BET Goes In On Stacey Dash Again

Stacey Dash upset many with her comments suggesting the need to get rid of BET, the BET Awards, and Black History Month on Fox News’ ‘Fox & Friends’. Apparently Dash believes that only platforms that are inclusive of everyone are needed. She must’ve forgot why the platforms were created in the first place. People were already upset with the Oscars’ lack of diversity in their nominations, and even more with her commentary and stupidity. Many took time out to remind Stacey of how many black magazines and shows she had appeared in. BET wanted to point out the irony and hypocrisy in Dash’s statements. BET first posted a screenshot from ‘The Game‘ featuring Dash with the caption,

“Soooooo @realstaceyldash, can we get our check back… or nah? #Remember #YouWereOnTheGame #AndWeDontMeanTheRapper.”

Just when you thought BET was done with Dash they dedicated a segment on BET Jams to her by playing all of the music videos she appeared in with the hashtag #NeverForget. Hilarious! Never forget Stacey! Never FORGET!


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34 Responses to “BET Goes In On Stacey Dash Again”

    • SimonSays

      You mean “won’t” and not “want” right??? Typo maybe??? I didn’t know what you meant by that is why I asked.

      • coach jenkins

        You used it correctly. The other guy trying to be a smart azz was wrong.

      • ZUBU

        Dude you trying to correct someone? Won’t equates to “will not.” Not want… WTF you talking about? Brotha was correct in how he utilized his wording…..

  1. takin over the carter

    what trips me out about this hood booger is that she’s from da bronx, she could have said that a different way. Her and dame are like night and day I tell u so i’m a say what I think she meant to say. To a certain degree I get it if she means it this way … by having “black history month” called black history month and tv shows or events labeled black this or black that shows segregation and gives some blacks the thought that at least we have this, but honestly, really if we stack up black owned tv stations and white owned tv stations the odds are sloppy we’d be saying damn we only have a few stations ..but we’re actually pass that to a certain extent, we have black people in position that has and still is make great and major moves .. we can have BET TV w/o it being called black tv like TV One that’s a black tv station geared to black folk so that is doable. Although I do think Black Entertainment Television sounds powerful and is a great name we dont have to label it. Just give it a regular name …. instead of the oscars call it the Desean’s haha or the MLK Awards u kno, we just need to put more thought behind it….. but to do away with bet na ….. fuc outta here. Plus bet just started playing “martin” even thou they like 20years lizate .. keep it moving!

  2. Black Jay Supreme

    Stacey is doing her sh*t for a check. But I still find it funny that Black culture elevated her and then she dropped her “Clueless” panties and took a giant crap on everything resembling black (except herself). Props to BET/White-Owned BET for pointing that out.

  3. Markus

    At some point when she figures out who she is and wants to come home,she’ll be doing another interview for damage control. This time on Oprah or Steve Harvey.

  4. Mikchek

    Funny thing is I actually understand the point that she is attempting to make and somewhat agree with her. While I agree with why we started and have BET and Black history Month in the grand scheme of things if we stay we truly want to eliminate racism then EVERYBODY must end the segregation. Its like having their cake and eating it to. EVERY month should be black history month. I just honestly dont feel like the world is ready to let go…especially when we (minorities) worked so hard to get the lil bit we have.

    • J Fuller

      Stacey Dash, and you my friend, don’t understand the term “Segregation.” As BET pointed out above, there is a reason why platforms such as BET were created in the first place. Eliminating platforms which showcase Black Entertainers will not make major Networks hire more Blacks or create shows will All Black casts.

      The Academy Awards has never truly embraced African Americans. Open your eyes. The Academy, more often than not, hands out Oscars to Black actors for playing subservient roles such as maids, slaves, abusive mothers, crooked cop, etc. Black actors didn’t win awards for playing positive figures like Malcolm X, Hurricane Carter, Martin Luther King, Mandela…or John Q’s father.

      You may not know this, but in addition to a Black History Month, there is a Hispanic American, Asian Pacific American, Jewish, Irish American, etc Heritage months. These are designed to promote racial and cultural diversity.

      • gezuscryst

        SPOT ON. Thank you. This thread doesn’t have too many articulate people on here, but you….Correct on all levels. Thank you.

    • JINX

      what point is she making whether we had the bet awards or not blacks still wouldn’t be a part of the oscars or anything else that the other side have how bout we stick together and stop always talking against our own should blacks been in the oscars hell yea soc great movie i can go on and on about the work our black actors put in in and never get credit for it so the bet awards is a great platform for us to get some recognition for #sticktogether

    • that dude

      I agree, but I just don’t like the fact she chose FOX, a known racist show and a white host to talk to about it. She coulda chose a better platform.

    • Knickfan4life

      I don’t agree no one should have a problem with black people having there on network if they do they are part of the problem.friends took place in NYC where the hell were all the ethnic people? Lol not just black people ,more Asians need representation as well.

    • Soulrebel1

      Minorities didn’t create channels like Bet due to want or get a lil bit, was due to need when the major public and cable networks have less then a handful of shows up people who look like or don’t even have roles on shows, what are you supposed to do….

  5. Jaymat_

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a network called BET. If some billionaires want to invest their money in a company that highlights a particular group of people and their culture, you know what; it’s a free country, more power to you. Obviously, there is a market out there for BET’s programming, and the impact that it has on black people is undeniable. I remember growing up watching RapCity” back when Joe Clair and Big Lez hosted the show; way before Big Tigger and the basement. I ironed my clothes for church watching “The Bobby Jones Gospel Hour.” My first on screen crush wasn’t even a real human being, but a virtual hostess named Cita from “Cita’s World.” These are programs, thanks to BET, that helped shape my adolescence and help me to look back on my teenage years with nostalgia. It was refreshing to see faces that looked like me, people who talked like me and addressed the same societal issues that I faced as a young black person growing up in this country. BET has its flaws, but so does every other network on television, so let’s not be so quick to point the finger. I cannot continue to let the mainstream media erode my childhood; they already took “The Cosby Show” from me; I’m not giving up any more memories.

    • Knickfan4life

      We need a new network after Bob Johnson sold it to viaCom it has become trash. Or either black people need to buy the network back from viacom.

      • Soulrebel1

        Kids dint have attention spans anymore everything instant, internet ruined television all is left is wack reality shows…

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