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50 Cent Insta-Fires Back At Meek Mill – "You've Lost Every Rap Beef"

(AllHipHop News) Rap beef has certainly changed since 50 Cent took the world by storm in the earlier part of the 2000’s.

Now, the rapper is embroiled in a beef with Rick Ross affiliate Meek, but there are no lyrics. Check out the clap-back from 50 Cent that pokes fun of his rival’s boxing, his battles and brands him a “s**t head.”

See you have to be careful what you ask for Shit Head.💩💩💩💩💩 #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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  • THISIS50

    50 loves this shit, he probably got the biggest smile on his face right now.

    • Anthony Mason

      He just got the green light. Nobody can say it is a bully move now….

      • ZUBU

        You’re right Meek/Meak when in first so 50 is just firing back….., No Bully shiiiitt
        Dude punched me first now I’m going to light his ass up….

      • Anthony Mason

        Hope he saved up his tour money and has his will in order because this will get ugly fast. I can’t believe he did this to himself…

      • ZUBU

        Exactly, dude gonna be 2016 Ja Rule… Ja was nice with his style people dug his music. Then 50 crushed his career, ruined the tough guy image, destroyed him. This is what 50 does. 50 is the one who dug up the cop information on Ross, he had Ross baby mom turning on Ross… 50 using those 48 Laws Of Power on people for real….
        This Shiittt Is Chess Not Checkers……

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah he flipped Ross upside down but somehow Ross still survived. I think Ross is such an industry nut hugger that everyone but 50’s camp still messed with him so it barely affected him long term. He still got plenty of work. Ross linked up with ymcmb and had a bunch of hits with them….

      • Dgrlzmsuga

        Naw. This has been going on for a while on Instagram. 50 been goading him in videos and during a Swedish concert, commenting on Meek and Drake’s beef. In addition, Meek rolls with Slowbucks and obviously Ross so yes…these two cannot really be friends. So Meek Mill had to respond on wax and he did.

      • DLOUPO

        Green light? This is what so called thugs do now internet trolling smh 50 is a clown

      • Anthony Mason

        It means the go ahead nigga….What kind of s*** you on? Oh so Meek is legit to you and 50 is a clown huh? Lol! Bruh take a seat….

    • Q.

      Curtis lives for this sh!t.

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  • Dominoatchu

    Most of this is hilarious but I miss the day when u get dissed musically an u fire right back at the person. Fif (or anybody in the Unit) should b in the studio right now an goin at dude!!! Ur crew against my crew, ready set go…..

    • Same here. Be nice to see an all out battle. G-Unit v MMG. But cats aint really “crew” like that to step up individually on behalf of their crew member.

    • do they really need to hit the stu doe?? meek is that weak.

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    Dammmmmm 50 went heavy on this guy…dam I didn’t even think 50 still had it in em….daaaaaam

    • Guillaume Pilon

      all he did was posted IG memes

      so what

      but dont worry meek weak skillz is losing anyway



  • Isa Ibn Maryam

    What ever happen to diss tracks?

    • Q.

      They died with Hip-Hop.

  • Anthony Mason

    Damn Meek….hope those chains are real and paid for. You played yourself out like the stanky leg and the nae nae….

  • edeck7

    Meek should realize 50 came into the Rap game beefing, that is what he does best beside marketing himself, Meek should just focus on doing GREAT music, Lol

    • Dgrlzmsuga

      Where the track though? That was then this is now. We want bars not MEMEs!

  • WEEK Millz takes another L.

    • MrTroyMercy


    • Celz

      Ehh… He looks like he does more winnin than losin from where I’m seated..

      • How?
        Meek got bodied by Drake & his boss got dropped by Def Jam?

      • Celz

        Bodied because his girl, the same one Drake is infatuated with, has a more successful career than him because she’s a pop artist? So if Meek got with a chick who wasn’t a millionaire that would be a win?

        And Ross fulfilled his contract obligations he wasn’t dropped. End of the day Meek and Wale do ridiculous numbers for rappers who don’t follow trends or make radio or club friendly songs. MMG is doing good. And so is Meek. The girl’s tours memes may have been funny, but niccas would have died to have headlined a Nicki Minaj tour, even if they wasn’t choppin her down. He won overall. Drake won the battle for sure, but at the end of the day Drake uses ghostwriters and Nicki Minaj is on Meeks dick.. I’d love to lose that battle, right now!

      • Nicki?
        Maybe, but that looks to be ending as soon as n
        Nicki finds a way out.

