Meek Mill Challenges 50 Cent To Donate Money To Flint; 50 Responds

(AllHipHop News) In an attempt to shift the tone of his feud with 50 Cent, Meek Mill challenged the G-Unit boss to match a $50,000 donation to Flint, Michigan. The city’s highly criticized cost-saving measures have led to the water supply to be labeled highly corrosive, and residents were forced to drink water contaminated with lead.

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Meek posted this message to 50 on Instagram:

I got 50k to donate to waters … Let’s see if we can have [50 Cent] match me! I’m pretty sure “flint” supported us! Serious post contact …. Roc nation will purchase for me and ship! Not even just him all entertainers! I ain’t got the tine posting memes and sh*t… “Way too trill for that”

When 50 failed to respond to the first post, Meek then wrote:

My money is in and my job done … It shows dudes like that can’t function when you act like a grown man! No response… them dudes poison! WE DONT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORIST!#DONATETOFLINT show some humanity!

50 finally responded to Meek. He posted on his own IG page:

You know you only trying to donate so you can try and use it in court ?head. You don’t have money to give away. When Nikki find out you playing with her money boy,oh boy your in for it.

After Meek left comments that read, “I quit” and “U really talking about court fam… U won,” 50 added another post directed at his rival:

I just landed and I see this, this ? head must be on some good drugs. We don’t start and stop when you feel like it. You started for no reason, get to the gangsta sh*t you know I like that ? Head.

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Check out Meek Mill and 50 Cent’s Instagram posts below.

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  • Golgo 13

    know you only trying to donate so you can try and use it in court << i agree with 50 there

    • That would be true if Meek went to that city and asked to help. But he didn’t. A dude begged for his help. That ain’t the same homie.

  • a.c.

    That’s too funny I agree wack asss meek ask nikki for 50k to donate he don’t have that kind of money only one really rich and famous is nikki

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i hear ya but you dont need to be rich to be able to donate 50K … im sure thats something meek can mustard up …

      • I_AM_Houston

        plus a 50k donation is really only costing meek about 30. tax write offs are real

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        either way if meek aint got 50k for charity needs … he needs to re-valuate his finances … which im sure hes good with cause he wouldnt be where he is if he wasnt …. i salute him in that regard … i remember hearing that he was willing to put up 100k for a rhianna feature … only tru hustlers will undstand that 1 ….

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    These cats are funny.. Entertainment Purposes Only..

  • Markus

    The biggest thing I take from all this is how Meek has taken his focus away from Aubrey and concentrated on someone who’s best moments in making music are behind him. For me, he still hasn’t recovered from Back to Back and until he does,any other move he makes is lame.

  • Dolladae

    Did this nigga say he quit? Lmao. This generation of hip-hop is soft. If this was 90s-early 2000s Meek would be done. 50 don’t squash beef.Hopefully 50 goes hard on him and Ja Rule’s his ass for that. I kinda like Meek’s music too. But ain’t no excuse for his antics. Be careful what you wish for.

    • Q.

      LMAO Meek Mill is a fvcking clown! SMH

  • Nemo hos

    Are these dudes or trannies? Got damn they on that feminine stuff.

  • True_Fan

    50 is a clown and it’s no surprise to see people supporting his antics smh. I don’t care what Meeks intentions are, he still put 50k up to help people with contaminated water, meanwhile 50 continues to tell jokes. 50 starts beef because he is jealous. Takes shots at MMG because their label still had relevant artist unlike G Unit, beef with Taraji because her show has 6x more viewers (I like power better, but numbers are numbers), hates Diddy because Ciroc is the standard for alcohol, tried to copy beats and wound up with a bankrupt company, hated on Floyd because he wouldn’t let him make Money Team decisions…. his act is tired man.

    • in yo ass hard

      he brought clean water to millions in Africa.. i think he can skip this one.. Where Hov? Puffy? Ross? Em? Dre?

