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Bun B To Stacey Dash: Hating Us Won’t Make Them Love You

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(AllHipHop News) Yesterday (Jan. 20), after visiting Fox News’  Fox & Friends, Stacey Dash, openly voiced her desire to have BET canceled and cease the nation’s celebration of Black History Month. After drawing comparisons between BET and segregation, the Getting Played actress declared, “Just like there shouldn’t be a Black History Month. You know? We’re Americans. Period. That’s it.”

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Following Stacey’s stunning statements many have voice their discord through different social media platforms. Bun B would also address his thoughts on the situation on his Instagram. “For everyone that didn’t know that looks don’t mean a goddam thing if the outside of you is ugly as f*ck here’s your proof. Her black skin drives her crazy,” wrote the Underground King.

To reinforce his sentiment the Hip-Hop icon added, “And as hard as she tries to separate herself from the black community, she doesn’t even realize her token role as a pawn in their game. You’re black. Hating yourself and us won’t make them love you. The best you’ll ever here is “You’re not like the rest of them” and if that works for you then cool.”

Below is the screenshot of the since deleted IG post:

Stacey Dash

Do you agree that the Clueless thespian is #TheBiggestCoonInTheRoom.

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  • The Arsonist

    Queen of the Coons.

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  • A.P. Millz-CT

    Stacy was married to a white man that would call her “n* ggers when he got upset with her.. She still dates white men.. LOL I don’t think Stacy give a $h!t what black people think, b/c she’s soo deep in her self hatred.

  • Dgrlzmsuga

    She’s “Clueless”. I know niggas that wanna just donkey dyck some sense into her until she taps out screaming she gets it. She missed the mark completely. BET and Black History month has nothing to do with the Oscars at all. Those are celebrating black culture. But the Oscars is supposed to represent excellence in film, like the Grammy’s does in Music regardless of the cultural contribution. Film, like music, is supposed to be colour blind but sadly, in film, it’s not, largely due to the membership makeup of the Academy. In the history of film, many great black actors and black films has been overlooked. And that is the issue that should be focused on but blindly, she ignored. No one would have been upset if a black film or actor hadn’t won (DiCaprio is overdue), but everyone notices when they are inexplicably excluded, as is the case here.

    • Malik

      What Black culture does BET celebrates?

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  • Dark Matters

    Bun B is being way too predictable. For once it would be nice to see someone even pretend to make an attempt at being nuanced about these issues. You would swear coon detection were some sort of fool proof science the way folks pull it out the minute they hear another Black person say something that doesn’t amount to “I’m a victim.”

    I’ll be the first to admit we live in a white supremacist society. However, there’s more than one way to slice a pizza or skin a cat. There’s more than one way to analyze or verbalize one’s perspective. What Bun said isn’t a scientific truth and therefore I could care little for it. For all intents and purposes Bun as his “pocket full of stones” rapper self is no less a “coon” than he claims Stacey to be.

    Stacey doesn’t seem at all like she hates herself. Accusing someone of hating themselves because they haven’t toed the party line sounds like the sort of thing someone who hates themselves would say.

    • Casor_Greener

      Yeah I don’t know how he feels so comfortable calling her a coon, but she is a clown

    • She actually does seem to hate herself and her culture or black culture.She’s only married white men and says there should be no BET and etc,but she herself is black and is a black actress,which means she’s dealt w/ racism.She really thinks she’s her character from Clueless or something.Yes she is a coon because she’s doing what coons do.A coon in some way tries to impress the mainstream,which is white by acting in a way that makes us all look bad,but don’t care because they personally benefit There are many ways to coon and this is one of those ways.Any black person aligning with Fox does hate themselves IMO because Fox has been covertly and overtly racist forever.

      • Dark Matters

        The operative word is “seem” and that is the issue. To whom does she “seem” that way to? Are those to whom she “seems” to hate herself saying far more about themselves in their very predictable and forever regurgitated analysis of her.

        Folks constantly put their own brainwashing on display while swearing they’re exposing some sort of truth about someone else.

      • RazaBladeKing

        This “seems” like an interesting conversation. You could be right; Fox News is basically editorials/opinion pieces/entertainment disguised as news, so for all we know, she could be playin a character and could have been at the Justice Or Else rally last year. My question would be this: what would she have to do to convince you (personally) that she seems like a self-hating black person (which are just as predictable)? Would she have to outright say “I don’t like black people” or better yet “I don’t like myself”? Said another way, was the Clayton Bigsby character from Chappelle Show a self-hating black person?