        Meek is losing because he’s getting exposed for being weak as fugg.

        Lost to Cassidy, Wale & Drake via 1st RD KO & he’s about to take a vicious beating by 50 on social media.

      • Celz

        And Drake still lost more battles than Meek.. Nicki sprung bruh.. She ain’t leaving.. Meek has a ways to go to be an elite emcee, but he proved Drake isn’t even an emcee.. Maybe I’m different than y’all but that’s the biggest L in this whole shyt. Drake just got knocked down from challenging Kendrick to under Big Sean. He’ll never be the greatest anything besides a pop star..

      • Q.

        In all realness, nobody needed to prove Drake isn’t an emcee. That sh!t is obvious. Common had already mopped that n!gga up, before the PR teams shut it down. LOL

      • Celz

        True.. But it did need to get out that Drake had ghostwriters.. Looks like Kendrick had his finger on the button to out him anyways..

      • Lost more battles than Meek?
        Drake lost EVERY battle BESIDES Meek & the fact that Drake just keep smashing Meek, or rather, Meek keeps smashing himself ( Boxing vid? ) is the biggest “L.”

        All Drake is a Pop star …..that crushed a Meek rapper with his bare hand like a beer can.

        The Cassidy thrashing was expected…..the Drake son’ning???
        Hell Nah!

      • Isa Ibn Maryam

        Yeah but everybody and their momma know Drake ain’t a emcee, so therefore Meek gets no points for discovering some reference tracks. The fact that Meek’s tactical strategy was so weak is what had heads frustrated, especially coming from a guy that was lauded as a battle emcee. So with that said the biggest ((( L ))) goes to the HIP HOP community for riding with a ranking Private instead of a General.

      • Celz

        Yea he goofed.. But with an army of stans, I honestly can’t blame dude for letting shyt die down. The regular Hip-Hop heads have no clue how many thousands of teenage Hip-Pop fans with nothing better to do will cyber ride for Drake because he’s cute. This battle was uncharted territory. Biggie never mounted the response to Pac that he should have.

        Meek definitely lost the battle, but let’s not go overboard. The disses in Back to Back were weak, but it was lyrically strong and catchy.. On the real the song was really good (hopefully Drake wrote all that shyt), but Meek’s disses were ten times harder. He just released a snippet of the track and said fucc it and never dropped anything after that. It’s an L but it’s not nearly as big as the media, which makes everything a big deal to get eyes on their ads, or as the kids making memes, who idolize Drake and don’t have shyt else to do, would make you think.

        DMX never responded to Kurupt.. And no one really cared (please don’t say Party Up was a diss lol)..

      • Q.

        And Nicki is taking a social L just for being with this homotional clown. As superficial as she is, you KNOW this bothers her. Homegirl probably rethinking that breakup with Safaree right now. LOL!

      • Exactly!

        Safari was behind the scenes….Meek on front street SOLICITING “L’s” like Santa in November!

        1st mistake, get caught with a groupie or whatever & Meek is done,

      • Q.

        Word. Dat n!gga on probation right now and HE.O.E.N.O. Pun intended!

      • hahahahaa!

  • Riko7467

    That sh1t head weak mill ain’t worth a diss record on tha cool!! Phony n1gga signed to a phony n1gga!! Crying in court like a b1tch lmfao!!! Mmg= munchingcock music gays them n1ggas are trash… wale should leave and save his career.

    • Anthony Mason

      Wale is the most marketable out the bunch. He better jump ship FAST…

    • Soulrebel1

      Corny bro, is gunit even a label still LoL… I know you know you still rocking gunit sneakers abd jeans while dissing mmg lol

      • Riko7467

        Sh1t head, officer ricky’s phony fat a$$ or that phony cry baby weak mill aint got sh1t on gunit!!! Sh1t head you see gunit selling out stadiums all around the world. while weak mill and officer ricky are at home flopping, trash a$$ n1ggas lol!!! U probably a piece watching C.O. like that fat fu(k n1gga.

