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Iggy Azalea Clarifies New Album Is Not Being Pushed Back, Explains Issues With Label

(AllHipHop News) Yesterday, Iggy Azalea blasted her record label on Twitter. The “Fancy” performer claimed Virgin EMI Records president Ted Cockle was blocking her video for “Azillion” from being released. She stated, “Ted Cockle doesn’t wanna see me shine. What can I say.”

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Azalea returned to the social media platform today to clarify that she was not suggesting her sophomore album Digital Distortion or its next single were being pushed back.

“I didn’t intend on making anyone think my album or single was being delayed yesterday. I was just sharing what was going on with a viral vid,” posted Iggy.

Azalea told a Twitter follower she believes her label refused to finance the “Azillion” video because the company was upset she leaked the song to the internet for free. Another Twitter user offered advice to the Australia native, writing “Start your own label. Problem solved.”

Iggy responded by praising to American label Def Jam. In addition, she explained the United Kingdom based Virgin EMI has control over her budget.

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  • Anthony Mason

    Stfu up b****. Niggas do not want to hear about your “situation”. It is air pollution every time you “rap”. It is not hip hop at all….

    Funny how a real “bad b****” (M.I.A) managed to get successful and retain her brittish accent. You decided you needed to sound like a caricature of Trina to be accepted. You aren’t even being yourself on the mic or writing your own raps!

    Rap like a damn Australian and about Kangaroos and s*** and I might take you more seriously….

    Even the New Zealand weirdo Lourde chick blew up singing/rapping about stuff around her environment and the videos matched well with the content….

    • Watever

      “You guys are so bent out of shape over a [white] chick with blue eyes who [made a corny ghostwritten pop song] and is known for very little outside of that. She has opinions…. Some are hers, some are paid for. She is [self-centered] as hell and does not relate well with the black struggle. So what? You need [Iggy Azalea] to represent something???? She is all over the place! She posed for [Maxim] my dudes. What else you need from her or expect???

      She is a [twenty-something] model and [performer] and these rich white dudes are enamored with her and love throwing money at her and would lick the bottom of her feet in a trash dump if she let them. She is just taking advantage of the pedestal they have put her on…”

      – Anthony Mason

      Sound familiar? Why don’t you feel the same way about Iggy as you do about Stacey Dash? Just wondering…

      • Anthony Mason

        I know you aren’t comparing Dames cousin to Iggy right now bruh….

        Stop it….Iggy is trash. Stacy Dash is a f*** ing puppet. I said it already. She isn’t trying to shove pop rap down our throats through. She sticks to acting, modeling and accepting rich white peoples money to go on the news and create headlines.

        -Anthony Mason

        …..BTW you changed words around by supplanting them so you should have not put my name after it. It is misrepresenting, leading and targeted defamation that is out of context….

        I was not praising either broad….

      • Watever

        No, Dash is worse. She’s trying to shove racist propaganda down our throats. I’m not defending Iggy, but I found it funny you seemed to give Dash a pass for trashing black culture but criticized Iggy for stealing from it.

      • Anthony Mason

        She is shoving it down YOUR throat….not mine. I see it for what it is and I take no offense to what she said because it is bulls*** she was paid to say. It is sill propaganda….agreed. You believe that s*** bruh? BET was not founded to segregate. It was created to create avenues for black artists and a platform. You don’t think she knows that being in the entertainment business how long???

        She is not worse than Iggy. Iggy is a damn mess. Dash is acting for Fox….. It is what she does….

        When I turn on the radio I don’t have to hear Stacy Dash jlhibbitybopbeepboop a mew mewing in my damn ear……

      • Watever

        I can same the same thing about Iggy. I could say, “Iggy’s not shoving pop rap down my throat. She is shoving it down YOUR throat.” Or, “I see it for what it is and I take no offense to what Iggy raps about because it is bulls*** she was paid to rap about.” I don’t feel that way, but you seem real hypocritical on this.

      • Anthony Mason

        Bruh….these broads are opportunists….You b are way over thinking this and putting labels on my opinions that don’t exist..

        F*** em both at the end of the day bruh. I’m biracial myself and I can’t stand racists whites and racist blacks. F*** them too!!! I can’t stand idiots who harp on this s*** and waste time they could be doing something else positive on this crap. You are wasting your energy bruh and twisting my words/ intentions….

        F*** Stacy Dash for being a money driven bimbo f*** Iggy Azalea for being a fake non rapping a** cornball. You happy now???

      • lorna rosy

        I think i understand where you are coming from. Rapper eska angeloff has a fake southern voice when she raps and she is mixed ( white and black ). She also has a few tattoos that she put on to make herself street-like even though her white father is rich and her black mother is kinda rich, both are business promoters. She dyed her hair from brown to black and wears only black clothes and sunglasses to be gangster-like. Her internet song love biker bad boys, was called trash by those on youtube. She rap about being dangerous and born into crime.

      • Anthony Mason

        Eska who??? Lol.

      • lorna rosy

        Eska angeloff

      • Q.

        “jlhibbitybopbeepboop a mew mewing” <——LOL!

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  • Q.

    This hoe is a fraud. Ain’t nobody checking for this bullsh!t. She’s finished…the wigger train’s riding on fumes. Next stop: Swaggy P’s kitchen, fixing eggs and getting knocked up…Guaranteed money in the bank!

    • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

      I C U Q

  • Marvel

    Let the bitch do her thing it’s a lot of fraud in the music game that niggaz give a pass too , Idk why but when iggy on the news it’s mad hate….?

    • exactly. she’s not talking about killing or hustling so whats the problem?

      • Churro

        She does talk about hustling.

      • Marvel

        Which rapper dont talk about hustling ?

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  • THISIS50

    release a sex tape

    • RapItUp

      That’s all I was going to say…

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  • Papi Peligro

    Nobody asking for link to the vid. HAHAHA.


    You’re on a label, they own you & your music! You DON’T own it, how can YOU decide to leak their property! You are JUST the artist, the artist is a SLAVE in a record deal! You know that!