Kevin Gates' Former Manager Blasts Him For Being Fake

Photo via Kevin’s Instagram

A former manager of Kevin Gates, claims the rapper is “fake” when it comes to acknowledging who really put him on. His former manager @DJyaboyearl took to Instagram to blast Kevin and inform the masses that he supported Gates financially and promoted his music long before he made it big.

Earl posted,

“…..Then you can get interviews and say nobody put you on and how u made it by urself because u always had money from selling kilos…SMH…#TheFakeWontWin, you can make it too unsigned artists u just have to finesse alotta folks to help u for free so I can change on em and diss em when the money comes!!! They will get rich and brag how they not giving handouts after the whole city gave them so much. 8 years it took.”

Gates responded subliminally by saying,

“If I play vulnerable and allow my pretend friends to take advantage of me-am I wrong if I come out on top?”

Hmmmmm what are your thoughts?

  • Pig Skins Have No Lips

    yall late af on this

  • JokeznSmoke

    HA!!! Gates got a nice flow and production but somethings off with the man himself!!! Not sure about this put on Ish?

    • STEPH

      You tube him on the “Highly questionable” show, he said he suffers from depression but if you check out the lil interview he’s far from stupid though. He does have a nice flow and good songs though.

  • The Legendary Troll

    judging by his interviews its clear somebody with a real brain was behind him blowing up. But this is what contracts are for. Make him legally obligated to pay you once the money comes

    • STEPH

      The dude is not stupid…You tube him on the show “Highly Questionable” the dude has a good head on his shoulder, and most likely can have a conversation with anyone about anything. #lookscanbedecieving

      • Paddy C Mphalang’ombe

        I agree with STEPH, KG is actually very smart the way he has been answering questions on his interviews shows that he uses his brain very well. So this Ex manager is just salty…he is Ex Manager so what to expect from him?

      • Ipullcards

        Actions too. Ppl forget these are entertainers. Here to amuse us. Not with just truth. But it’s an act half the time. If you’re needed, ppl won’t leave you alone. If his managers were the reason he got here, then Kevin gates would still need em now

      • STEPH

        So fuckin true

  • JerZeBoy

    KG a smart dude, he said he will play dumb…I do the same shit

    • Do you snake people that help you when you need it & consider them stupid for helping you?

      • JerZeBoy

        do you know the whole situation, cause I do. KG acted dumb to see if dude would try to play him, which he did. then KG played him out before dude had a chance to d8ck him over. Now he is pissed because KG played him out and trying to say he was loyal. his ex manger use to talk mad $shit about him say he had no talent, as well as tell him he was shorted on cash from performances when he wasn’t. this is old news. KG’s right hand man Boobi has beef with same dude for talking slick

      • Explain…..

  • Anthony Mason

    Funny thing is Gates is the only rapper I actually like to hear sing on tracks right now. He has good hooks.


    I watched this man on the show “Highly Questionable” and the content in his albums may lead some to call him stupid. His actions might lead some to call him stupid, but he’s far from it. You tube him on Highly Questionable….Maybe just maybe his former manager is bitter, maybe not. Only they know the truth.


    I hate to say it but the very Idea of a Manager is kinda taking advantage of the Artist. So you cant blame an Artist for cutting out the Middleman if its possible.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you and remember where you came from.

  • ZUBU

    If he was a friend maybe he should help him some, if the dude helped him. If it was just business, then there should have been a contract….. Pretty Simple…..