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Kanye West's "Yeezy Season" Clothing Line Isn't Selling Well

Kanye West’s “Yeezy Season” line has received a lot of criticism due to its extremely high prices along with its very odd clothing designs, and the constant scrutiny is now causing some of the original garments to make its way to the clearance section. According to HYPETRAK, West’s Season 1 line of the Adidas collaboration has been discounted by the hundreds at different high-profile fashion stores including Barney’s, Farfetch, Notre, among others. The numerous amount of clearance sales includes a range of items. The list of discounted items include:

Undestroyed Sweater (from $1,560 USD to 1,092 USD)

KW Leather Backpack (From $780 USD to $546 USD)

Nylon Bomber (from $2,080 USD $1,456 USD)

So if you’re looking for some new  (technically old) Yeezy Season and your wallets can take the hit, it looks like you have a chance the purchase it.


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  • ahhrealist .

    Maybe its just me but Junk still dont look good! I wouldnt pay $100 for it! Give me a clean polo or lacoste and im straight!

    Yall can keep yall “high fashion”

  • mademan3000

    Who’s surprised by this not me…

  • TheMisterwise1 .

    Narcissism blinded him from the truth.

  • REVerrret

    It’s not selling well bc it went on sale? That happens regularly when brands have price points that high.

    • W_dubb

      whats the difference between price and price point?

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  • Banksy

    I don’t care if they selling this shit for a dollar. I’m will never buy this niggas Great Depression Collection. FOH

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Dear Kanye,

    nicca just lost his mind LMAO!

    -Ralph Lauren told you to eat a DI(K.
    – SUCK WHITEY DI(K long enough he might love you again.


    Aint Nobody tryna Dress like Morpheus.

  • Wetwork510

    Who did Kanye think was gonna buy this shit?

  • Dope

    THOSE are the prices for that garbage?

    I don’t even know who’s crazy in that whole situation if they ever thought somebody will buy that at anything more than a 100 bucks, and even that is too much, but fools would eat it up just because it’s KW.

  • Markus

    Who’s this trash for? Definitely not for the people who supported him before he became this fashion expert. Forgot where he came from and deleted it from his memory.


      Same with his music.

  • THISIS50

    Who thought it would lol

  • Golgo 13

    not surprised ugly expensive clothes

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    thats what you call an clearance ?? lmao

  • acb87

    lol this article uses end of season sales tosaly its not selling well. lol. all fall/winter 15 clothing in any store is on sales . every store selling yeezy has what they have left on sales now. its 100% normal , you broke people

    • Jeffrey Kuhl

      Really? I could literally put together crap in my basement that looks better than that sh*t. Plus, it doesn’t matter how much money you have. Only a complete moron would spend that kind of money on clothes anyway. Especially ugly @ss clothes like that. You dumb people.

    • Deadwoodz

      I’ve got money but I don’t spend my money on stupid shit just to impress people, maybe you do though.

  • Leonard Tarver

    N*ggaz dressed like they’re filming “The Book of Eli” Part 2…. lmao

  • Jeffrey Kuhl

    Expensive as hell and ugly as hell. Who would’ve guessed it wouldn’t sell?

  • Q.

    A Black man dresses white people as runaway slaves, and charges them through the nose for it.
    This would have been genius as a practical joke.

  • Riko7467

    The clothes are ugly just like his shoes!!

    • Jamaro

      I agree……His shoes look like ugly bedroom slippers.

  • Steelmatic

    $1K to wear a tattered up burlap sack… lol.

  • I’d rather make my own, easisest way: buy some bed sheets, sew into a coat, hoodie, or a design of your choice, get into a fight with a crazy chick with long nails, once the clothes are torn enough, run.

    That’s it , you now have a cheaper version of yeezy season.

    Disclaimer: select the crazy chick at your own risk. Lol

  • Jamaro

    Just jump in a sewer…it’ll be like wearing his clothing!…and it’s much cheaper.
    I’m sure you know what I mean.

  • Dolladae

    Not surprised. The clothes look depressed and mundane. I would rather rock some old ass Wu-Wear. Busta Rhymes’s Bushi line is more acceptable than this shit. And the prices are ridiculous! Who exactly is supposed to be buying this mess????