      • Your mentality perfectly explains why poverty and racism still exist in this world. When the cops are beating your ass with night sticks and making you crawl like Rodney King, let’s see if you feel that Black folks should “skip that one” because we’ve already fought for other causes.

        Dumbass personified….

      • in yo ass hard

        Mr. Black Jay. i know we’ve all seen videos of black people getting beat and killed by the police. let me ask you, in all these videos you how many BLACK people you’ve seen jump in to stop the unjust???????????????? i seen one video and it was a white man helping a black man… all we do is tape jump around scream and then shop.

        @i_am_houston its not that he can skip this one.. but Mr. Slim Shady runs that town no body calling him out with more money Jay more money Puffy More money Drake more money Will Smith more money. 50 ain’t gonna do nothing.

      • True_Fan

        50 has done great things with his Africa program, but he is too prideful to help Flint because he would rather beef and tell jokes. Not to mention Flint is only about 60 miles from Detroit. Then we have guys like you saying it’s alright he can skip this one smh.

      • I_AM_Houston

        but how do you know hes not gonna donate? he never said he wasnt. assuming and making a rant is no better than the rest bro. hes donated to help africans like everyone has said so he cant be that bad..

  • I don’t know. 50 comes off looking REALLY REALLY bad off of this. Those children are getting lead poisoning. Furthermore, Meek is right. You can best believe both of them have fans in that area code. If you gonna beef with a cat, do that. It can always be about that. But if a fan reaches out and you have reaped the rewards of that area and you know little kids are getting poisoned and sh*t, a real man would cast that job as above beef and handle sh*t like a man. Sometimes the entertainers have to look out for their supporters. I guess we now know why 50 has very few fans left.

    • Q.

      You fell for that PR spin? LMAO

      Gotta love politics!

      • How is it PR if the guy begged him for his help? It would be one thing if Meek went to the city with money in hand. It’s another thing if someone genuinely asks for help without provocation. You 50 cent fans kill me…

      • Q.

        ERRR! Pump your brakes.

        1) I ain’t no Curtis stan. You should have figured that out by now.

        2) Who begged who for what?? This n!gga threw a rock, got banged on on social media, now he wants to play Barack Obama the next day, talking about Flint, Michigan’s water. WTF does Flint water got to do with this n!gga running his mouth?? Is he bipolar???

      • Stop reading the headlines and inform yourself. You’re looking kinda weak homie. A guy asked Meek for help with the dangerous water. Meek threw his loot up and not only asked 50 to do it but everyone. That ain’t got nothing to do with beef. If I’m 50 I can multitask. I can donate to my fans and whip a n*gga’s ass if it comes to it. Poisoned babies ain’t got sh*t to do with beef. He could keep the beef with Meek AND help his fans. 50 is a bag of sh*t.

      • Q.

        Wait a second, dude, you got this sh!t backwards. You talking about whose looking weak? These n!ggas tweefing in public are the ones looking weak. You n!ggas celebrating these n!ggas stupidity are the ones looking weak. And you dudes studying these n!gga’s lives like they’re important are the ones looking WEAK. I could give a sh!t less about a clown with bread to trick off tossing a couple dollars at a “good cause.” This is entertainment, right? Right. CLOWN SH!T, right? Good, Now make me laugh, clowns. That’s what these n!ggas are here for. They don’t add anything positive to the culture. Fvck is this n!gga Meek talkin bout, Flint water for? What is he trying to prove? Don’t do clown shit and pretend to be a humanitarian the next day.
        You bust my window with a brick. I come outside with a baseball bat, going to work on your scalp, you start screaming “Stop man! Time out! Let’s go drop off some sneakers to Goodwill right quick. Grown man shit.”


      • Isa Ibn Maryam

        That closing statement about Goodwill was as epic as it gets lol.

