50 Cent Calls On Chris Rock To Boycott The Oscars (POLL)

(AllHipHop News) The news the Academy Awards failed to nominated a single person of color in any of the acting categories for the second straight year has led to industry veterans such as Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee to announce they will be boycotting the ceremony. Rapper/actor 50 Cent is taking it a step further by calling on Chris Rock to step down as host of the Oscars this year.

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50 posted a message for Rock on Instagram. The star of the movies Get Rich or Die Tryin’, All Things Fall Apart, and Southpaw wrote, “Chris please do not do the Oscars awards. You mean a lot man, don’t do it. Please.”

Besides the lack of nominations for non-white actors and actresses, the Academy has also faced criticism for not giving nods to any of the African-Americans involved in Creed or Straight Outta Compton. Both films featured black actors in the main roles and were directed by black filmmakers.

Creed’s only nomination was for Sylvester Stallone in the Best Supporting Actor category. Straight Outta Compton’s only nomination was for the white screenwriters in the Best Original Screenplay category. There were also questions as to why Idris Elba did not get nominated for Beasts of No Nation and Will Smith did not get nominated for Concussion.



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What do you think? Should Chris Rock boycott the Academy Awards? Take our poll below.

84 Responses to “50 Cent Calls On Chris Rock To Boycott The Oscars (POLL)”

  1. Markus

    So basically on behalf of Straight Outta Compton and Will Smith,Chris Rock is supposed to not host the Oscars? I rather he be on stage in front of the entire Hollywood community roasting them to their faces which if he’s been paying attention to what’s going on I’m sure he’ll do.

    • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

      For 50 to say boycott really show’s how immature he is, See B’cause you are rich and famous doesn’t mean you are smart. Kids take note and be careful calling these dude’s your hero….. Smart decision don’t go with them a lot of times and they are so dumb, half the people around em need them to eat so no-one helps or calls them out on their stupid decision. It’s okay to think something but when you tweet it, it’s ridiculous. Just saying

      • Markus

        The Oscar is the worldwide recognized award for moviemaking. Every man and woman who dedicates themselves to that industry would be lying if they said they don’t care if they never win or get nominated for one. Now Hollywood’s depictions of people of color are very narrow. We haven’t evolved as we should have in all the years the awards have been in effect. From Hattie McDaniel to Lupita Nyong’o, the roles black people get acknowledged for are for the most part from the worst part of this country’s history or less than righteous figures. Now acting means diversity and variety so you should be free to do whatever inspires you. But as a culture, the glorification of negative stereotypes are too often how black people in those Hollywood circles get praised. And for me that’s worse than a snub.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        look at the millions of child porn sites you whites get away with , that’s film , except your not acting

      • Markus

        I know this is all an act because you would be a silent bitch in my face,you internet coward.

      • Q.

        You already tried what, ho?…You probably jump at your own shadow, bootyboy!


        It’s a few shoulda had one, atleast I think Morgan Freeman should have one.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      foh – he will still , like everyone else , say nothing bout the million child molesting vids you got posted Now

      • Markus

        You’re a scumbag that your whore of a mother should have strangled with your umbilical cord. Here there’s an issue being discussed and instead of contributing something, you do the dipshit Gary move and say nothing. Go fck yourself,bitch.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Translation :: “Im white , so you know without luring babys I cant think of nothing to say”

      • Markus

        I wish time travel existed so I could go back in time and push your mother down some stairs while she was pregnant with you,bitch.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you cant do that being white , hiding with babys while typing

  2. Banksy

    Over 110 dead black kids since the start of 2016 not one peep from these niggas. Police gunning black folk down all over the place and not one peep from these niggas. Poison water out there in Flint and not one word from these goof balls but the moment some white people humble them down and don’t give them some nominations all of a sudden these niggas all turn in civil right activist? FOH

    • Q.

      All true. Though let’s not underestimate the power of imagery in film. Hollywood is the main tool of mind control they use to keep the people stuck on stupid. Black power in entertainment is important too, just in a different way. We need to start looking at the struggle as a whole, and do less compartmentalizing.

      • Banksy

        I thought Creed was a great movie but at the end of the day who gives a shit. None of these niggas black or white are curing cancer. They’re acting which is nothing more then getting paid to lie. I’ve never watched the Oscars a day in my life and I wasn’t planning on starting anytime soon. No matter if the nominees were black, white or whatever.

