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Suge Knight Abruptly Changes Lawyers

(AllHipHop News) Suge Knight has made an abrupt change in his legal team by firing his lawyer Tom Mesereau, because private information somehow made it to authorities

Stephen L. Schwartz is the new attorney for the embattled mogul and marks the fifth lawyer for Suge.

Schwartz also represented Michael Jackson in his child molestation case.

For former Death Row owner has pleaded not guilty to murder. Last February, he ran over two men, killing one. Suge alleges the death and injury were the result of self defense.
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    It’s so many muthafuckas walking around praying they don’t let this muthafucka back on the streets Lol, they probably pulling that shit “Drake” fans do Lol writing letters and calling Judges and prosecutors and shit LMAO!

    • jeffrey Jones

      What’s he gonna do, beat them with his walking stick? It’s not ’92 anymore.

      • STEPH

        you right

    • Dope

      Years ago he was knocked out by that barber, so many who were afraid of Suge in the 90s aren’t anymore. Yeah he still is dumb as hell and he could pull a gun on somebody or run the over, but he’s lost a lot of his tough guy credibility in the last decade.

      • James McGraw

        He still hate Diddy. Two years ago, Suge insulted him by saying he killed Tupac then said Tupac is alive. Suge was sayin’ Tupac is alive so he can be relevant again and wants to get back on a mission to destroy Diddy and end his career.

      • Knickfan4life

        Puffy has eclipsed suge knight he has no money to end anything that dude was jealous of puffy from day one

      • James McGraw

        Suge’s a nobody

      • James McGraw

        Suge wants to go back on a mission to destroy Diddy by ending his career and take him out the game

      • Knickfan4life

        He has been knocked out several times. Lol

      • baller187

        ya that knockout ended him for life

      • ZUBU

        He is not the dude he use to be, but he can still get you touched…. He got Damu connections and paper still, and as long as he has those two he can always touch someone… even from jail.
        I know people say Suge broke, but all these years he is still living large constantly pushing new whips, travelling, etc. He raped Death Row, and stashed the money in various accounts (possibly). I don’t know where his paper is but he has too much to put it in the crib…
        Having said that I think he is an evil dude, and I would not trust him…

      • I hope he gets out of jail & give these streets hell

      • Yeah, this body charge really hurt his street cred.

    • You so right I hope he gets out doe

      • STEPH

        Me 2

  • sam sneed

    Steph is telling the truth!!!


    Suge was the man at one point!!!!!💯✔🔊🔊🔊BRUH

  • This is what happens when you thought that mattress money could buy your way out of a murder rap and the prosecutor catches wind of your stash and sets the bail to Pluto levels. You panic and get mad as sh*t at the wrong people. You can’t go outside and f*ck some random n*ggas up so what do you do? You f*ck up the closest people to you. The lawyers. Not smart enough to comprehend that they’re there to save your dumb ass. Hahahaha…. Bye Suge. Don’t drop the soap you b*tch ass n*gga!

  • Lightninbolt

    Nigga betta have mattress money to feed his fat nasty ass.

  • Nightmare

    Suge should just change his name to Renoyld’s, becaus its a wrap.

  • I hope he gets out of jail and give these streets hell again

  • Consistent

    If the “authorities” are getting information from YOUR lawyer,yea you fire that crook cause he’s walking you in to a conviction just to garner favor for future litigations…meaning he’s selling you out for his own future,cause he plans on having one

  • dbfromdc