      • Controversy Sells

        Bruh I read that shit like 10 times lmao

      • This is why 50 Cent’s career is in the toilet. His inside voice is always set to 200. Any dude with half a brain could flip this on Meek in 5 seconds. “Oh…. You put up $50k? I’ll put up $500k.” It ain’t that hard to flip a dude that’s trying to use a situation for publicity on his ass. “If” that is what Meek was doing. I personally don’t see it. And with the beating that 50 has been taking in 2015, even HE could use this for good PR if he was smart. But 50 is dumb as sh*t. People get tired of his shtick because they’ve seen and heard it from him 365 days. And it doesn’t translate to sales. Like them old gangstas say: “War is bad for business.” And that’s all 50 does. No wonder he’s in bankruptcy court.

      • Q.

        You probably right about 50. 50’s a devil and he’s always gonna be a devil–he excels in that role. But this really isn’t about 50. It’s about Meek and his homotional rants that are translated into “beefs.” He’s selling the image that he’s about that life, yet he keeps going at people and LOSING. Now he wants to kick it up with the biggest devil in the game–the dude is clearly not a smart person. That’s what this sh!t is about. All that Flint water, toys for tots, cure cancer or whatever the hell else he’s side-promoting is just a smokescreen for his ongoing fvckery.

      • I ain’t down with hoe sh*t either way. F*ck Meek as a rapper. F*ck 50 as a rapper. I could give a f*ck about hoe sh*t. But when it comes to helping those in need, I gotta lean on the way I was raised. And I was always taught, if they genuinely need your help, you give it. We’re not talking about some crackhead, wino ass n*gga asking for money at the liquor store. We’re talking about little kids getting poisoned intentionally by a GOP led state that never gave a f*ck to begin with. Hell, I donated to that sh*t. I ain’t Meek or 50 but if I can pull a little change out of my weed kick, I know they can. Hoe sh*t aside, those kids got poisoned.

      • Q.

        Oh, no doubt. Real issues, real sh!t over bullsh!t all day. It’s a travesty going on in Michigan. And there’s a movement building right now to get the governor indicted. On top of that, they’re still charging Flint residents for that poisoned water and are sending out shut-off notices, so it’s a complete clusterfvck over there. But this is yet another manifestation of corporate greed and political corruption, the downfall of America. They got hell to pay for this one though.

      • That’s some serious f*ckery going on in that state. But if it can happen to them, it could happen to us. Mos Def had it right with that song New World Water….

      • Anthony Mason

        Lol 50 will always be the same. Nigga is ruthless as they come….

      • HIPHOP

        50 has been providing meals to the homeless and is working with the united nation to provide 1 billion meals and is well over millions of meals provided no celebrity donated to help him meek ain’t say let me help u stop dick riding go look up Waka uncle og bimmy from preme team on youtube who said 50 is a gangsta and not a snitch face it 50 certified no matter how much you hate on him

      • “Teacher, I didn’t do my homework today but I did my other homework last month.”

        Are you for real?! What the f*ck does that have to do with anything? I don’t care if a n*gga gave to the Red Cross since 1975, if a hand is extended and you have MORE THAN ENOUGH financial resources to assist, you do that. Even if it’s only a nickel. You help. Especially when you’re plucking money from the poor to lace your fat ass pockets. Come on dude… You lost with this one…

      • Celz

        50 been a bitkh posted video of his homie crying over finances.. He’s corny and washed.. His money will run out in ten years or less.

      • Professor

        I Agree, but to some ppl everything a game….

      • I_AM_Houston

        Meek should have asked for a donation in a unrelated post and all of this would have been avoided.

  • Q.

    HAHAHAHAHA Early morning belly laughs already! Wait, so this goofy n!gga trying to play politician now? Talking ’bout,

    “My money is in and my job done … WE DONT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORIST!” <—–LMAO

    N!gga, shut up. You wasn't talking that UN Peacekeeper sh!t yesterday. This is like PR spin on steroids. This n!gga Meek needs counseling… But Curtis, in top form, always delivers:

    "We don’t start and stop when you feel like it. You started for no reason, get to the gangsta sh*t you know I like that 💩 Head"

    ^EXACTLY. N!gga, get back to the clown shit you were on a second ago. Y'ALL MADE THIS A CIRCUS–NOW BRING OUT THE CLOWNS!…Oh, the fvckery of it all!


