Ice Cube Praises Kendrick Lamar & Discusses Not Playing The "Hollywood Game" (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Rapper, actor, and film producer Ice Cube recently sat down with radio personality Angie Martinez. During the interview, the star of Ride Along 2 spoke about another West Coast Hip Hop representative – Kendrick Lamar.

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Martinez informed her guest that Kendrick referred to Cube’s iconic rap group N.W.A. as “the gatekeepers.” Cube replied by offering high praise to the Grammy winning emcee.

“That’s a cool name. I feel that,” said Cube about K. Dot’s description. “And Kendrick is a new gatekeeper. He’s keeping the tradition alive.”

The conversation then shifted to the lack of Oscar nominations for the blockbuster N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton. Many observers were critical of the Academy for snubbing the movie in the Best Picture category as well as all of the acting categories. Cube was asked if refusing to play the “Hollywood game” affected Straight Outta Compton not receiving more recognition from the film industry.

“I do what I’m supposed to do to promote the project. I ain’t gonna kiss no ass for nothing,” stated Cube. “Maybe that is the problem, or maybe we should have put a slave in Straight Outta Compton. I think that’s where we messed up.”

Cube was touching on another area of criticism often aimed at the Academy Awards. Many of the recent Oscar-winning films and acting performances were only awarded for African-Americans playing slaves, servants, or deeply flawed characters.

12 Years a Slave won Best Picture in 2013, and Lupita Nyong’o won the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for playing a slave in the Steve McQueen directed motion picture. Other recent winners in that category include Octavia Spencer as a maid in The Help (2011) and Mo’Nique as an abusive mother in Precious (2009). The respective writers of Precious (Geoffrey Fletcher) and 12 Years a Slave (John Ridley) are the only African-Americans to win an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

“It’s both,” answered Cube when asked if he felt being ignored by the Oscars was about race or the lack of respect for Hip Hop. “The thing about it is that does not define us. That award is cool – it’s cool to be recognized – but people recognized this movie back in August when it did $200 million at the box office.”

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Watch Ice Cube’s interview below.

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27 Responses to “Ice Cube Praises Kendrick Lamar & Discusses Not Playing The "Hollywood Game" (VIDEO)”

  1. Markus

    It’s true that African American actors and actresses basically get recognized by Hollywood on purpose I believe by playing roles being subservient to their white costars. And no one wants to feel like they’re being rewarded not for their acting but instead for how believable they were playing weak oppressed individuals. But then I look to Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost and even better Jamie Foxx in Ray and I have hope that the days of playing stereotypical roles will become a thing of the past as far as recognition goes.

    • Q.

      Or, Black actors could start turning down these degrading roles to begin with. Angela Bassett turned down Monster’s Ball for that very reason. Halle Berry took it, got fvcked like a whore on film for ten minutes, and nabbed the Oscar. Her career hasn’t been the same since. Mo’Nique got an Oscar and she’s damn-near blackballed from the movie industry now. Hollywood plays a lot of games with Black people.

  2. STEPH

    True as fuck….”It’s cool to be recognized, but people recognized this movie back in August, when it did $200 million at the box office”. Enough said.

  3. RichFromBX

    S.O,C was cool and all but it wasn’t good enough to stand on it’s own and what I mean by that is if it wasn’t attached to NWA would people still be saying how great it was?

    People are more emotional about it because it is NWA but if you take NWA out of the picture and it’s fictional story about an LA rap group, it doesn’t do the numbers and it’s nearly as popular.

    The movie didn’t even touch on the NIGGAZ4LIFE album and how huge the release of the video for “Appetite For Destruction” was for them – it was one of the first times that MTV was behind the scenes of a video shoot that wasn’t Michael Jackson or Madonna. They had a countdown to it’s release…that old school gangsta theme had dudes deaded.

    I think the movie missed the mark on really showing how big they really were and their impact but maybe that’s just me…I’m from the era and lived it but…

    Just for a second, remove NWA, was it still a good movie?

    • Q.

      The film was pretty good, not epic. But it should be appreciated within the context of a biopic, otherwise it’s irrelevant, just like any biopic. It’s a challenge to do good biopics about groups of people, but they did a solid job of telling the story. I don’t know if SOC is Oscar-worthy, but I think Creed should have definitely gotten more nods. That was an excellent film, top to bottom.

  4. Eli Pinilla

    Isn’t getting nominated for best original screenplay a big deal artistically though? I mean, they sayin you wrote the best shit.

    • Watever

      The issue is you have a movie about a black music group, starring black men in the main roles, and directed by a black man. And the only people to get nominated for SOC where the white screenwriters. That seems to be on purpose.

  5. Papi Peligro

    Man its allot of people get snubbed at the awards. Especially any movie thats popular gets immediately excluded. Jurrasic Park, Avengers, Star Wars they throwing all them shnits out for like Brooklyn and Martian.

  6. Papi Peligro

    In the last 15 years 8 out of 15 best actors been black. The actresses got a qualm cause black women seldom get great roles.

    • Watever

      Your numbers are completely wrong. Only 3 black men have won have the Best Actor award since 2000. Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington & Forrest Whitaker. Only 4 black men have won the award in 88 years.

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