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Meek Mill Is Enrolled In College?

Who would’ve thought, Meek Mill has recently announced that he has enrolled into an instituation of higher learning. According to sources, the “Back to Back” victim recently made the announcement during  a recent visit to Overbrook High in his hometown, Philadelphia, and was given a sudden applause. DJ Akademics caught the clip confirming Meek’s college decision.

Although the “House Party” rapper has made the decision to go back to school, it still doesn’t mean his winning in the rap game. Lately, Meek Mill has added his two cents into the growing conflict between his boss Rick Ross, and 50 Cent by releasing a diss track from his surprise EP “4/4”, sending out subliminal shots to 50.

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  • Sean Power

    anything to stay out jail good for him,

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  • RichFromBX

    guess he figures it’s time to find a new career…

    • Celz

      Why he’s eating right now.. Y’all niccas take social media way too serious. Instagram likes have nothing to do with money.

      • RichFromBX

        take easy, just a little goof on what’s happening…he performs every chance he get’s so he’s probably got some cash tucked away.

    • STEPH

      you can’t rap forever…

  • RevrendIke3x

    Too bad the “author” of this article isn’t enrolled in college. Or at least learn how to turn on spellcheck. What the hell is an “instituation “?

    • PoloDaKid

      Also…. It still doesn’t mean his winning in the rap game???? Sentence structure and grammar is horrendous!!! Instituation? WHAT THAT MEAN???!!!!

    • Q.


      instituation |ˌinstiˈt(y)oō ā sh ən|
      a sudden or abrupt change in circumstances; an instantaneous situation.

      Ex.: When Safaree surprised Nicki with flowers in her hotel room, and found Meek in a bathrobe, it made for an awkward instituation.


      • RevrendIke3x

        You won the Interwebs today Good Sir.

      • RevrendIke3x

        You better brand that with the copyright office. make some bread off of shirts or something.

      • Q.

        HAHA! Too obscure…only people who read this article would get it.

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  • ZUBU

    Can Meek spell college…… SMH
    We don’t believe you, you need more people.

    • STEPH

      LMAO! Find a new line you weird muthafucka.

  • RevrendIke3x

    I thought Everest Colleges were shut down last year?


    Let the white boys and lames go in with they corny ass Meek jokes


    Anything to better yourself, “I ain’t mad at’cha”. You can’t rap forever do something with your money, shit he could be like Fetty Wap and have like 4 or 5 bitch pregnant getting ready to get all that money from his retarded ass.

  • Vance Brinkley you need to enroll too, WTF is an ” instituation ”

    As a matter of fact all of you so called “writers” need to enroll, its as if you’re all due a full refund from the schools you attended.

    Bloody retardation!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Q.


    • Dope

      They need to enroll, but not to college, they need to attend elementary first.

  • Q.

    Can’t hate on education. Meek definitely needs it.

  • THISIS50


  • Seriously tho AHH “according to sources, the “Back to Back” victim…..” That’s not helping to promote the brothers good mission

  • Tyfromthechi

    The back to back victim

  • a.c.

    Haahah haahh well that’s the best move for him his so call rap career is going no where he the wackiest rapper has is only best move he did he should be proud of is being with nikki that’s it

    • Anthony Mason

      The WACKEST…..

  • This is a good look for Meek. Educate yourself brother. You get nothing but praise from this side of the isle. I just wish you had educated yourself on the history of a rap battle and how to take it serious. But oh well… A good look my n*gga. Hit those books and get that money.

  • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

    lol back to back victim ….ayo if ii was a rapper i would be checkin a lot of these websites i mean its not that hard to find the headquaters to this place

    • This one is probably mobile, picture dudes in cardboard boxes with cell phones and free WiFi. I’m assuming thats what the AHH office is like. LOL

  • Hakeem

    Homeboy trying ANYTHING to stay out of jail…….
    If he adopt a orphan kid imma lose it……

  • Hakeem

    So he going to be a smart stupid ni***ga

  • Executive

    Let me go out my way to hate on him since I’m a Drake and 50 fan.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    props to meek but if your enrolled lol why not just say im attention ………….. name of college ……. lol

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    sn “the “Back to Back” victim” …. allhiphop yall aint sh*t for that one LMAO !!!!!!!!!!

  • Charter

    Ross prolly forcing meek to fight his proxy war since he took the majority of the L’s in circulation last year and presumably lost them alotta money/opportunities.

    • pauleyPee

      Because we all know that there are only so many L’s out there. lol

  • lol at back to back victim lmao. same dude that calls folks geeks and nerds is going to college… icdc?

  • One Nite Stanley

    Hope he can stake some creative writing classes.

  • Anthony Mason

    He better learn something quick. He got ethered by a Canadian child actor who just recently got his GED….

  • Wetwork510

    Nigga enrolled into L university 😂

    • RealNinjaWasup

      HAHAHA…that’s funny.

  • Eli Pinilla


    • RichFromBX

      I literally laughed out loud at that one….

  • The Back to Back Victim!!! Lmmfao😂😂😂

  • stephen

    when your career about done…and challenging 50 to donating water don’t work……..