    • M.DOT

      Chill wit the hash tags. This is not twitter. U are right though

      • Q.

        No chill with the hashtags. They add emphasis to the mockery. Thanks for commenting though.

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  • M.DOT

    All that big money talk Meek be talkin and all he donated was 50k?

    • Professor

      True but 50 didn’t donate jack! Still waiting on that transfer… Meek switch it up must say!!!

      • M.DOT

        It’s a cop out by Meek. Anyone with a brain can clearly see this

      • I_AM_Houston

        How do we know he didnt donate? He doesnt have to post it online. He coulda donated before meek said that. you never know

      • STEPH

        Oh if you have any idea who 50 cent is, you better believe he would have posted it. He’s the king of shit talking and beefing on Social Media.

    • Moses John

      Lol….50 is that U? Or a dick eater?

      • M.DOT

        The truth hurts

    • Gap Tooth Bruce

      You act like 50k is 5 dollars get the fuxk outta here lame

      • M.DOT

        As much sh*t he talk in his raps about money and rollies u might as well say it is to him and the million he made on his giris tour (supposedly)

    • STEPH

      You matching him with 50 large?

  • Isa Ibn Maryam

    So clap your hands to what Meek’s doing…but dawg you coming off real mentally unstable with your sincerity.

  • jacksjus

    He challenged 50 Cent to match $50k? Lmao!

    Meek stays losing. Albeit he landed Nicki but that’s about all.

    • Losing by challenging someone to donate 50k?? I am very confused by your statement??

      • STEPH

        I’m confused as well, but they seem to be stuck on the Social Media beef instead of some real shit that’s going on Smdh…Social Media isn’t going anywhere, they want to talk about memes and shit.

      • Case & point proven, this generation let’s social media dictate who’s “winning” even if the facts are printable

      • jacksjus

        I’m even more confused by your grammar. Are you asking a question?

      • Well obviously that’s why I put question marks at the end of each sentence. So I don’t get how my grammar confuses you —-> ????

      • jacksjus

        Just because you placed a question mark at the end of your gibberish doesn’t make it a question?

      • Smh, so you gonna answer the question or keep bs’ing? (Is that a ledgible question?)

  • Dope

    He knows 50 can’t be throwing money like that due to his current court situation, so he knew he won’t match it.

  • 50 done fed millions in Africa and personally NOBODY should donate to flint Michigan! it’s the governments fault and and it should be the government to fix it! we pay them out of our paychecks. why should the people fix the governments problem? all the political officials of flint Michigan should be held accountable. p.s. shit head ned to chill.

    • You’re not donating to the government….. You’re donating to the people that got f*cked over by the government. Get it right homie. Dudes like you probably thought nobody should’ve donated to help the Katrina victims. Smh….

      • thats a totally different story and scenario from cleaning the water and rebuilding houses. donate money to the people to do exactly what? what is bottles of water really going to do? how is that going to be divided amongst the people of flint? i’m asking you because you have all the answers sway. that was a natural disaster. i actually did donate to katrina victims tbh. now can we get back to the shit head please.

      • Personal bullsh*t aside, there are charities that go specifically to helping the victims who were poisoned. Not to the government. Get your mind right. You don’t have to suck 50’s c*ck all 24 hours of the day. Lol!

      • first of watch your mouth. easy to invite somebody to a dick online. second donate to the place above faggot.

      • What’s the matter dude? You can insult but can’t take it? Watch your mouth next time and tuck in that 50 fandom. That sh*t don’t play over here.

      • don’t think i insulted you James. maybe you are referring to me insulting meek. aaaawww that’s cute. you probably have dc tatted on your lower back. wait you were a fan when meek had the shitty braids when he was signed to T.I. … did you donate to the link i posted or you’re just gonna trooooooolll

      • That dude Pope Chuck Paul is hilarious! Hahahaha…. Aiiight dude. Go hard like that if you want. Bottom line, I already donated and not at the organization you displayed so handily. If you read what I wrote on this thread you would’ve gotten that McNugget. But oh well…. It is what it is. Just know that I can be intellectual or I can get in the gutter with the best of them. It’s really not a problem. Keep it moving dude….

