to be rich. Why does he need a record label? He is not getting a big bag from epic. LOl……………………………he is not a boss signing with another label. If he did a 50/50 or something. An artist deal says it all. Rick false got dick riders swearing this man is the truth. Do the damn math. He is finished.

    • Anthony Mason

      Yup. F*** these dumb niggas defending this s***…..

    • DEZn00ts_1

      He is in a different bracket. You NEVER go independent after you were VERY successful with a Major the first time. It is business suicide to do so. Going with another record label is a different BRACKET of money nowadays. He is already successful so he will use them for distributing and marketing. You mother fuckers ACT like you know something but you really don’t, you only know what you read or hear on Youtube from other people…

      • Mr. Mike

        but if you can’t crack 100k, you’re going to end up owing the record label money for marketing/distribution costs. Dude was never really “successfull” selling records regardless of what he leads you to believe, he doesnt have gold or platinum plaques, maybe his first 2 albums but everything else, not even close

      • YoungZari

        He has sold records. He just isn’t the superstar rapper he makes himself to be. I believe he’s sold 30 million records worldwide but its a struggle of streams, singles, records, etc that they probably even rounded up, lol but my point really is the label nowadays work with established artists like Ross where he isn’t ever really going to lose/owe money because they have their hand in a pocket where Ross isn’t really profiting from. He makes his bulk of money off his influence via endorsements and other usually non music related business ventures.

        EDIT: 3.5 million records sold, worldwide.

      • DeeJay Babe

        30 million where who when?!?! He’s never went platinum!!!!

      • YoungZari

        My mistake 3.5 million accumulated, worldwide.

      • Mr. Mike

        when I saw you wrote 30 million I nearly shit lol

      • Wtfcity

        Have YOU ever signed a deal? Such a different bracket. Do you even know the different types of royalties and intervals of pay? Dummy who cant do math. Dick riders never do math. Dont understand how a record deal works. You dont need distribution when most sales are digital. What you really need is airtight publishing which is taken in these record deals. Usually now a 360 in which the label takes money that that dont help originate the streams. The points you give up for a barely there marketing budget is ridiculous. When you have money, you don’t need theirs. With record sales the way they are you never recoup and end up a slave. I know, math makes your head hurt. Thanks for playing. Here are your Newports and Puma sweats. Ninjas…………………………

      • DEZn00ts_1

        I would NEVER give my pub up. I do know these things. You’re a joke my nigga just like your last sentence.

  • Anthony Mason

    I knew since summer 2006 when that port of Miami s*** dropped he was going to be a total POS liar…

    The reason why is because I’m not a dumb nigga now…and never have been….

    I already knew about the actual Ricky Ross prior because I got fam who has fam
    …. It was not a secret even back then….At least Nas picked a dead astrologer as his moniker and pac a dead warlord…..

    F*** this fake s*** for real. It is just plain repetitive….

    • wickedjones

      Tupac was born with that name. His momma was a revolutionary. My bad if i misunderstand what you are saying.

      • Anthony Mason


      • wickedjones

        got it

    • DEZn00ts_1

      You’re a joke. he lied about being a CO because it wouldn’t have been good for business… You’re SOOOOOOOOO smart but didn’t see that? Keep your dumb ass out the street, ok?

      • Anthony Mason

        But you up voted me? Lol…That is funny…

        But everything else he has done is good for business? Lmao!!!

      • DEZn00ts_1


      • Anthony Mason

        Thanks for holding my nuts in your mouth. Now kindly return them also…Thanks….

      • Anthony Mason

        He lied about NOT being a CO. FOH bruh….

      • STEPH

        Trick Daddy and Jacki O’s people released those C.O. photo’s and the truth, Ross didn’t, only after it was evident it was him and lying about it would have only made it worse.

    • Nas = Nasir?

      • Anthony Mason

        Yes but it is a double meaning:

        Nostradaumus…hence why I said “moniker”. He refers to himself as that also. NAS fancies himself a rap “prophet”…

        All facts. Bruh he even named an album after it…lol. But the prophet was a white guy…

  • Mike

    What I don’t get is why sign a deal in todays market unless its like the master p 80/20 deal or similar??? Why can’t rich black rappers come together and make their own distribution businesses and cut out the middle man aka the white man.

    • Freezamon

      They get murdered like Pac

      • thisnigga

        Well Irv, Suge, Dame, and one other person tried this once before and were all blackballed so…

      • STEPH

        Look where they all are now

      • Freezamon

        Prince from Rap A lot


      Politics will stop it. You’ll be treading in the big league then,(Not saying it’s not a good idea). Suge, Irv Gotti and J Prince tried that one time, all of a sudden they all had Fed Cases.

      • Yabiggirl

        Say it again!!!!

      • Mike

        The Feds tried to get P at one time Google it . That’s round the time when Kane & Abel went to jail.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      it mostlikely is similar too it but the deal isnt as long and ross will probably have to put majority of the marketing $$$$$ up …. its more indy with epic but i have no idea how they would possibly split the situation …..


    Should have went strictly independent, keep all the money

    • Pimp Pyschology

      can’t lose with LA Reid.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        yeah right go ask lloyd banks, raekwon and several others that put out projects on epic lol .. epic records is like the new Koch records lmao …. its where artist go that cant crack platinum status ….

      • Yep!

        Career finished!

  • chappedlippz


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