Meek Mill Submits To 50 Cent’s Memes

Photo via Meek Mill’s Instagram

The King of petty, 50 Cent, has been killing Meek Mill in an Instagram meme war. My how the game and rap beef have changed. Meek Mill is tired of the social media beef and is bowing out of it by submitting to 50 Cent’s memes. Meek took to his Instagram to repost a post by comedian Michael Blackson. Blackson said,

“I think 50 is going to make this beef last till 2050… Just when you think this beef is over 50 finds a post of meek from his 1998 Myspace page smh. I will never beef with @50Cent that Neega’s research team will find a video of me crying during my daycare days and embarrass me.”

Meek then posted,

“Just stop @50Cent u like 40 something doing memes and sh*t… I submit to your memes lol.”

Could this be the end, or will 50 continue with his roast session? He must have hella meme interns over there LOL.


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68 Responses to “Meek Mill Submits To 50 Cent’s Memes”

  1. WeakSauce

    That’s some weak ishh coming from Weak Mill. Was he not the one that started this whole fiasco? You knew fif don’t stop so why start….

  2. Markus

    I understand that he wants the back and forth to end. But in the male dominated aggressive genre of music he’s in, he should know better than to ever use the words ” I submit” in a sentence. Losing again.

  3. stephen

    this is what happens when u cant make a decent diss song…..u ask them to stop making fun of you….maybe he was being sarcastic…but mannn….needs to stop going at other artists……..

  4. One Nite Stanley

    So you talk about him in a verse…now u wanna dead it. I think Meek has a learning disability on some real ish. It doesn’t work like that bro. Didn’t u learn the first time.

    “L” Chapo

  5. Smashit

    You know you lost when all you can do is talk about a person’s age difference – like Jay said “Everybody has a birthday” – Meek need to just say “sorry Mr. Fiddy I once again started some sh*t for attention and no longer want the attention”


    Bugs Monkey can’t be found, have you taped, gagged & bound ask around I never liked a circus so I clapped a clown CURTIIIIIIS!!!! But really though white folks really enjoy seeing us degrade each other over absolutely NOTHING.

  7. Rozay23

    I agree with Meek. Lyrically he would destroy 50 and 50 don’t want no part in that so he basically running a smear campaign and using everyone on social media to do it. The funny part about it is 50 is not the one creating the memes.

  8. RapItUp

    Lol smh.. Look at the game.. Look at the comments below.. “Meek knows how 50 is, why you want him to stop now? Don’t start something you can’t finish” uhh, HELLO?? is hip-hop anywhere nearby?? Meek isn’t asking 50 to stop this ‘beef’, he wants some on-wax action. You all sound like you support 50 and his e-thuggin.. Y’all sound SATISFIED w/ 50’s method of response.. And it’s disgusting. Sure, the memes are funny for a few.. The general public makes those. 50 grabbing public posts and using them for ammo? Come on fam.. Meek may take hella L’s, and write checks his ass can’t cash, and pop off on twitter too much.. But at least he brought it on wax first.. (Not to Drake though lol) snap out of it!!

      • RapItUp

        I was just about to hit submit and your comment post up, exact same sentiment. Took me like 10 min. typing on this celly though. Lol yea, 50’s game is played.. Memes are cool, when they float around or whatever.. When a hip-hop artist is using them as bait… Put it this way, we didn’t see Jay or Nas using no damn memes.. No Kiss or Beans.. This is getting ridic now.

      • ZUBU

        “Put it this way, we didn’t see Jay or Nas using no damn memes.. No Kiss or Beans.. This is getting ridic now.”
        You know this technology was not around to this extent back then correct? Also Jay did do a meme essentially on Prodigy of Mobb Deep with the ballerina pic, at Summer Jam… Same thing just a different era. Yes Jay went at him on wax but the ballerina pic was just what 50 doing try to embarrass him. Gaining the upper-hand by any means necessary….

      • RapItUp

        True, the tech. wasn’t there.. So, just because the tech is here now, we shouldn’t drop no more tracks? “You was a ballerina, I got the picture- we seen you”, then goes on to provide picture evidence,while performing scathing diss at summer jam! That doesn’t exactly parallel with what’s going on today.. I get what you’re saying, but you and I both know the game is soft now.. 50 makes pimp’n curly vids.. Meek came at him on wax.. Meme it up?