      • here you go.. if you’re in the philly area

        To donate to Flint MI water
        Center for Hope Community Closet, located at 517 E. Fifth Ave. in Flint. Donations can include gallons of water, water filter and replacement kits, as well as cash or checks.

        All donations will be accepted at this location on Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

        To donate money, mail a check to 901 Chippewa St., Flint, MI 48503 with “water relief” mentioned on the memo line of the donation.

      • STEPH

        What is the bottles of water going to do for a city of folks who’s water is fucked up????? WTF? Smdh

      • exactly my point.

      • STEPH

        No I was asking you the question, if anyone is thirsty my dude and deprived of good drinking water they would gladly accept it. Would YOU complain if someone gave you a clean bottle of water? After they give it to you are you going to tell them “is that it”? The point is people are attempting….and the more people who help (the few bottles, as you say) will turn into many. People are grateful for strangers helping out.

  • I also believe he said roc nation will donate on his behalf lol

  • baller187

    meek is done , cant back off now 50 aint gonna let it go

    • In what world? 50 can’t take out the trash, let alone another rapper. He got smashed by Rick-Fake-Ass-Ross. You take an “L” like that, you can’t win sh*t.

      • baller187

        aint no one care about no FLINT, we have problems here in cali

      • Celz

        I’m in Cali and I care homeboy..

      • I_AM_Houston

        its problems everywhere bro but them ppl got tan water.

  • if you’re in the philly area

    To donate to Flint MI water
    Center for Hope Community Closet, located at 517 E. Fifth Ave. in Flint. Donations can include gallons of water, water filter and replacement kits, as well as cash or checks.

    All donations will be accepted at this location on Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    To donate money, mail a check to 901 Chippewa St., Flint, MI 48503 with “water relief” mentioned on the memo line of the donation.

  • Riko7467

    Meeka the sh1t head the boy crying in court already trying to plea bargain with the Unit lmfao!!!! Only phony fraudulent a$$ n1ggas listen to his music and believe his fairy tales!! Them mmg=munchingcock music gays n1ggas are trash!!! Wale should leave and save his career. Sh1t head is a phony signed to a bigger phony!! At least officer ricky can give the lil n1gga a job cooking some wings lmfao!!!

  • Riko7467

    I guarantee if this hoe a$$ sh1thead goes to jail he will request to be put in protective custody like a scared little b1tch lol!!! Sh1thead knows he would get fucked up at rec!!!

  • Riko7467

    Cry baby a$$ sh1thead trying to do anything to get that heat off of him lol!!

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  • ApricotNapalm

    Meek has a wack public persona

    • Oh boy……but there’s also an interview where 50 praises Meek

      • Gap Tooth Bruce

        50 da shithead nobody fuxk wit him but the niggas he spoon feed….let that money stop and watch his own niggas switch up

      • ApricotNapalm

        50 didnt come out dissing the nga (from what i know)….. he said Drake bodied him, which is FACTS. But other than that he just responded to this nga (from what i know) i aint defending none of these ngas, because they dont even pay me attention. Im just calling it like i see it. Get Rich Album was a classic, & it got me through my deployment. Other than that i dont even listen to these ngas. I been on my 70’s, Yoga Music, Cormega, Nature sht….Nature got some joints out there too

  • Gap Tooth Bruce

    Why are yall so intrested in this beef….50 been wack for a minute….at least Meek can make a hot song he did have a number 1 album in 2015 what does 50 got besides his Tv show? Musically ya boy ah bum Ross the Cop gave dat boy an ole grandma wit da switch ass whoopin on the Mic…50 washed!