      • Soulrebel1

        Only in 3rd world countries in Africa where he got his chain’s snatch in Angola cause they just got GRODT last year, when was the last time Gunit performed in your city or any major North American city LOL meek had 3 biggest selling hip-hop record 2015, send me a pair of gunit jeans bro

      • Riko7467

        You seen him jump into the crowd and get it back too sh1t head. When is officer ricky going to get gunplay his chain back lol. Wipe weak mills’ shit off your d1ck faggot. Since when does Europe have third world countries sh1t head ol dumb a$$ n1gga?? That cry baby ain’t selling nothing with out a feature!!!! Your baby boys career is over scrub!! Hopefully officer ricky will give him a job slanging some wings lol

      • Soulrebel1

        How I know you’re a liar and a Stan the news reported his parents made him return the chain and he was only 15 years old, but in your imagination super 50 jumped in a single bounce flew over the stadium and stopped the perpetrators in his track, jump off super 50 super c,ck with your g@y Imaginary tales, sure you have more made up erotic fantasies in your head…

  • JerZeBoy

    seriously meek should have learned his lesson last year, dude takes Ls in everything

  • True_Fan

    Man hiphop fans are so freaking weak. We praised Drake for responding on wax and condemned Meek for using Twitter fingers. Now yall idiots are praising 50 childish antics when Meek went at him on a fire track. I can’t get with this new generation of hip hop fans.

    • did WE condemn meelk for using twiiter?/ no, drake did!! infact i been saying since the jump that meek was weak because he STOPPED using twiiter after drake mention his twitter fingers.

    • Riko7467

      Yea weak mill was crying in court like a bitch, but you believe his fairy tales smh lmfao gtfoh!!! 50 would beat the brakes off officer ricky and the crybaby at the same time.

      • Dgrlzmsuga

        I think Ar-Ab said it best about Meek Mill crying and saying he’s not gangsta: he would have done the same damn thing! When looking at 30 in the pen, it’s about your individual freedom not street cred. No gangsta takes the stand and says they done the killing. None! You think Al Capone or Gotti ever did? Even El Chapo’s lawyer now trying to say that Sean Penn misquoted even though there’s recording and Chapo proof readed! And besides, Meek Mill is a rapper; he would be stupid for still doing street shit.

      • Riko7467

        Meeka is a b1tch and you a fool for believing his fairy tales smh. Lmfao that lame ain’t facing 30 years. Maybe that was the first offer, it always gets lowered. Sh1t head was crying like a b1tch made n1gga lmfao!!! Sh1t head is a wanna be, a poser, a phony, a fraud, signed to the biggest fraud lol!! You think yayo was crying when he had to go do his bid and he was in general population? you think buck was crying in court, I don’t? face it homie your baby boy is a sh1t head b1tchboy

      • Celz

        These niccas is fans bro.. He exposes a nicca for not being a real emcee and then gets clowned by a pop rapper cuz his girl is a pop rapper? I’m not even a Meek fan, this shyt just makes no sense to me.

    • Dgrlzmsuga

      Maybe these aren’t FANS that buy the music. I got a theory: these are FANS that follow the artists and their antics. There’s a reason why FIDDY fell from doing 1.2M all the way down to 45K when artists like Jay and Em can drop tomorrow and sell 500K and 800K respectively while causing an Internet frenzy. Neither of those guys are on Instagram or Twitter and when they drop, it’s usually good music. Fiddy’s fans like me? Tired of his fuckery!

  • that meek emoji is dope tho… lmfao and the boxing clip, brutal!!

    • Dgrlzmsuga

      You here for the music or you here for the jokes? With the way 50 is responding, now I understand why his Twitter followers keep growing and his sales keep dwindling. There’s a reason why his fans moved on.

      • Q.

        I, for one, am here for the jokes. Why? Because 85% of these n!ggas are clowns. I don’t expect anything of substance from ANY of them. So please let them continue with the fvckery. Laughter is good for the soul!!! LOL

      • im here at this article… for the jokes. So are you.

  • meek just cant be original or creative at all!! i bet hed respond to 50 saying he just an old noodle head or some lame shit.. lmfao

    • Celz

      Yea but he makin better music than 50 and Drake right now..

      • idont even think thats true

      • Celz

        Have you heard the Kanan Tape or that wack shyt Future pretends never happened? Lol I couldn’t even finish either one.. Gucci drops hotter shyt than both of them projects.. I’ve heard better lyrics from Migos, dead ass serious.. Don’t make me go to rapgenius.. I will gladly prove that shyt lol..

    • Gonja

      “he just an old noodle head” …definitely some Meek shit

      • Anthony Mason

        Meek on a track intro is like:

        “50 is just an old cranky dank a doodle….we ain’t worried bout that old nigga ova here MMG for life!!!…we eatin ova here nigga! We some young niggas!/ Making some dumb figures! /We some young niggas??! (Phrasing a statement as a question) /Yeah I’m a young nigga!”

