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Lil Wayne Has Allegedly Starting Using Lean Again

(AllHipHop News) Although he quit a while ago, Lil Wayne has possibly started drinking lean again. According to TMZ, the Young Money founder has been drinking sipping purple drank a lot lately, even managing to score the liquid drug in Dubai. The report claims that Wayne relapsed a few months back, “flashing” his dubble cup everywhere that he goes.

Codiene has been a favorite drug of Wayne for a while now. The rapper has been seen on several music videos and concert performances with his signature double cup. However, Wayne quit almost three years ago after suffering from a number of seizures from his massive addiction.

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  • Mr. Mike

    what a sad time we live in when people drink cough medicine to catch a buzz

    • ancientGOD83

      upvote for your avi….that cd changed my life..i was in 7th grade…and I remember some older cats had this cd and I watched it change the way they looked at life…I watched them question religion, life, and its purpose…off of this cd mane….I have bought it over 10 times…my fav cd ATLIENS

    • Anthony Mason

      Nice avi…

  • The Legendary Troll

    He wont learn til he in Lamar Odom position and barely has any functionality in his brain.

  • Anthony Mason

    Waynes been a feind/ Stuck on lean/ Label mates like Tyga f***ing teens /Birdman buying niggas cars with their own money while crushing teens dreams/ Nikki is out here sucking Meek (disgusting)/ The r&b nigga that got shelved (forgot his name) from the UK out here doing nothing but sipping tea…./ That white rapper from Florida is somewhere drunk and high peeing in his jeans

    Sipping lean is for dope heads / Lose your driver’s licence niggas out here riding unregistered mopeds/ These niggas are pro lez/ B.G. and Juvy are heroine addicted cokeheads/ The whole camp smokes ses/ Birdman is so busy f***ing Drake he doesn’t get no rest…/ More or less this label might as well hire Pauley Shore as a rep to crack jokes and s*** on Lil Waynes doorstep….

  • Danny

    Is Weezy trying to kill himself?? He will if he keeps this up, maybe that’s his wish

    • Anthony Mason

      He needs to quit…..

  • Wetwork510

    So I guess we’re waiting on his lil gremlin ass to die now

  • fanboy

    once a (fill in blank) always a (fill in blank)…he wants to do it,
    then let him, ever since his legal troubles and prison time the music
    hasn’t been the same aka he hasn’t been able to be Wayne..aka he hasn’t
    been able to drink drank smoke buddha and make vast amounts of dope