Meek Mill Clowns 50 Cent Over Bankruptcy

At least we can say Meek Mill isn’t a quitter. Time and time again, the MMG rapper continues to make an attempt to clown rappers, even when he played victim to the massive shade thrown at him by Drake during the summer last year. Now, Meek is now aiming his sights on 50 Cent on his new surprise project, 4/4. In one of his songs off of the four-track EP, the MMG rapper clowns 50 over his recent bankruptcy, and also claimed he was co-signing “rats.”

The “co-signing rats” line from Meek’s new song refers to 50’s recent photo with the unknown assailant who allegedly went to the police to get Rick Ross locked up for kidnapping and battery charges during the summer. Rick Ross made an attempt to countersue 50 Cent after the Queens rapper took a picture with the victim, allegedly sending a subliminal message to extort Ross. 50 Cent threw shade at Meek during a performance in November, poking fun at the Philly rapper for getting destroyed by Drake’s hit diss-track “Back to Back”

The two rappers have been beefing for a while now, and it looks like their signed rappers are getting into to it now.

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117 Responses to “Meek Mill Clowns 50 Cent Over Bankruptcy”

  1. Olando Rayshawn Wilson

    I guess this was Meek’s idea of being strategic, by releasing his EP on the day of the OVO Sound Radio. Why go at Fif doe?! Not a smart idea since Fif is the kind of clowning people.

      • Olando Rayshawn Wilson

        Back in the day Fif would have attacked back in a song, now he clowns people on his IG. Meek had a big opportunity to show people he could still spit and he can, but the simple fact he tried to rekindle a dead beef is what everyone is talking about. Everything he does now will be clowned.

  2. chocboywonder

    I missed why Meek felt the need to go at 50…didn’t 50 just say what everyone else said or was thinking?

    That’s like you fighting a nigg and someone in the crowd said…”damn, that dude f’ing you up.” Now you wanna stop the fight and go fight the nigg for telling the truth. Pay attention, finish the fight first.

    • john

      as much as i agree and dislike meek, to be fair fif was subliminally asking for it. posting them vids on instagram subliminally siding with drake and dissing him in sweden. meek always had love for 50 and tried to sqaush the beef with ross and 50. 50 wanted this and i called it; it would only be a matter of time before meek disses 50, afterall he’s a man. with all that said, meeks a clown, how do you wait 6 months to say something, clown.

    • Anthony Mason

      Bruh his mind is slow as a 2000 Dell inspirion laptop…..

      You can look at his eyes and tell all the dots aren’t connecting. You can look at Drake’s eyes and facial movements and tell he is firing on all cylinders…

  3. InvisiGhost

    time to make some popcorn (kettlecorn is the best w/butter) b/c this is probably about to get ridiculous, ignorant, and hilarious all at the same time..

    • ZUBU

      Yayo got this maybe even Cashville……… Either way this boy messing with grown folks..
      Real talk none of them will holla at him directly, they then hired some help… But he fucked up

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


        HOLD THAT BIT*H NI((A!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Take ya bum Azz to unemployment on Monday and go to a resume class

      • ZUBU

        Agent Elmo….. You work for the Govt. I promise I make more than you… Go Away….

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        nope and nope. I use to. Now they work for me. Hi hater!

    • Anthony Mason

      Somebody from the Shady affiliated camp is going to get him eventually if he does not shape up soon because he is soaking up too much airwave action and they have a lurative machine dedicated to viable artist promotion on shade 45…If it is not viable you get cut from the budget….

      Plus that is big family….I think the delay is they are contractually required to spin his records for now…..

  4. Isa Ibn Maryam

    Okay Meek we see you, but so far it’s been a lot of MC Gusto bravado from the MMG camp because if I’m not mistaken your folks still chainless.