  3. Haitian Mob

    Chris SHOULD host. He should host and troll white people all night. Kinda like we do on twitter. At the end of the day, lets create our own none bet like awards, classy with no flavor flav or tyler perry as anything “of the year”. Im tired of blacks crying to be in white people shit when we dont even want them in our things either. And what darkskin Aunt Viv had to say about Will is right on the money, dont ask for us to stand when you dont get what YOU want.

  4. Isa Ibn Maryam

    Now these coons want black folks to stand with them in unity against their holy Massa when they don’t receive any shine.

  5. Garveyite

    I want everybody to boycott the Oscars not because I care about the show, but because we have to start somewhere! Maybe if people of color can stand together on this issue, then we will realize our power and stand together on real issues!

    • Black Adam

      Welcome to scientology. Will joined that mess and fell the f off. Looks and “act” like i totally different person.

    • Ipullcards

      Facts! But Creed & S.O.C. Should have been nominated. Creed for the acting & NWA should of been recognized more as a film. Idris Alba got robbed though! I thought he’d get nominated for sure..

      • Super_Hero

        Creed and SOC were good movies but far from Oscar movies. I do agree Idris Alba got robbed and Stallone had better roles then he did in Creed to get nominated. Oscars is not about ticket sales. you can’t compare a movie like SOC to a movie that won an Oscar like My Left Foot.

      • Ipullcards

        I was with you until you went off towards the latter of your comment. If I were talking about ticket sales id say something about Star Wars and blacks underrepresented in that franchise.. I didn’t go to the movies to see but 1 of these movies and it was S.O.C. The film was based on several social relevant issues of an era and genre of music that has outlasted and surpassed predominately white music in popularity. They started this trend, the umbrella of rappers we see today related to them, are numerous. It was highly relevant socially.. It wasn’t just about rap. Yes it was Oscar worthy! Maybe not acting wise.. A good film and Oscar nods arent always associated with great acting. This was more so of a highly funded cinematic docu-drama based on true events..

      • STEPH

        Your right, these fools nominated (systematically) Sylvester Stallone in Creed, and the white screenwriters in S.O.C. smdh

  6. Black Jay Supreme

    Maybe boycotting worked back in the day. But boycotting ain’t doing sh*t nowadays. There are far too many sell outs and Uncle Toms readily available to sh*t on their own people for a few dollars. Besides, it’s the wrong kind of boycotting. If you’re going to boycott something, take away the funding. As evidenced by that football team that successfully boycotted, money is the only pain Americans understand. That boycott only worked because those football players owned the talent and realized that asses were in the seats to see them play and that they were the REAL revenue generators for the university (I’m actually surprised more college sports players haven’t strong armed the system like this).

    If every Black person boycotted every movie or targeted a specific movie studio and refused to spend their dollar on their films, it might work. But that would require too much likeminded thinking. Us Black folks can’t agree on sh*t, let alone move as one unit. Plus, we don’t have the financial leverage to make them hurt. At least not in the same way that those football players did. Boycotting won’t help sh*t.

  7. Pope Chuck Paul

    My thing is this, they’re gonna boycott and still do movies that are written, produced, directed and casted by people who are white who also vote for these award shows. People of color need to write, produce, direct and cast their own movies. Build their own sound stages like Tyler Perry. I was never a fan of any type of award shows really. Funny thing is these actors, actresses and black musicians don’t even support the bet awards. imo

  8. King Taylor

    My ppl out here lost..smh!! Worrying bout boycotting the Grammy … we got WAY more important ish to worry bout than that.. the movie Concussion wasn’t good and Will need to worry bout if and when the NFL going to sue him!! SOC is a classic it should have been nominated for something but if we really want to show appreciation for SOC go BUY not bootleg the movie!! What the ole saying say “Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You!”


    Here’s the thing people are confusing: A movie that you liked a lot doesn’t mean that it’s the “best” or set a particular high bar for the art. This goes to the Straight Outta Compton fans. I loved that movie too. I also loved Blade. Does it mean Wesley Snipes should’ve gotten a best actor nomination for it? Of course not.

    Chris Rock is not ignorant. He will host and he will do a great job at it.

    • DreamBigLiveLarge

      have you seen the movies that up are for nominations? who’s to say they set or raised an artistic bar for filmmaking? who determines that? the white people who are on the academy board? not being bias but im sure Straight Outta Compton was better then a lot of movies getting nominations

    • Q.

      ^The creation of a sellout: putting a dollar over every single aspect of your life. This is one reason why Black people are still taking Ls in 2016. PRINCIPLES OVER PAPER.

