SWISH Is Finished, Kanye West Calls It “Best Album Of All Time”

(AHipHop News) Kanye West’s new album SWISH is done.

On Twitter, he was not humble about it. He stated, “So happy to be finished with the best album of all time.”

Travi$ Scott, a collaborator of Kanye, recently spoke at the Billboard Winterfest and gave some insight on SWISH.

“I feel like it’s going to be like a very good fucking good album. Mother f**ker, he going in on this album. That ni**a not sleeping. The ni**a ain’t eating. It’s just crazy. It’s lit like he’s just focusing on this album. He really wants this album to be the illest, so I’m just here to support that,” Travi$ stated.

Well, now the Chicago native can take in a meal.

Check out the track listing below.

Kanye West Swish Tweet

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88 Responses to “SWISH Is Finished, Kanye West Calls It “Best Album Of All Time””

    • The Wackness Vs Dope

      he also said no one would listen jay-z without kanye west. forgetting no one would have listened to kanye west without jay-z, young whipper snappers – no respect. thats why leonardo dicaprio snatched yo bitch right under your arm pit.

      • tinkhanii

        I personally believe ice cube is better then Pac…nigga had few albums years ago…in last 20teas there has been alot better albums

      • DaManDL

        Pac had his moments. Where he excelled in passion, he lacked in cadence complexity and rhyme structure. How many times can we hear “sippin’ Henne-SEY…riding on my ene-MIES…”?

        They always doubled his voice in the studio to make up for stuff. The best MCs hardly ever had their voices doubled in the studio.

      • Keyser Soze

        You can’t say Pac is overrated without admitting Big is overrated too… Niggas give Big goat status out of respect…

      • DaManDL

        BIG wasn’t the GOAT either. A better MC than Pac, a better flow, better with metaphors and cadence but not the GOAT.

      • Keyser Soze

        I can agree with that.. Big was a better technical mc.. but overall impact on the culture you can’t take nothing away from pac.. nobody had or has bigger influence…

      • I_AM_Houston

        thats what matters most. when a 15 year old knows pac songs like they would know a modern rapper then youve won in my eyes.

      • DaManDL

        I dunno about that. Hip-Hop’s biggest issue is that the same 15 year old that knows Pac’s catalogue likely never heard of Lord Finesse, Big L or King Tee, doesn’t understand how impactful and skillful Chuck D, KRS, and Big Daddy Kane was, or why G. Rap is on most MCs top 5 lists. The revelry, respect and sense of hip-hop history today is corporate-driven more than anything.

        So I wouldn’t go by that too much.

      • DaManDL

        when your voice is doubled, you record your voice on one track on the board….then you do the song over with your voice re-recorded on another track – thus sounding like there’s two of you.

      • mademan3000

        Preciate it fam, always heard it but never knew what it was called. I just used to always say recorded himself over himself, same thing I guess. Lol! Ish was mad hot tho, I can’t even lie!

      • I_AM_Houston

        They could have mixed that better but then again it may have been the sound he wanted. Bigs voice and delivery was way better than pacs though, ill agree to that all day

      • Vinsanity

        Pac is your favorite rappers favorite rapper….except of course if it’s Kanye West.

      • Vinsanity

        Kool G Rap called Tupac “The Marvin Gaye of hip hop” and said “That something I hold very dear to my heart”. He also had other kind words for him. That’s how far Pac’s reach go. So he’s your favorite rappers favorite rappers favorite rapper……Yeah overrated. …. and I guarantee Pac’s in your favorite rappers top 5.

      • DaManDL

        that’s fine if he wanted to give him that compliment but bar-for-bar, metaphor for metaphor, line for line, Kool G. Rap is a better MC than Pac – just so that you understand where I rank him.

        I’m not saying Pac was wack. I’m saying he’s often found at the top of many people’s GOAT list but can’t explain why other than impact. Chuck D arguably had more global impact than Pac but no one has him as the GOAT (although I do have him in my Top 15-20)

        When I draw notice to where Pac lacked cadence complexity, all those repetitive “bucking at my ene-MIES….sippin’ Henne-SEY”-like bars, and the fact that he always doubled his voice in the studio, Pac fans always go to the “influence and impact” role. Technical analysis vs emotional attachment is an unproductive argument – since it’s all subjective anyway, we’re all just making a point to make a point, knowing we’re not going to change anybody’s mind.