  5. Dominoatchu

    So out of every single person that clowned dude for drake goin in on him, he decide to go at Fif bout the bankruptcy sh#t!?!?!? Things bout to get hot an it ain’t even summer yet!!! Lol


    Wasn’t a diss but I’m excited everybody else think so hip hop been boring and I hope banks decides to start smashing shit

  7. The Ripper

    Welp, Meek just barked up the wrong tree. Maybe this will rejuvenate 50 Cent… it’s not gonna take that much because it’s Meek.

  8. HatingWhitePeopleSince85

    Meek Is So Stupid and Impulsive! Lol. I Mean 50 CLEARLY Baited you into this. How don’t you know that? How can’t you see by him mocking you and taking Instagram shots at you that he’s been baiting you this WHOLE TIME!! So now that we’re CLEAR that you’ve been baited you don’t think 50 has a game plan ALREADY PREPARED just in case you jumped off the porch?? I mean Bruh YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WIN THIS!!! ESPECIALLY If Banks and Buck get involved! Lol. Dude You Have Just Committed Career Suicide! Drake Already MURDERED YOU and now 50 is going to take you to the MORGUE! 💯💯💯… Good Luck To You Sir. 😊😊😊

    • john

      finally someone that gets it. 50 been wanting this from the jump. i dont think banks will get involved though, him and 50 dont seem on the best of terms so it doesnt make sense for banks to jump out the window but i see buck for sure . at the same time, i understand why he went at 50. at the end of the day he’s a man. how will you let another man disrespect you and not say anything? this was inevitable, i knew one day meek would come at 50 and im sure 50 been waiting with a gameplan in place. this shit is about to get interesting.

    • Q.

      HAHAHAHAHA You almost gotta respect how diabolical Curtis is. This n!gga be playing chess with these rap n!ggas while they think they’re playing checkers. You’re probably right though, and this was a setup–he’s gonna use the back of Meek’s head as his stepping stone back to RELEVANCY. Well played, evil n!gga…well played. LMAO

  9. M.DOT

    Startin off the new year on the wrong note. Now this nigga got 2 niggas to worry about. He prolly mad back 2 back got a Grammy nomination

      • M.DOT

        Where did I say I was suprised?. I can see why ur a Meek fan. Shut ya dumb ass up

  10. DrakeDoesn'tWrite

    Ya’ll gonna act like 50 didn’t talk ish on stage in Sweden. Everytime this man stands up for himself people have selective memories.

    They Forget 50 in Sweden.
    They forget 50 sucking off AR-AB.
    They forget Drake declaring Meek dead.
    They forget that Drake just performed Back to Back on New Years.


  11. BEAST

    Soft ass Drake wouldn’t even mention Meek’s name and he buried this nigga. Does he think going at 50 was going to help him? 50’s the only nigga in rap that puts hands on people.

    • DrakeDoesn'tWrite

      How did he bury Meek if all people have been asking for is more of Meek’s Music? lol

      Get it through your heads. Meek isn’t going anywhere. His fans have been following him since he was literally a kid.

      • Stop trolling

        who are these people asking for more meek music ?? where are they ?? do they have the internet ?? do they even exist ??

      • DrakeDoesn'tWrite

        You should get out more. Such a failure as a troll.

  12. Dox

    Meek didn’t even handle the Drake situation, now he wants to go after an actual aggressive alpha black male? He couldn’t even handle Aubrey….bad move, Meek. Hope he has this planned out…

    • justmathoughts

      what i gotta put in subtitles or somethin…..listen a little harder to the 2nd verse… ..

      you poppin shit on ya instagram, shit that you poppin aint addin up
      shit that you poppin aint makin sense (cents)
      i got 50 reasons that you takin dick
      i got 50 reasons i should kill niggas
      but farreal nigga i been takin trips
      with my philly niggaz got the richest chick
      she from yo hood (nicki from queens)

      and it continues…. basically that whole verse is about him

      • HIPHOP

        You reaching just like the dumb dumb that wrote this article u stupid ass lil boi I heard it to if thats a diss that shit wack and so is your moms for you writing out them lyrics like I can’t hear you dumb ass drake stayed memeing his ass on instagram so this can’t be towards drake huh lmao you dumb bitch

