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Rick Ross Is Excited About Moving To Epic Records

(AllHipHop News) As a rapper, Rick Ross is a man of many words, but he was very particular about the verbiage he used to describe his new deal with Epic Records.

He posted “Lit” next to an image of himself in an Epic hoodie and hat.

The posting comes as Ross leaves Def Jam Records, the longtime home for all of his commercial efforts.

rick ross epic

  • Anthony Mason

    Well this is big move for him. Only bosses made multimillions then move to epic….

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  • Smashit

    Perfect move so he can be right at home with his Epic Failures

    • M.DOT

      Straight HATER

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    This dude is so wack.

  • Q.

    That’s a good pic with him throwing up the Devil. LOL #LAWSE

    • Anthony Mason

      He looks like a black freddy kruger telling lira galore’s little girl cousin to not expose his dirt he did in that pic….Lmao!

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  • Which deal is better for him: The $5 Footlong @ Subway??? His record deal with Epic??? The Pizza Hut $5 menu??? You be the judge…

    • Richie_Ochoa

      You Failed with this one. Hold this L…

      • Ima give you your L back for dickriding…

      • Anthony Mason

        You niggas think everything is a fail. Lol…

        I could recite some Ross lyrics and and 7 niggas will call it a fail….Well it’s kind of true what was I disputing again? Lmao!


      • These dickriding groupies see any non-worshipping of these clowns as fail and/or hating. Shit just go to show you that most these fools ain’t got lives.

  • guddaboy

    Haters gone hate