      • Vinsanity

        Bro Pac ant my goat either and I feel you but to say Pac was overrated is a over statement. There’s no denying what Tupac was and is now.

      • I_AM_Houston

        everyone doesnt use metaphors though, sometimes the message is straight to the point. thats pac. just say you dont like pacs style as much bro. its different things. At the end of the day Pac will never die because what he did changed music and effected people.

        Think about this..we got people who were just being born when Pac died that know him and his music as if he was still here. People not old enough to hear it NEW like I did (est.1985). No one is like that about Big for the most part. We all know him but have you ever seen a young’n actually playing big consistently? Im sure you get my drift. Id rather have that legacy vs super lyrical but no one really playing me unless theyre from NYC etc. Thats just real bro. What do you think to that point?

      • DaManDL

        I hear what you’re saying. I’m not a Pac hater – I’m a true objectivist when it comes to this stuff. Being old enough to have seen hip-hop through all of its primes (from Run-DMC to Rakim to KRS to Public Enemy to Nas, Jay, Pac & BIG), I think BIG’s impact goes further than just NYC, but no not as far-reaching as Pac’s.

        To me, when you’re rating MCs, you score several layers: technical skill, impact/influence, catalogue, longevity, originality, versatility, etc. Where one MC may get a 10 in one category, he might get lower marks in others. Let’s give Pac a 10 in impact but we have to give him a 7 on technical skill. That gives him a 17. BIG gets an 8 on impact but a 9 on technical skill. That puts them neck-and-neck in total score thus far. Add in the other factors and that’s where the separation comes in.

        That’s how I think about it.

      • mademan3000

        As if BIG didn’t holler player this, player that on a regular. Everyone had their signature sound, but don’t act as tho Pac didn’t have range. “Brenda’s Got a Baby” for the young girls…”Part Time Mutha” for the hardships of a young dad’s struggles…”Poppa’s Song” for the deadbeat dad’s…”Keep Your Head Up” for the women who feels there’s no hope…”Dear Mama” which is and ode to his own Mom…”Young Ni99a” for the young ghetto youths living in a rush…”Letter to The President” basically saying to the leader don’t just talk about it, be about…and countless other. C’mon bruh!!!

      • DaManDL

        well that’s the thing. Most people link BIG to Pac and I understand how they’re indelibly linked (I lived through the era – was an adult at the time so my memory is vivid) but neither BIG nor Pac are the GOAT. When you compare depth of catalogue and technical skill, Nas has them both beat. But what happens when you bring up Nas, they wanna talk about money, sales and impact – but that alone doesn’t make the GOAT.

        Rakim is better than both, was more influential as far as MCing is concerned.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Big isn’t overrated, he underperformed. He just wasn’t alive long enough to show his full potential. So I would never call him the greatest. Unlike Pac, he had so much material that you could easily say he displayed his full potential. And from what I’ve heard, he wasn’t the greatest by far.

      • Keyser Soze

        Don’t do that Jay… You a stand up Nigga in these comments and you know we can’t deal hypothetically… Big next album coulda been shiny suits and love songs.. so we gotta go off what we got.. and that’s a classic debut and a overrated sophomore effort… Big is dope but goat? Nah…

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Oh, no doubt. Ready To Die is a classic. I’ve always felt Life After Death was beneath Ready To Die. I didn’t say his album wasn’t a classic. But when it comes down to being overrated or not as an MC, we just can’t tell one way or the other. He wasn’t here long enough. And although Tupac was overrated as an MC, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a classic album under his belt. He does. But lyrically he just wasn’t thorough enough for me. That’s just real spit….

      • I_AM_Houston

        Big = better word play/lyrics. Pac= better songs and content people could relate to. Which is why damn near everyone we all know still has some Pac somewhere. Movies, commercials, tv shows, books, even college courses are on Pac and his music. He touched people in a personal way from the jump in a way that big just didnt. 2 different styles. Both greats. Imagine Pacs content with Bigs lyrical prowless. Wow.

      • I_AM_Houston

        i co-sign this statement. Big has very few songs me or anyone i know still play regularly or at a party etc. You dont even see big stuff in movies or tv shows yet Pac still thrives. There is a reason for that. And I have all of BOTH of their real albums. To me Pac made the better music. Big was better lyrically though but that dont mean nothing if its not used to make music thats timeless. Thats just honesty.