        ….And then the beat comes in….Lol!….

        Lmao!!!! Aww man….Meek….

    • Anthony Mason

      “Turned my noodles into pasta”

      -Meek Mills

      • “Deez meatball niggas get covered in tomato sauce” – Meek Mills

      • Anthony Mason

        “These niggas can’t stand me cuz I got the tuna plus the hamburger helper plus my girl gives me shelter”

        – Future Meek Mill rhyme circa March 2016


    meekness is SO DONE!!!!!! F*cked with the WRONG Niccas! But truthfully He’s GOT SO MANY ‘L’s, EVERYONE is gonna come out ON TOP of this LAME, suckup to Fake Rick Ross clown!!!!

  • hoeyuno

    None of these were really funny..jump in the booth fif and do a mmg diss!!

    • Anthony Mason

      I want an official diss too.

    • Soulrebel1

      50 ain’t doing it, he only makes diss when he got an album to promote ..

      • Anthony Mason

        He might this time. I would not rule it out…pun intended.

  • Celz

    To all my OGs in here you know what Jay Z did with Super Ugly.. Don’t you dare describe some insta memes as “Super Ugly” or “Ether”..

    • Hector G

      to all my real OG’s lol dont you dare listen to a fat correctional officer posing as a former drug dealer. yer a joke bro as far as you are concerned you and others just need to stop listening to police before you talkin anything about OGs cause 50 could make a cartoon and body these frauds

      • Celz

        Fucc Ross… I don’t listen to that day fake.. I’ve seen the real Rock Ross in traffic it here in LA. We taking about Meek not Ross dumb nicca.

      • Celz

        And 50 been a cartoon.. Pimpin Curly and all that lame shyt.. 50 ain’t no gangsta no more.. You all on your feelings and shyt..

  • EastOakland510

    Dam the memes ivwant some music.

    • Dgrlzmsuga

      Exactly. 50 is a clown. He should be giving us a diss track. He should have expected this and have two or three tracks ready to go. No one respects MEMES. At this point all Meek has to do is say nothing and that track would speak for itself. It’s shaping up to be like his Pimpin Curly’s response to Rick Ross: funny but costly.

  • I made a video about this clown and what he should’ve done to start the beef with drake
    He should’ve just waited…did the video to Rico on his album…work on trying to go platinum and don’t say shit…don’t ever tweet or talk to anyone about it…when drake is about to promote views from the 6,gather all the evidence, drop a music video FIRST of him dissing drake early in the morning…let that shit circulate and don’t say a word…drake would never talk….Isn’t that smart or not? But most importantly, pick a nice cold laid back beat and stick to the facts…don’t come at drake with no corny club beat shit…what meek did was stupid…he exposed his feelings and then let drake smash on him and then took too long to reply.. and when he did…we got this saga of L’s


    Like he said why waste his time with a diss record when he won’t get credit for the body drake killed him already

  • Eli Pinilla

    That boxing one is f*ckin hilarious…..50 a fool. It’s pretty funny that Meek wants to talk shit about 50 as if he’s always looked at him sideways but chilled with him during the whole Rick Ross fued and didn’t do shit when 50 pressed up on Trav in front of him and his crew

  • dbfromdc


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  • The Legendary Troll

    Meek cant go a month without ranting about something

  • water_ur_seeds

    Hahahaha that was actually for once…

  • Dgrlzmsuga

    Boo 50! Booooo! We want bars not MEMEs. This shit only cool if he trying to win more Twiitter followers.

    • Hector G

      was it a meme when gunplay got beat up and got his chain snatched lols

      • Dgrlzmsuga

        Nah that was modern day “gangsta”. But respect to Gunplay – he went down swinging after being jumped by a bunch of niggas! Fiddy didn’t go 1-on-1. I am more a fan of letting two niggas go at it, part when the fight’s over and move on. Back in my day, your brother, cousin or friend wouldn’t jump in if it’s a fair fight, even if you getting licked. It was called “toughening” up. That will never go down these days in the hood. I am a fan of Fiddy…his music. But I call it as I see it. I want 50 to take off his Pimpin Curly wig, get his ass off twitter and come with that fire…

      • ZUBU

        “Back in my day, your brother, cousin or friend wouldn’t jump in if it’s a fair fight, even if you getting licked”
        I don’t agree with everything you said but that is real shiiittt, that is how I grew up! I didn’t want my boys to help me in a fair one, because it was pride as a young man. If you needed help that meant you couldn’t get it done, so I wanted to do it myself.