      • ZUBU

        I feel what you’re saying the game was tougher then, but I don’t think 50 see Meek as a threat. Also 50 has totally tried to change his tactics, like even with Ross 50 used his baby mom and dug up information on his cop past…
        Also them old beefs some time people were getting shot, stabbed, beatdown, etc. Many years ago even generally Peaceful Q-Tip got beatdown damn near lost his eye… I don’t think 50 wants or needs rap he just has fun with the rap clowns, he has too many more profitable ventures…. Yet I think he still has some beastly songs in him if he want to go at someone

      • RapItUp

        Lol right? I don’t want dudes getting shot and stabbed and all that.. Unless you know, somebody really takes it there out of necessity (which shouldn’t happen amongst cooler heads)

        I actually like 50, I don’t want to sound like in team Meek.. I was riding w/ him on the Drake thing (very disappointing) but I just want to see two gully cats make some hot records and get that energy back. I didn’t realize Q-Tip got beat like that, damn!! That sucks!

    • Justice

      It was sarcasm and he was laughing…he dont care what that idiot does
      he even said he be laughing too..but where is the fugging music that’s
      what the WORLD WANTS TO KNOW! Can he even string together words anymore

  9. ZUBU

    He’s young much like a teenage son going at his dad, sometimes daddy gotta sit you down but he still loves you…
    ———–Ask Jay…. Nas had to sit him down…….

  10. ZUBU

    Right about now with all the memes flooding the internet, Nicki gotta be looking like damn this my man? Nicki gonna bounce, Drake who is her label mate bodied him. So you everyone at the label like you with this clown…

  11. Dope

    First time I can say Meek made a proper move. Now 50 could go on with petty memes, making himself only look worse in the process, or finally jot down a few rhymes and go wipe the dust off his mic.

  12. Brindle

    He’s off, 50 don’t do Memes, those are fans and Meek haters that do those… 50 just laughing like the rest of us… but meek the king of net talk, now he wants to back out… I’m with 50, “you don’t start and stop when you want to”… let the nerds kill him on the net, then you catch his ass in the street/award shows

  13. big brain

    Meek has to focus on staying out of jail and not give the judge anything to keep him in longer….keep giving to charity Meek

  14. youngplaya

    Just my opinion, but this nigga Meek can’t be a thorough dude. What nigga got all this mouth action on social media but supposed to be a street nigga? And dude stay taking L’s every time. Nigga just shut the hell up and do something already. You really make yourself look Biiii Made. Straight Up

  15. Black heart

    I swear years ago most of you bandwagoners was fuccin with meek heavy, but ever since the drake beef mfs going in on meek like he stole their laundry. Lol like why so much hate tho?? It’s like he’s on a cliff and y’all screaming jump, jump, jump….smh the U.S. Disgusting!!!

      • Justice

        NO reason…??? Dumbazz what are deaf dumb or blind…anyone who can hear see and read know that his disses didnt come for no reason…they both want his girl 50 been dissing for awhile….listen next time dont comment unless you got your fact str8…and I dont care if he had no reason he burnt them mofos in both the songs…now you take this “L” and this “S”…the “S” is for SHITHEAD JR!

      • HoneybLex

        Just goes to show he’s not as real as he proclaims screaming on Twitter about a plastic AZZ skeezer…Fake gangster and rapper

      • M.DOT

        A self proclaimed street nigga snitched enough said. Tell em why u mad


    Weak meek & the C.O. playin’ drug bawse on TV are ALL WACK! Officer Ricky should arrest your punk azz!……. oh you are ALREADY going back to PRISON! ….you cried & said you’re NOT a ‘gangster’, I remember!

  17. STEPH

    Social media nerds will meme you to death. Some of that shit was funny but it’s been done to death, 50 need to make some music I’m not talking about that Kanan bullshit either. If Meek stay out these geeks arena (social media) he’ll easily out shine 50. Curtis Jackson is finished…ask Jimmy Iovine Lol

  18. TruthHurts

    If he wouldn’t of commented on 50s age 50 might’ve bowed out. Meek just can’t let shit go, he always has to throw a subliminal. Just take your L and L..eave

  19. baller187

    meek mouth ruined his career he will never recover from drake then u screw with BROKE ass 50 cent who has nothin to do but talk shite, DUMB N!IGGA

  20. TheBlackItalian

    It’s clear meek ain’t good at poppin off on social media. He needs to put a banger out and revive whatever career he got left.

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