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Waka Flocka Believes That Musically Meek Mill Is Better Than 50 Cent!

Photo via Waka Flocka’s Instagram

As people continue to take sides on the Insta-rap beef between 50 Cent and Meek Mill, musically Waka Flocka sides with Meek! Waka says,

“When it comes to memes, 50 getting in that ass like a thong, but that music that boy Meek flaming.”

Waka seems to believe that Meek Mill’s music is far better than 50 Cent’s. Do you agree? What are your thoughts?

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  • Waka might have a point.


    In other words meek did diss you on a track you started good with the memes but now its time to respond with a record

    • STEPH


  • Hakeem

    meek new music is ok, its just the social media stuff that get him trouble….
    if he lay low on that he would be good…..
    even though his music sound like one big free style……

  • THISIS50

    50 probably got something on Kanan Reloaded

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  • 50 lets tapes are nice

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    50s tapes were dope af. Listenin to zeek is like listen to kids screaming for the ball. Gtfoh waka was a disloyal tool to his cuz gucci.

  • ZUBU

    Not a good comparison, these guys are like two different generations. You can’t possibly expect their musical styles to be comparable… It’s O.G. against Little B.G./Little LOC……. Compare Meek to Kendrick or Drake someone of his generation…….

  • Eastatlantasown6

    If nothin meek drops can’t touch get rich or die tryin he has no purpose tryna compete with fif

    • Super_Hero

      get rich is old news. we talking about today. 50 went from Get Rich or Die Tryin to an 40yr old internet troll. lol. 50 goes harder on twitter then on his music.

      • Riko7467

        You on that dope too go clean out your ears homie smh. You havent heard the Kanan shit yet??? You must work for them faggots over at mmg= munchingcock music gays.

      • Super_Hero

        I think both them dudes is corny. they suppose to be the realest out and yet they tweeting like birds. and groupies like you get offended. lol. clean out your mouth. you still got 50’s skeet all on it. why would I want to hear a mixtape about how gangster 50 is. at this point, 50 is no gangster. he is a tweeter.

      • Riko7467

        50 is real, what you talking about everything that n1gga says he does.when has he showed any fake? Im just being real. You’re just a co(k sucking hater. You talking and you haven’t even listened to his new sh1t. Go listen to, too rich and im the man.if you don’t like that you’re a weirdo. People like you are the reason why these other trash a$$ rappers have a career, damn phony lame

      • Super_Hero

        you a groupie catching feelings over another man who doesn’t know you exist. 50 is real. lol 50 hasn’t been real is 30 yrs. how has he showed any fake. let me count the ways. Dude told cops to listen to his music if they want to know anything about Preme. Then made a movie about Preme being the real leader of Murder Inc and trying to have him killed at the exact same time Murder Inc was on trial. Dry snitching at its worst. 50 claims to be a gangster yet did nothing to Game after all those yr of making diss records. The fraud Rick Ross diss him on record and 50 makes memes. Meek with no boxing skills diss 50 on record and 50 makes memes. I can’t think of 1 real dude I know who ethugs as hard as 50. 50 rather tweet because it’s less likely to lead to something real. he wants protection from the Hip Hop cops. If he was real he wouldn’t tweet or making records about it. he would handle it like a real dude. I can’t image Jay-Z, Puffy or Prince ethugging back and forth. them dudes must be looking at 50 like he is a clown. Puffy let French Montant do all his tweeting. 50 should get Kidd Kidd to do that childish back and forth twitter crime spree.

      • Riko7467

        You a clown

      • STEPH

        Your dad a clown for putting that “nutt” (which became your stupid ass) inside your mom instead of on her face LMAO!

      • killacali909

        Damn you on 50s dick more then anyone. Writing essays about him

      • STEPH

        Because stupid muthafuckas like you get a headache when you read past 10 words Lol, the shit is all true stupid ass…..Read 10 words a day and you’ll see. LMAO!

      • gerald dawkins

        on point, also when henchman had his man killed after yayo and his boy smacked henchman son up, what exactly did 50 do. henchman gets busted for selling dope.

      • STEPH


      • STEPH

        You giving them too much game homie, these muthafuckas are stupid “50 is real” LMAO! 1000% right though.

      • STEPH

        LMAO! “50 is real” LMAO! Fuckin Lame Smdh Lol

      • ZUBU

        I just listened to “I’m The Man” It go hard… IMO…. Some grown man gangsta shiiitt…….

      • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

        nigga u high

      • STEPH

        nah nigga you high

      • dbfromdc


        THAT’S A FACT!!!

      • Eastatlantasown6

        How the game goes the same thing u said, 15 years from now somebody gon say the same thing u said bout meek, bruh don’t reach to me frfr

    • STEPH

      You smoking crack muthafucka

      • Eastatlantasown6

        U a 90s baby, numbers don’t lie muhfucca

  • Riko7467

    This n1gga is smoking that good dope smh!! If you believe this donkey you probably believe officer ricky is the real rick ross lmfao!!!

  • Brindle

    AHH, you put a lot on this… how bout yall leave your opinion out of it like real journalist or get the opinions from talented hiphop artist, like real hiphop journalist

  • josh

    I disagree 1000000%

  • xperttheif


  • JerZeBoy

    and I think Waka is more lyrical then Nas

    • WeakSauce

      I see what you did there lol

      • JerZeBoy


      • STEPH

        Corny cracker, covering up that gut fatboy Lol

      • JerZeBoy

        Im not even white you internet gangster. and what are you gay stalking my pic?lmao I cant believe your gay ass has got nothing better to do then look at other guys pics on this site lmao I actually feel bad for you. you were probably someone I picked on in school and still lives in their cum dumpster mothers basement.

    • STEPH

      You still listening to House of Pain STFU you don’t know shit.


    WHO asked your BROKE AZZ?!@!?

    • STEPH

      He’s a well privileged kid who’s still bumping G.R.O.D.T. he don’t know any better.

  • Flip Jones

    Meek is clear not a better artist than 50

  • Papi Peligro

    That last 50 album better than MEEK whole catalog.

  • I’d have to agree with this statement. 50 hasn’t done anything but social media dissing. Meek has gotten on the mic. Of course Meek is going to win if we’re talking about music. He’s the only one that’s doing it. Until 50 picks up a mic, it’s one sided.

    • golder1

      Kanan tapes better than anything Meek has put out.

  • Papi Peligro


  • Gap Tooth Bruce

    betchu 50 wont come at Flocka……I see ya Flocka bait that hoe nigga to pop!


      fuc wacka wack ass he aint shyt

      • Gap Tooth Bruce

        He a real street nigga 50 wont try…..if anybody else said this 50 would be on some shit like stay out my business or fired a shot at them I bet he says nothing to or about Flocka cuz he kno bra wit dat shit!


        you talking like 50 aint a street nigga you been blinded blinded by the hype of music,memes and bright lights if you dont think 50 is a gutter ass nigga

      • Gap Tooth Bruce

        I know he a documented Snitch ALL FACTS & ITS PUBLIC RECORD!


        all rappers are snitches ,fakes,frauds and entertainers google how many of these fake niggas have testified in court. 50 aint the only one.

  • dbfromdc



    • Gap Tooth Bruce

      50 will never make another hot album mixtape PERIOD!!!! WASHED UNIT!

      • dbfromdc



    • Ummm…. That’s not the subject of the article. Reading is fundamental.

      • dbfromdc



  • Steve

    Meek will never come close to the classics 50 has put out and the type of movement 50 had. PERIOD!

  • chappedlippz

    Who cares what Waka Flocka thinks?


    what he talking bout..the KANAN tape was fire…as far as meek, he literally talks about the same thing in every song, in the same way….honestly, meek never tell stories,never has a whole song about women, never goes political, never gives perspective on any specifc issue…he literally raps about how much money he has, how many chicks he smashed, and who he will shoot….on every track

    • Gap Tooth Bruce

      Fuk is yu talmbout his beats were ok but 50 been wack wit dat ole ass 2003 flow fuk outta here

  • Juleo478

    Let’s be honest right now musically meek got 50. The only song that was hot of the Kansan tape was I’m the man and that song with boosie was alrite

    Meeks pray for em and gave em hope are bangers and that’s 2 out of 4 songs.

    When it’s all said and done meek won’t compare no where near 50 career wise but as of right now musically meek>50 hands down but we will see what that kanan reloaded do.

    • Soulrebel1

      That’s cause its two different era’s, 50 was in cd generation when you bought music and meek is in the digital age only an idiot could compare the two

  • Gap Tooth Bruce

    Drake really got more power than I thought! Before that beef you niggas was not hating Meek music like this yall some bandwagon ass faggot types where yall come from NY?