  • SMH

    This that Ja Rule and 50 Cent shit Meek just proved he’s Ja

    • Dgrlzmsuga

      No it ain’t! Those two went bars for bars and blows for blows not tweet for tweet. This is like Rozay vs Pimpin Curly. 50 had no musical response to that either.

      • Hector G

        stop it ross is police….you work in a jail too??

      • Dgrlzmsuga

        So that explains why 50 donned a wig and played Ross’s baby mama’s sex tape instead of responding? Ross was a joke, right? Got it. Fast forward and who’s having the last laugh as 50 declares bankruptcy over a 7 million dollar judgement. Now If he had rapped that shit in a song, freedom of speech.

  • Idiocracy

    All this sh!t some corny WWE shit

  • 7yoyo7

    Ahahahah that is some funny shit.
    But we want to hear TRACKS! Fcuk the instagram/twitter bullshit.

    Based on rap skills alone I don’t think that Meek can touch 50. His “Kanan Tape” was dope!

    • F*ck both of those cats. I wanna hear Drake Vs. Kendrick. That was the original battle. Kendrick called him out multiple times and Drake was on b*tch mode (when isn’t he). Kendrick would body that clown.

  • King Kredible

    Beef with 50 is a win for Meek in 2016. It’s the best thing to happen to his career in recent years. If I’m Meek, I’m going HARD at 50! He has to do it. It’s the only way he can resurrect his career. 50 beef lasts a long time and sustains careers. If Meek doesn’t take advantage and dive in, then he’s a mark.

    • in yo ass hard


    • Hector G

      hahahaha career over sorry bud drake bodied that clown……shithead lol

      • Dgrlzmsuga

        You mean like Fiddy? I listen to both dudes and trust me, I ain’t gonna stop listening to Meek because 50 cent flooding the internet with Memes. If he had flooded it with 1 hot diss track…And before you ask, real hip hop fans don’t take sides and stop listening to dudes because they dissed their dude. A lot of Tupac’s fans were Biggie’s fans and vice versa. Same with Jay Z and Nas. Hell I am from Toronto and listened to Drake and Meek before the beef and continue to do so even though he got “bodied by a singing nigga”. We just care about the music, win, lose or draw. Stans and wet panty thotties? Yeah. They get butt and pum pum hurt.

  • Dgrlzmsuga

    Say what you will about Joe Budden, but that nigga had 70 bars to fire from the cannon had Meek Mill released but 1 on song. Pimpin Curly probably got a million memes to flood Twitter. At the end of the day, those Twitter followers can’t save 50’s sales; ship’s sailed, shit’s stale. Real rap fans listen to music, not jokes. Shit’s funny but this ain’t comedy. Where the bars at, 50?

    • Nana De Baus

      50 cent he gone get at meek.

      • Dgrlzmsuga

        When? My advice to 50: Put those fingers to pen and pad or shut up. We don’t care about jokes ’round here.

      • Hell yeah! F*ck that social media sh*t. Spit bars!

    • Savimbi

      Pretty much, but 50 knows that’s the only way he’s winning, by cracking Jokes on IG, used to be a fan but lately his antics been mad childish. I doubt he has it in him to come back musically, the Unit ain’t been the same since Game went ham on em….lol

      • Game got up in 50’s head. No doubt!

      • Savimbi

        Game proved that he was the bigger star in G-Unit, and 50 had issues with that, he’s too much of an ego maniac. Gunit coulda been bigger than Death Row , the roster was crazy at one point Buck, Game and Banks, each of them 3 first Album’s were all classics.

      • Nicer Day

        how he did not have more success without 50 cent

      • Q.

        “lately his antics been mad childish.”

        Lately? LATELY??


      • Savimbi

        Lmmaooo, right I take that back, 50 been childish!!!!!

      • Gasner Duke-Diesel

        Who stupid enough to buy albums when u can get it free. No o e selling muh. Unless your kendrick or drake.

  • This is the state of hip hop. F*ck holding the art form up for what it’s supposed to be. B*tch n*ggas be running to social media acting like hoes instead of getting on the mic and killing cats. 50 is a trailblazer for this new type of sh*t. Although he bodied a couple of cats on the mic, this sh*t escalates mediocrity and does further damage to real hip hop. F*ck this hoe sh*t. Get on the mic n*ggas or shut cho b*tch ass up!