      • Lol at all these “seems” .Reminds me of Dr Evil

      • So pointing out her being self hating somehow means that person hates themselves?It’s not about being predictable,it’s about stating your view or opinion.It wouldn’t be genuine to not speak or your view because it’s not unique or unoriginal to ppl who share the opposite view.

    • RazaBladeKing

      She doesn’t seem like she hates herself? Processed/straightened Euro-style hair, color contacts; beyond the superficial, she only makes headlines for taking the contrarian stances on “black issues”, always finding fault on the black side… what else do you need her to do? You should always be skeptical of a black person that consistently makes negative generalizations about black people… they clearly hate themselves, because they ARE black people, even if they delude themselves into thinking they’re ‘above’ or ‘outside of’ that group. Just imagine a white guy in a KKK hood sayin the same s*** she said (and has been sayin for years) instead of a pretty lil black girl. It would seem like hate, no?

    • Q.

      Stacey Dash doesn’t have an original or impressive thought in her hollow little head. She hasn’t said a single thing that your garden variety white supremacist doesn’t rattle off every day. She’s a gotdamn puppet. We shouldn’t have BET because it’s racist?? What kind of shallow, kindergarten logic is that? First of all, BET is not exclusive to Black people–they’ve awarded whites on their shows before. Two, it’s not even owned by Black folks! Next, this ignorant broad is going to say the NAACP is racist too, right? Another organization that was FOUNDED by WHITE PEOPLE.
      And if she really knew anything about history, she’d know that “Black history” is really WORLD HISTORY,–if you’re talking about so-called African-American history, you’re still talking about AMERICAN HISTORY, right? So WTF is this stupid b!tch talking about?? Answer: NOTHING.

      • Dark Matters

        Like I said if an assertion isn’t measurable or scientific it’s meaningless. We need to get beyond meaningless lazy name calling. Nothing Stacey Dash has said or done can be classified as worse or more hurtful than what Bun B has with his music. He could’ve easily disagreed with her in a far more intelligent manner.

      • RazaBladeKing

        Using that logic, how can you immediately say “Nothing Stacey Dash has said or done can be classified as worse or more hurtful than what Bun B has with his music”? Did scientists invent a Hurt-o-meter, or was that just a meaningless assertion?

      • Dark Matters

        I was referring to what she said in the video (obviously I don’t follow her personally). Way to be pedantic, though. I can tell at what point a discussion has devolved into an argument and a nitpicking attempt to win rather than a desire to extract some kind of truth. I can find far more productive ways to spend my all too valuable time. Good luck with yours.

      • RazaBladeKing

        Discussion? You avoided my question twice (which was purely out of intellectual curiosity, not to start an argument), and yet ironically only chose this more hostile one to respond to, while still tryin to ride some high horse. No, not pedantic; that last comment was the proverbial checkmate – either “if an assertion isn’t measurable or scientific it’s meaningless” is true, or “Nothing Stacey Dash has said or done can be classified as worse or more hurtful than what Bun B has with his music”, which is neither scientific nor measurable (along with the rest of your, my, and everyone else’s *opinions*), is true. Don’t blame me for you hanging yourself with your own words on that one. Honestly, I’m havin a slow day at my 9-5 and I finished my responsibilities early, so gettin paid to engage in cultural discussion seems pretty productive to me – I could be at a lot more destructive websites than this. And I’d still like to know what Stacey Dash would have to say or do to “seem” like a self-hating black person to you, or if you think such a thing even exists, again, purely out of curiosity. But yeah, you lost that last round, so no need to tap out, but thanks anyway.

      • STEPH


      • Q.

        Wait, where was the SCIENCE and MEASURABLE DATA in her comments? By your own estimation, what she said is meaningless. Her comments weren’t even analytical–they were shallow regurgitated talking points which white supremacists have been vomiting for years. Take Bun B out of the equation. Plenty of intelligent people have destroyed her arguments since she opened her mouth, even back when she started babbling that Republican nonsense. Unless you agree with her, I don’t understand your defense.

      • STEPH

        Act like you understand anything UGK, it goes over your head egg white. Your on the outside looking in LMAO!