  • Gap Tooth Bruce


  • Boss

    Meeka new music he just put out not better then the Kanan tape and his last Album not better then Animal ambition

  • Waka got the nerve all his music is trash ..

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  • Hector G

    nope sorry

  • Gap Tooth Bruce

    Yall niggas reflecting on the Glory days…..the Unit aint been relavent since before Obama got elected into office!

  • Gap Tooth Bruce

    Documented snitches get no play in the whip fux 50

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      We bringing up that “snitch” shot that never happened again?

      I can’t listen to Meek’s overrated screaming ass.

  • Anthony Mason

    When he looks in the mirror every day does he see a retard or a rapper? Hopefully neither….

  • Christopher

    Waka Flocka Flame Out of all the real niggas in the game of Hip Hop, I know you can see through Meek Mill music. Yeah his shit is hard but he’s not hard, not even a little bit. He got homies he’ll pay to be hard for him but he is not what he raps about. The struggle and his metaphors is on point but even you should know 50 Cent is as real as it gets in this game. Lets think Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, Fat Joe, Cam’ron, GunPlays Chain and ass whooping, SlowBucks chain and ass whooping, Lil wayne did an interview saying he wasn’t that stupid to beef with 50, Rick Ross started a beef with 50 because he didn’t like that 50 didn’t give him respect at an award show because Ross was rapping about something he wasn’t, You heard J. Cole I never sold dope, I never lied in a line, thats real.Plus Waka you already know Eminem through you a diss but you tried to play it off like he was scared of you or some shit, Eminem ended Trap Hop before it even started just like Jay-Z did autotune, people still do it but when you here you don’t respect it. FOH with that bull shit ego you knew damn well not to step to Eminem and Meek should know damn well not to step to 50. No matter what they say through the keyboard, 50 needs one encounter with them on video in public and that is that. Lions walking through these jungles and most of the tough talk comes from hyenas.

    • Uncle Ruckus

      Waka’s uncle is Bimmy, certified Supreme Team. Waka aint say nothing disrespectful to 50 here. He didn’t even say Meek’s music was better than 50’s, just that Meek’s music is hot. This ain’t nothing to get so wound up about fam

  • Uncle Ruckus

    The irony is Meek hasn’t yet matched in free downloads what 50 has in sales! I know that doesn’t rubber stamp the quality of their music but it’s an indicator.

  • JB

    Not saying 50 is a top 10 rapper ever or anything but meek is hot garbage

  • Anthony Mason

    50’s drop in popularity is a combination of his almost instant catapult to stardom, the amount of money he made in a short period of time, his aggressive disposition and age….

    GRODT is a timeless classic. It always will be. He won’t be able to top it and since it’s release he has deystroyed his public figuredom to the point people don’t take him seriously as an artist….

    I knew of and listened to 50 about 12 months before he dropped his debut. I remember telling my little brother he would be popular as Eminem in one year. At the time I didnt know he was associated with Dr. DRE or Eminem.That is exactly what happened though…..

  • Guillaume Pilon

    both trash

  • grabo2003

    Music tastes are really subjective…it depends on which artists u grew up listening to on radio or watch on t.v. The current crop of artist in meeka’s age group who are putting good music are k.dot and j.cole and Drake ofcourse. One cannot compare meeka’s yelling on every record to Fif’s flow currently. Fif and g-unit have been putting out good music and touring to sold out venues so he has to be doin something right. With meeka i think the discussion will be how much worse is his music.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    as of right now waka is def right … but meek just getting started .. if we look @ catalogs meek hasnt made anything close to Get Rich Or Die trying …. its the same argument ross fans use … of course ross is making better music NOW …. where was ross when 50 was making better music than 99% of hip hop artist and killing the mixtapes?? ross and meek couldnt even get a word in during that time …. @ the end of the day Ross and Meek making better music now but fif is still being heard and seen during thier suppose Reign for supreme … think about that …………… it like during the days when biggie was poppin and jigga man was barely known out here ……only cats really doing it big was wutang & nas …. dudes be forgetting

  • TruthHurts

    Meek can definitely yell louder than 50

  • Anthony Pearson

    I Vote 50 All Day!

  • AV

    Misleading tittle. Wacka never said Meek is better than 50 Cent musically. How can you even compare a bum nigga with a legend with a certified catalog. 50 Cent should never respond to Meek with rap he is not his equal.

  • Live Well

    Where did he say he was far better musically?

  • ursocalledgod

    both of them niggaz are AZZ musically lol