    • Hector G

      50 will body meek on some real hip hop shit…fukk you talkin bout?

      • Dgrlzmsuga

        50 or Pimpin Curly? I am a fan of both dudes and I don’t care about his jokes. May appeal to his Twitter followers, but dudes that listen to his music? Naw.

      • Social media dissing is straight hoe sh*t. The fact is 50 and Meek are BOTH playing these stupid games. So they BOTH look like a couple of b*tches. Anyone that cosigns this crap would probably drink their bath water.

  • BDN

    Ain’t 50 almost 50? Come on. You’re a grown man in a Twitter war with young dude. This looks like some high school shit. Smh

    • Phillip Fuller

      But that shit is funny

    • Hector G

      haha meek mill career over for real

    • Gasner Duke-Diesel

      Its 50 he can be 60 and still be a bully. Its funny man just relax.


    Troll looking pranksters turning into internet trollers smh 50 i tell you she’s such a clown

  • noonespecial

    Lord knows was better than anything this hoe put out gtfoh I can’t stand this ass if niccas wasn’t such dick riders ja ate this nicca too y’all lames don’t know wat lyricism is

  • 50 may not make a song, but he’ll have meek slapped up before his bid.

  • people also fail to realize 50 isn’t making these memes. he’s just reposting what everyone else is posting.

  • Dgrlzmsuga

    I finally understand why Fiddy’s Twitter followers keep increasing and his sales keeps dwindling. Jay and Em can drop a record tomorrow and still get 500K and 800K respectively, same as they always did. You noticed both are not on social media? Fiddy, the social media Don Dadda? 35K if he’s lucky. SMH at him retweeting memes instead of hitting the studio and cooking up some heat. This is a classic Young Lion vs Old Lion matchup for the streets that could be like LL vs Kool Moe Dee and he’s retweeting memes? FOH. I am a Fiddy fan and I can tell you that I like probably many of his old fans are tired of his fuckery.

    • Knickfan4life

      Nah Kool moe dee was still going gold when he was battling LL and had lyrics and actually some people think he won.

    • Nicer Day

      dude both those dude you mention only drop records when they have huge label budgets. when 50 Cent is given the same amount of budget as Jay-Z and Eminem he sells just as many if not more records. 50 Cent has not been on a major label for over 5 years and the last time he had a big budget release was when he was going up against Kanye

  • WeakSauce

    That first Video of Meek boxing all 3 of em up lmaoooooo

  • moeislurking

    Meek just needs to change jobs and be Nicky’s personnel assistant.

  • Q.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHA! Sha-meeka down!!

    I don’t give a fugg what nobody say– these memes are HILARIOUS. I got some good belly laughs for the day.
    Hey, if you’re going to be a clown, at least make me laugh…I knew Curtis was gonna show out, and he delivered as expected. This is probably just the beginning…Oh, the fvckery of it all!


  • Hakeem

    Social Media is NOT this dude friend……

  • Ukinthisbitch

    @50cent I know you and know your tactics! I appreciate it because the judge will get to see how much of a bully you are. Take accountability for your actions! You don’t have a relationship with my child because you choose not to, you want to bully him, threaten him and talk about his mother in a disparaging manner. I don’t try to mentally abuse my son like you do! I don’t talk about you, your actions speaks themselves. Who threatens to shoot their son on Instagram? I don’t have to talk about you, again your actions speaks for themselves! Bitter? About what? I left you!!! I know longer wanted a relationship with you! You’re a fraud and you’re upset I know it! You created this fictitious character and you try to discredit me because I know the real! I know you made up you got shot 9 times and it was actually 5 because you didn’t want to be compared to Tupac! Remember I was there! I went with you to the police precinct to get an order of protection out [from] Ja Rule, Irv Gotti and his brother Chris. So please stop! I know you are jealous because Marquise has a mother that actually cares and loves him and you never had that. You always lived with your grandparents even when your mom was alive! I’m not one to ruin someones grandiose idea of themselves but keep my name out your mouth! I will keep posting Boo vs. 50 cent facts I have receipts! #CB4 you are not God, maybe to others but not me!!!”

    • Knickfan4life

      Why did you rewrite the whole in stag ram thing

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  • Obi Won

    No real beef here, All comedy

  • Nicer Day

    50 Cent has not been on a major label for over 5 years but his haters still compare him to Major label Rappers like Jay, Kanye Weezy and Drake thats a testament to 50 Cents hustle