    • STEPH

      Cyber Step your white ass away from this website fuckboy, you don’t see niggas logging on to the KKK’s website daily trolling, I know your parents speak to each other like “he’s downstairs on that black website again” ….GTFOH trying to steal lingo and shit fuckin culture vulture.

    • Anydaynow2

      The fact that you’re condoning that mess says a lot about your character, as it does for her.
      WEtv, LOGO, The Polish channel, the Korean channel, Outback TV, Ted Nugent race hate TV. All those channels and shows exist. But she chose BET and black people to denigrate.
      Says a lot about you too.

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Y’all need to leave her alone so she can poke herself. She’s winning because she got us talking about her irrelevant clueless as. again. SMH

    • Q.

      She ain’t winning sh!t, just worsening her own karma.

  • The Legendary Troll

    He right. She wanna be accepted by Massa soo bad

  • ApricotNapalm

    Shorty got an opinion and an angle -her prerogative. get $

    • Anydaynow2

      So did hitler and brutus. Nice to see you wor$hip exactly who ma$$a told you to wor$hip.
      Soulless creep.

      • ApricotNapalm

        eat a dck nga, she does it for the $! Dame Dash cousin. She’s been irrelevant since Clueless….not any more. She now occupies a necessary space, a Republican black women pov. Its entertainment bro, & shes eating now.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        no she aint , she gits paid nothing for this , and she aint black — wrong 2 times

      • ApricotNapalm

        u r an idiot she works for fox news

  • Ipullcards

    She should teach coonology.. Graduate courses for other blacks who think and act like her. Trust in this, there’s more then just her!

    • Q.

      She should just do interracial porn, because she’s sucking a lot of white c0ck right now. And she’d probably make more bread than the little check Fux news is paying her.

  • ursocalledgod

    this dumb azz broad is simply trying to get more work…period. the reason there is a black history month is because they don’t teach the kids in school about black contributions to American history. this byotch is just thirsty. when was the last time she was relevant?

  • Isa Ibn Maryam

    This Zionist Agent has gone rogue.

  • Rob

    I wonder how much denouncing your own race and its efforts are going for these days?

  • Q.

    Any Black person who goes out of his or her way to appeal to a WHITE SUPREMACIST perspective and espouse white supremacist talking points, especially for MONETARY GAIN, is a boot-licking, self-hating COON. Period.

    I don’t know when exactly this chick felt comfortable putting her self-hate on display. Maybe it was when she came out as Republican a few years ago and received severe backlash from Black folks. She sounds like a scorned woman, who is doing this out of spite to the Black community, and out of desperation for cash…IDK, but it’s pathetic!

    • RazaBladeKing

      I’m tellin ya, man, you ain’t never lied. The side effect of “Integration” I guess; house n****s are comin off the assembly line like Hondas

    • Nightmare

      What Q said 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      wrong – none of us care bout her being repuclican – that’s why you will never explain why

      • Q.

        And you’ll never explain why you have flix of naked children on your hard drive, fvckboy. But I’ll explain why: a grown man penetrated your boyhole when you were 7–the only problem is you actually liked it! FOH

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you will never explain why , just prove what your mom shit out

      • Q.

        Explain why pedophilia stays on your mind, n!gga.

      • therealjjohnson

        A lot of people do care about her being republican. The only reason I know her political affiliation is because of the talks about it. Personally I don’t care, but to say no one does wouldn’t be correct.

    • that dude

      Republican? Wow, I didn’t think she fell in that Tax Bracket being she has been reduced to a D list celebrity.


    I’m so sick of seeing & replying to this stupid ass story. Forget (uck) Uncle Tom this dumb ass broad should be known as Aunt Tomisina!!!! I know it’s not his fault but I’m curious as to what Damon thinks about his cousins comments.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      aunt tomisina ? – dash can Never reach that level of intelligence , wisdom and respect

  • Slaughtr

    The bed winch opened her fck mouth again downing and destroying black folks. Always begging to be accepted.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      explain how she did that – or prove you a dumbass by not

  • ZUBU

    Bun spitting that real…….

  • ApricotNapalm

    She still fine tho, fck all that…..i dont be listening to these chics no way-

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      nah , she look good to white boys cuz she has the body of a 10 year old

      • ApricotNapalm

        weak joke bro

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  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    your living in a dream world.

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