      • justmathoughts

        See what happens when you assume… you played yourself, dumb dumb

      • Harry Richardson

        Your right bro, it is a shot at 50, niggas is stupid if they can see that

  13. DrakeDoesn'tWrite



  14. Q.

    Wow. I see now, this boy Meek is very ho-motional; he even makes Nicki’s crazy azz seem stable… Can’t front tho, I’m looking forward to the fallout almost guaranteed in the coming days. I’m sure Curtis is gonna show his azz on social media (PAUSE). Oh, the fvckery of it all!

    (Ghostface voice) MEEK, YOU FVCKED UP, DUMMY!


  15. TheBlackItalian

    Meek needs to just put out some fire. A couple fire tracks that get moderate air play and he back in it, but he wanna keep throwing himself into some stupid shit. Cmon meek. Use your noodle bruh

  16. HIPHOP

    Yall do know he didn’t diss 50 and this article is pointless lets focus on who he really dissed which was drake, future, and her ex making him eat the thang after he hit nick LMAO

    • DLOUPO

      But it’s a fact 50 is in pictures co signing a dude that went to the cops and snitched. What more do u need? I tell you 50 fans lol

      • Olando Rayshawn Wilson

        LOL! The guy was attacked! That man was beaten and you call him a snitch for going to the police about it?! It’s so sad that the hip-hop culture thinks this way.

      • orlando jackson

        ohhh what do you if it was rick ross going to the cops? so if 50 does it its ok but if ross does its wrong shit yall so delusional

      • Wazzup

        Weak mill and the whole MMG is signed to a correctional officer which is a known fact!
        50¢ took a picture with that other Nigga way before that while incident happened with officer Ricky👮🏿🚔

  17. Dark Matters

    Checked in to see the usual suspects promoting the same gutter waste to the same easily influenced folks. Good day.

  18. Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    meek says that wack ass line about anyone else: dude is corny, has been.
    meek says that wack ass line about 50: he killed him. 50 is a has been.

  19. Black Jay Supreme

    Let 50’s army of nut huggers commence the attacking!!! Let the small group of 25 Meek fans commence the attacking!!! Let the vast majority of AHH readers commence the complaining about article quality!!!! And let the authors of the article commence the race for website traffic (f*ck doing a good job)!!!! Same pot of sh*t, just reheated for mass consumption.

    • Mikchek

      50 broke? smdh you cats are funny…that cat is FAR from broke! He has waaaaay more bread then Ross and Meek put together…I bet you think Donald Trump is broke cause he filed for bankruptcy too.

    • Wes NegusGi Smith

      You the joke if you think 50 is broke! FOH! Broke cats don’t fly G5 internationally for him and his entire crew, including his barber every flight with no label behind him footing the bill! Get your facts str8! That bankruptcy move was made to protect his money, not because he doesn’t have money! Smfh…

  20. orlando jackson

    lmaoo meek is back … but i think meek had to do it he is going to jail really soon so im with it the mixtape is dope and better than future shiiit and he wrote it

  21. #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    The only reason he came at 50 is becuase it will raise a buzz just to let ppl forget he got bodied by that soft ass wheelchair jimmy. 50 aint a type of dude to fuk wit

  22. Riko7467

    Weak mill is trash just like the rest of munchingcock music gays= mmg!! Only sucka lame phony n1ggas listen to that trash!!!

  23. dayleedumped

    50 cent is a easy target when it comes to rapping… meek should have this easy… but when 50 sees him in the streets meek gonna get fucked up lol

  24. Controversy Sells

    Does anybody else realize that damn near every meek attack on someone else is a reflection of himself? “You cool wit rats” “all you do is talk shit on the internet”. Everybody said that about meek first lmfao

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