Eminem Mourns Sister-In-Law’s Death, Apparent Drug Overdose

(AllHipHop News) Condolences are being sent to Eminem. On Tuesday (Jan. 19), the acclaimed MC suffered a death in his family. His sister-in-law Dawn Scott passed-away from an “apparent heroin overdose,” this according to RadarOnline. Eminem is reportedly “in shock” following Dawn’s untimely death.

Although Scott was the twin sister of Em’s ex-wife, Kim Scott, when she died she was estranged from her family. Discovered in humble surroundings at the Motor City Trailer Park in Warren, MI, Dawn’s body was found dead inside of a mobile home. At the time of her death, the deceased was only 40 years-old. She was purportedly living a transient lifestyle.

Over the years Em seemingly cultivated a close relationship with Scott. At the age of 15, both Dawn and Kim would move into Eminem’s home — they witnessed his ascent to becoming a prolific wordsmith. Eventually Eminem and Kim would wed and started a family. Given Dawn’s addiction issues the couple then chose to adopt Scott’s daughter, Alaina. Both Alaina and Em’s daughter, Hailie grew up under the same roof.

Les Martin, who identifies himself as Dawn’s periodic boyfriend of four years, alleged that she would sometimes abuse an array of drugs. He went on to contend that Dawn was challenged to maintain her sobriety. “Heroin, cocaine, Adderall. If it was a pill, she would take it,” claimed Les. Before her death, Martin believes that both her sister Kim and Eminem refused to offer Dawn any assistance to remain sober.

It has been revealed that the trailer in which Scott’s body was found was mere miles away from where Emimen grew up on 8 Mile Road.

May Dawn rest in peace.

  • Casor_Greener

    LEt me guees…Em sacrificed her for fame. Corny suckers

    • STEPH

      They only use conspiracy theories when black people die.

    • Dope

      Ahh damn… Anthony Mason is going to see this comment now and it’ll only give him more ammo man.

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah because some white lady dying of a heroin overdose in a detroit trailer park really screams foul play. FOH bruh. Knew you would fabricate a sneak diss that made no sense…

  • THISIS50

    that’s a fucked up way to go out

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      no it aint , its actually one of the better ways

      • Anthony Mason

        You say some whack s***. “It’s actually one of the better ways”. Lmao!!!


    I live in Detroit, all you see is heroine, pills, and blow…Shit happens daily smdh. R.I.P.

  • ZUBU

    Wish the family the best…. Peace……..

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  • Andy Maas


  • Andy Maas


  • W.$.G.T.$

    What’s even worse, is how this article was written!

    RIP tho

  • Mike Davis

    Sure she didn’t die from the f***** up water in Michigan….

  • Although he’s not responsible for her death, Eminem has got to feel this weighing on his shoulders more than a little. His songs were about popping pills and getting f*cked up for the longest. Plus his financial resources could’ve been used to forcefully intervene. Not saying her death is on him. But if God is judging, I’d say he at the minimum practiced abstract willful blindness.

    • Anthony Mason

      I can’t put this on him. He took care of her daughter and still does. He can’t fix a junkie when he was one himself…..

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      wrong – he not responsible for her