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Fetty Wap Says He Is In Love With Two Women

Photo via Fetty Wap’s Instagram

Fetty Wap is still having women problems. Between having unprotected sex with everyone, 1-2 new babies on the way, and two girlfriends, Fetty has his hands full! Fetty Wap has been in a relationship with Alexis Sky for a little while now, but a few months ago his alleged “day one” girl popped up on social media. Fetty recently bought his “day 1” Yaya @brainz_b4_beauty a new car and it didn’t go well with Alexis Sky. Fetty took to Instagram to express his love for both women as he said,

“I no it ain’t right in y’all eyes, but I love two different personalities & I’m living my life and getting this money so f*ck how ya feel. #Zoovie #RichAnHappy.”

Fetty is not here for monogamy! Fetty Wap has also been having issues with his baby mama Love & Hip Hop’s Masika. Their issues have spilled onto social media. Masika referred to Fetty as “dirty d*ck,” and Fetty told her she never asked him to bring a condom or asked if he had one so he asked what does that make her? If Fetty doesn’t get it together, he is going to go broke and have a few diseases.

  • Anthony Mason

    Lol. I guarentee dude has been to the clinic before. Like a few times in the last year…..

  • Ghetto… shake that ish off.. you’re getting paper now be like Jay… c’mon now!


    He’s Venus fly trap for ever thirsty hoe looking for a come-up smdh.

    • Anthony Mason

      And Venus fly traps don’t have brains. It is a natural reaction to prey falling into it…. Analogy of the week so far…

      • STEPH

        Lol Salute!

  • Nightmare

    Another syrup drinkin wack n!gga

    • Tish Houston

      Yep dirrrrrty dick

  • Markus

    The sad part about this is because this cyclops is making money,women who know they’d never date a blind man let alone a one eyed man will continue to justify dude’s reckless behavior towards them. And they’ll all deserve what they get.


    This weirdo wears a wig? A wig? I’m done

    • Tish Houston

      Nigga hair dont grow fast he had to get faux dreads stay getting clowned


      Actually its a Weave. Which is much worse.

  • Leonard Tarver

    Eye be lovin’ these H**es lmao

  • I suppose these chicks love his personality!!!!!!!!!

  • Six7

    So, which eye is it? The left gone on one pic, the right gone on the other.

  • stephen

    Fetty wap on his ray Charles ish!!!!!