    • M.DOT

      At least 50 has a classic under his belt. What has Meek done since his rap career started? His highlight is being Nicki’s boyfriend and losing to Drake. Meek should have never come for 50 period

      • I_AM_Houston

        his highlight is that intro lol

    • Christopher

      Musically Meek got washed up by a emotional rapper who sings and Ross current album sold only 60,000 copies in almost 2 months. If Meek could make a hit song he wouldn’t be Twitter fingering Wale. 50 on Instagram doing business moves with the NFL and NBA while The Kanan Tape has more downloads than both of Ross mix tapes. MMG is washed up not 50

    • stephen

      mannn….I wouldn’t even consider this a musical beef lol….I don’t expect 50 to comeback in any form of music….but more just killing meek through blog posts….making meek look stupid…end of day its just entertainment for me….wale somewhere smiling…

    • I_AM_Houston

      Id personally take that website/tv bread over music anyday. people forget this is 50 is almost as large as worldstar. power really is a top show. 50 really can get on slims radio channel anytime. hes still in position…his music just aint what it once was.

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  • YoungZari

    50 Cent has built a career off bashing Black men. Has anyone seen how he acts like around Jimmy, Marshall, Mark Cuban, David Koch? It’s always interesting on the route he takes when it comes to entertainment and his mass…I mean peers.

    • Dolladae

      You know 50 doesn’t get along with Jimmy right? That’s part of the reason why 50 and Dre’s relationship became strained.

      • YoungZari

        Yes I know, that was a disagreement. He’s never publicly DISRESPECTED Jimmy. That’s my point

      • dayleedumped

        hes not going to bite the hand that fed him…. thats his own quote, im sure he lives by it

      • YoungZari

        Steve Stoue has “fed” him look at how he has treated him. I understand your point, but there’s definitely a self-hating element within him.

  • Leonard Tarver

    😂😂😭😂😂😂💦💦 He keeps calling him a 💩 Head. Lmao Im childish for laughing

  • Papi Peligro

    Meeks done

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  • Nyga07

    lol Meek is my dude but he need to go in the house, first he always contradict himself.. then this rat shyt he saying like dude u just said once u take a pic with a rat u are a rat right, well u took a pic with 50(accused rat) more than once and called him ur man!!!! so you just basically put all you fools in the same spot… he keep calling for help, and we this we that, first sign your soft… he wont try me in person bcuz he know hoe WE roll/ last i checked he talking to you alone,so now you ready to just involve everybody in a one on one situation!? Now we bringing ja and IRV back in it?? like come on all i see is from this situation to the rest of them is one dude going against a gang of ppl constantly and the group of ppl seeming excited that one guy was not able to handle all of them.. like we really see ja or irv or meek backing anybody down… MEEK can spit a lil some to me and he make heat, but his ways and how he always contradict himself is his own undoing, like him and drake and future were all good he could have just stayed in the happy tree smh. like this situation was a easy win for meek, no one likes 50 all he had to do was play it right , he would win anyway just bcuz its 50, and he had age on his side , the net and all.. he ruined it

  • stephen

    im pretty sure 50 will donate money….but i think his point is him not letting meek mill get off easy wit that side bar stuff……he started it… he wanna offer 50 a chance to donate?? like 50 cant see the news and do that himself…..nah we beefin….don’t try n be my friend now because its getting hot….keep the beef and the donating separate….smh….meek already saying 50 won smh….where is your dignity man??

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  • Celz

    50 is a sad shell of his former self. This fool said he’s about to get gangsta post in memes. Nicca Meek dissed you on wax. I swear this nicca 50 roll with the fat white computer trolls who got hairy necks.

    • Lou Velazquez

      Funny how niggaz sleep on dudes lmfao

      • Celz

        Sleep on who? No one in this convo is on the come up.. I’m riding with Meek because he’s realer than the other dudes and his recent music is better.. But all these niccas have well documented behavior of doing suspect shyt.. Well documented my G. 50 cent has so many damn violations..