      • STEPH

        So fuckin true, people on here are talking about they paying him this…..That $ isn’t shit compared to what that man has in his bank account smh.

      • Q.

        Basically. He doesn’t need that check. Oscar hosting is a prestige job more than anything.

    • STEPH

      The money they’re paying him isn’t shit compared to what that man has in his bank account. #dontsellyoursoul4daalmighty$

  10. ChiVa02

    Hate to break it to all the “boycott” people. The diversity problem in the oscar committee is a problem that only white people can fix. Nobody will care that all of the black artists are boycotting. I bet they notice if big name white people dont show up. But what are the odds of that happnening?

  11. Aaron Edwards

    Beasts of no nation might be the best film ive ever seen that little boy deserves the oscar not idris but idris was crazy too.

    I would agree grammys are racist but you know what water is wet.

    This shit has been known

    • DreamBigLiveLarge

      this is about the Oscars, but youre absolutely right.. the grammys are racist too.
      I gotta check that beasts of no nation though

  12. DreamBigLiveLarge

    black people need our own awards shows. BET awards is good but one awards show run by the most coonish network on tv is not going to suffice. we need awards shows for black tv, black music, black movies, etc. something we respect and put on a high caliber, not what white people deemed prestigious 30 years ago

  13. Sgt. H. Jennings

    IMO: Start here,,,,,, stop watching the Oscars. When ABC airs the Oscars on February 28th watch something else. Don’t let Nielsen capture that viewership from your tv, tablet or pc. The ratings drop, the sponsorship, advertisement dollars begin to take a dive as a result and there you have it. You’ve hit them in a way where they felt you had no idea you had the power to do. No need to argue about it. No need to march about it. Let Chris Rock host it. Just don’t watch it. Do that enough and the Oscars will be on the CW network by 2018. (Figuratively speaking of course)….

  14. RichFromBX

    I’m sorry but the word “racist” has been thrown around so much that it doesn’t even have an effect anymore. It’s been used in so many places where it doesn’t apply and wasn’t the case the it’s just looked at as “oh look, white people are being called racist again, is it Monday already?”

  15. Q.

    Chris Rock can make a statement by boycotting. He can also make a statement by hosting, and shaming the Oscars by using comedy to highlight the issue… It’s his call. But either way, he should make a bold statement.

    • STEPH

      I see what your saying, but they’ll take him making fun of them….just as long as his black ass is up on that stage in their eyes, I’d boycott that bullshit.

      • Q.

        Depending on his approach, he has the power to make a big stink at the Oscars…take a piss in the punch, so to speak.

      • STEPH

        has to be some stinky (no water, drinking tons of alcohol piss) though

      • Elephant in the Room

        Shaming them will not change the fact that he is merely the night’s entertainment.

  16. RichFromBX

    Keep in mind, if he cancels there are going to be a team of people that don’t get paid. He’s not going to risk the paycheck of writers and others on his team.

  17. ZUBU

    Not certain if Chris should host or not, but it is sad nobody of color received a nomination. Not just no Blacks, but no Latinos, no Asians, no American Indians….
    Basically its their thing and they don’t deem us worthy, so let them do them…..

  18. ursocalledgod

    man this shit is nothing but shiny TROPHIES! what does it do for you? denzel got one did it land him any blockbuster roles? halle berry got one, where is she? cuba gooding jr got one, where is he? I couldn’t give a FUCC LESS about rich black people problems. creed? really? since when does a fuccing rocky film get nominated for shYt? I think the first one did but that’s it. straight outta Compton really? you think a room full of stuffy old white men and women is going to look at this story about a rap group with ONE album as a whole and give it a nod? now the only certified one that should of got a nod Was Beasts with no nation but its not going to beat out Revenat because it wasn’t as good and Lenardo did his THING in that movie like he always does. yall know they owe that boy a statue and this is the year he gets it. quit boo hooing over this bullshyt and get back to REAL PROBLEMS.

  19. IL4M

    The best thing he can do is go on and roast them at their own ceremony like F*ck your Couch!! What’s the point of staying home when you can actually speak your mind and share the voice of the people on the best stage possible… Get’m Rock!!!

    • Elephant in the Room

      …because it doesn’t matter how thorough he roasts them he remains merely their entertainment for the night.

      • IL4M

        I hear you but The war is never won at home as a spectator, it’s best for him to be seen and heard – he’ll literally put a face to the situation. If the birthday boy slaps you before the party you won’t wanna stay home and pout, you’re gonna wanna go to the party and kick some dust up… Get’m Rock!!!

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