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Kanye West Is Getting More Beats From Madlib

Earlier this week, Kanye West released his highly anticipated track “No More Parties In LA” featuring Kendrick Lamar. The new single was originally a snippet on Ye’s previous track “New Friends”, but was announced finished by the rapper’s wife, Kim Kardashian, last weekend and released days after. Although fans are still listening Kanye’s new song, it looks like he’ll be working with Kendrick and the man behind the beat, legendary producer Madlib, again in the future.

Yesterday, Kanye tweeted a picture of him and Kendrick chilling on a couch. The tweet reads:

Although the tweet does not confirm any future projects with any of the hit-makers, there is hope that Kanye will add at least one of these beats to his upcoming LP, SWISH. 


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  • Madlib is dope. But I prefer Dilla. Madlib can get really f*cking weird with his sample selection. I just hope the Kanye project is dope. Sounds like he’s taking it back to some real hip hop sh*t.

    • Anthony Mason

      I didn’t used to like madlib for that reason. His stuff was like a sesame street or morning cartoon esque theme song acid trip mixed with 70s artists who went triple wood back then so it was never good to begin with….

      I like his newer stuff though. My taste has changed or maybe he changed….

      • For the most part Madlib got exposed as a Dilla poser when Dilla died. I remember seeing the interview Dilla did before he died and even he said at first he had beef with Madlib because Madlib stole his beats and was selling beat CDs as his own. They finally worked it out but still out of all of the sh*t that Madlib put out, it took Dilla only one album (Donuts) to crush everything Madlib had tried to duplicate. I’m okay with Madlib. But he ain’t a beat God to me. He average at best.

      • Anthony Mason


      • Elou Buhendwa

        Shit, where’d you get that from?

      • Check on you tube. Look for “J Dilla on Madlib”. In the interview Dilla has a towel on his head and tape on his fingers. Madlib stole his sh*t.

      • Elou Buhendwa

        Holy damn. I’ve watched what I believed to be the full interview (3mins) a couple of years ago; your reply had me stumbling upon the rest. Thanks mate :).

      • Anthony Mason

        You out in the UK?

      • Glad to be of assistance.

      • TheAfroRican

        I’ve noticed the Dilla influence in a lot of his beats. I do like the Madvilliany album.

  • Simon Adebisi


    • rocnation30

      Who you want em to give the beats too fetty wap… ?? Or Gucci mane?? Chingy?? Crazy nigga … One of the dopest today is Kanye cmon….. you the reason hiphop is dying

      • Simon Adebisi


  • Leonard Tarver

    I must admit Kendrick and Kanye is dope together but I was always wishing Kendrick & Lupe…

  • water_ur_seeds

    Ive been a Kanye fan or since he dropped that wack 808 album and I think Kendrick is overrated, but the song was actually dope, probably since Kanye was actually rapping normally and no singing, and the fact K Dot wrote his lyrics… And it helps rapping over a Madlib beat…

  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    why isn’t he producing his own shit anymore, guys not trying anymore not even altering the beats or adding on, borrowing drake and future flows – he seems shaky


      Somebody get’s it. He’s done.

    • Anthony Mason

      Kim has his mind totally scrambled and he has a daughter now. You can blame her for not getting the same Yeezy we were used to.

      • STEPH

        Maybe, but I thought Kanye lost his mind after his mom passed away.

      • Anthony Mason

        It was the start….He sold out shortly after out of misery….

        Kanye used to make music to improve peoples mind and souls….He ran into some very very bad people who now hold him hostage…

      • STEPH

        Yeah Kim Kardashian

      • The Wackness Vs Dope

        yoko ono

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  • Anthony Mason

    If Kanye drops an album that is quality, I will buy it. Simple as that….

    Dr dre. and timbaland stopped giving us beats and allowed fruity loop producers like Metro Boomin and young chop to get ahead. Im not knocking fruity loops because I still use it but I use it much differently because I understand the program on much a deeper level and what it is capable of….

    They use stock plug-ins with minimal to no edit and their melodies suck….

    • TheAfroRican

      I agree with you about those Fruity Loop “superproducers”. Their beats all sound the same, using the same plug-ins and VSTs.

  • If madlib beats end up on kanye new album….
    Thank freddie Gibbs for people stepping outside the box making albums like that

  • JamalFromGhostwriter

    Madlib the bad kid

  • stephen

    after messin with illmind, it makes sense that he would keep digging deeper…..tho this may be new to us…im sure this was many years in the works……

  • Delano Walker

    Yezzy season hoe. That is all.