  • Cavadias

    I don’t like either one of these guys music, but I swear 50 is a Coon everytime I see him with white folks he’s smiling and acting like a damn bootlicker yet he’s quick to call black women bitches in a heartbeat and support these whitewashed movies knowing these crackers lying, stealing and fabricating our history, I remember when after Hurricane Katrina he stated he supported Bush, it’s bigger than rap beef it’s about not shucking n jiving for white approval!!!

    • KashIsKlay

      I have to disagree with you. There is a time to act professional and time not to act professional. Just like when people go to work and put on smiles and engage in small talk.

    • wap

      But during Katrina that nigga was out there donating clothes and food for New Orleans and Mississippi. You can call him whatever you want, but when David banner reached out to him he was there. Just because the man doesn’t brag about what he’s done , that doesn’t mean he didn’t care

  • Anthony Mason

    Meek needs to cryogenically freeze himself and wait until science has advanced towards the point where it can raise IQ levels in people with sub 100 IQ scores…

    Then he might be able to rap on Flava flavs level or better….

    • Maitreya One

      i wrote a song about cryonics go to sound cloud punch in maitreya one its called frosty the snow man an the timeship

      • Anthony Mason

        Lol. Ok when I get a chance

  • SMH

    I feel bad for Meek seriously back to back really fucked him up he’s been humiliated on a whole different level than anyone in rap ever has i know he started all this but this shit brutal you’d think after all this time he would’ve been more prepared for beef he had 5 months to think this thru and this all he could come up wit smh everyone knows Meek’s weakness now getting roasted he seriously does not get the line is that your world tour or your girl tour smh Meek ain’t bout it he said on that track gave em hope mention my name and berettas coming wit that everyone talkin bout you to your face and you ain’t done shit

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  • King Kredible

    Damn Meek. L after L. In 2016, 50 is light work. Nikki made you soft.

  • ursocalledgod

    this shyt is silly. nuff respect due to meek tho for donating to flint. im out here in the D flint is bout an hour from us, and the way these crooked mufuckas doing my people is a shame. heads will roll….

  • Eli Pinilla

    “We dont start and stop when you feel like it”

    ^^^^^^ this all day

    • Weedras

      Alll is fair in war.. Meek trying get some positive publicity with all the L’s he’s been taking 50 peeped it a mile away

    • Anthony Mason

      50 is going to drag Meek on the floor like a rag doll until Meek apologizes and takes it all back. Lmao!!!!!!

  • so corny

  • GhostOfFloBarnette

    There’s nothing gangsta about a twitter fight.

  • JerZeBoy

    50 as donated and gave already to a lot meek u have catching up to do

  • Soopafly

    Meek has taken more L’s than a swisher sweetz thief..

  • stephen

    50 need to make a funeral music 2…..same beat….and use whatever rapping skills he got left n go in……….channel his inner grodt days…..

    • Eli Pinilla

      That song his hard af. And I ain’t been a fan of his music in a long time

  • TimeWillTellu1

    I’m surprised 50 aint all over the superbowl 50 campaign. I would be on it if I was 50.

  • Nightmare

    Meek is only donating money so that he could look good in court next month. If he wasn’t faced with doin a little time, he wouldn’t utter one word about Flint. GTFOH.🚶🏾

  • youKNOWthatYOUugly

    50 acts better than his albums sound…if he just use the energy musically

  • Anthony Mason

    It is 2016 and now we are comparing an African American diamond certified rapper who rejuvenated the industry around 2002 and destroyed an entire record label because he put out a timeless classic and pissed on the smoldering ashes of murder ink…. to a B squad rapper who has a former CO for a boss and is supported by the most pop based self hating plastic female rapper to date….

    L Hill where you at girl? We miss you like the sunshine baby girl…..

  • ZUBU

    This reminds me of when I was a teen (15 yrs.) and I was a little tipsy and I tried to talk a little slick to my uncle, and he straight chin checked me. Uncle didn’t really harm me, but he checked me for life. When I woke up I was laying on the floor and he was standing over me telling me he loved me but I could never talk smack to him again. He helped me up, and I never got smart with uncle again!
    Meek messing with a grown man, stay in your lane son……. Advice From The Wise…

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