  1. Pernell Whitaker

    Kanye was on course to do some dope stuff. Marrying a Kardashian tho… i can’t take him serious no more, no matter what. Maybe that’s just me, but for real, anyone who wants to be taken seriously in whatever they do can’t be a part of the Kardashian klan.

    • Black Jay Supreme

      So essentially, you’re saying you’re focused on Kanye’s d*ck more than you’re focused on his music. Sick sh*t. And this is the exact reason hip hop has fallen off. N*ggas ain’t focusing on the music. They focusing on who you f*cking, how much money you have or who said what.

      • Pernell Whitaker

        You bought his d*ck into the discussion lol… What I’m saying and I thought was obvious, is that “who you are” is also a big part of people buying into your art. Always has been. Ironic that you talking bout the reason hip hop has fallen off, coz the reason is that people don’t seem to care about that anymore. Realness and who you represent don’t matter, as long you make good music and stunt on social media? You must be a Rick Ross fan, where I can’t listen to a single verse knowing he stole a real dude’s ID and 100% of that verse is nothing but words that rhyme. Nah, hip hop to me is where the lyrics mean more than anything. If I’m listening and taking in a person’s words, then I also gotta agree with them as a person or it’s meaningless. So Kanye hooking up with the fakest family in the world means I don’t wanna hear what he has to say…

      • Black Jay Supreme

        You’re wishy-washy. 90% of the rappers out there don’t live the lives they portray. Pete Rock has never murdered a man. But he says so in his rhymes. Dr. Dre ain’t no killer. But he says so in his rhymes. Matter of fact, Dr. Dre is a big wet p*ssy. He beats women. That’s fact. But are you still listening to his sh*t? I have yet to see Jay Z, Joey Badass or Joell Ortiz kill anybody. But they say it. You’re a hypocrite at best. Because if you’re being completely honest about the art form you would know that personal lives are really irrelevant to what music is. Big Daddy Kane’s old DJ Mr. Cee likes f*ggot ass gay sh*t. But will that sh*t stop me from listening to Long Live The Kane? Hell no! You n*ggas are a bunch of hypocrites. Since Tupac was convicted of raping a b*tch, does that mean you ain’t going to blast his sh*t? And don’t come at me with that “But Tupac was innocent” bullsh*t. You weren’t there and you don’t know. Bottom line? We are all flawed individuals. That is what makes us human. Stop focusing on who Kanye is f*cking and focus on the beats. But maybe that’s it. You don’t know what the f-ck good hip hop is so you attack based on some WorldStarr type sh*t.

      • Pernell Whitaker

        Lol, wow you are angry. Nah sorry, big difference between stroytellers who’ve been around what they rhyme about and then take artistic licence to the out and out frauds doing it now. Social media is most to blame, it’s changed how the current generation view the world, we are in the most materialistic, shallow and narcissistic era in history. I find that interesting. But I find Kanye West to be a big part of that problem, not a symptom or a victim of it. I wouldn’t call Kanye fake at all tbh, he owns everything about himself, I just don’t feel it at all anymore. It don’t just go for rappers, anyone in the public eye. It’s naive to think people can just ignore everything about a person and just blindly enjoy their art or whatever it is they famous for (assuming it’s a talent), for me it is anyway. Right now I’m mostly listening to Pusha T, Future, Vince Staples, Bada$$, Nas, Stalley and Redman – do I believe they are live what they rap? No. But do I think they are also completely fake with it? No. Real talk tho, if any of them hooked up with a Kardashian I would probably end up not checking for them anymore, it would taint them in my eyes. Its not about they d*ck or who they f*cking, it’s about what they represent and me not agreeing with it.

      • RapItUp

        To say Rick Ross wasn’t around any debauchery in the streets is foolish as well. Hell, even as a CO. He already has that Boobie Boy cosign in Carol City, at worst.. Like Markus said, they’re all story tellers.. The ones who lived it for real are locked up, can’t rap/negotiate a deal, or dead.. You’re kinda tap-dancing on both sides of the fence bruh..

      • Pernell Whitaker

        Sorry, he was a CO. Denied it, then had to admit it. He also stole the backstory and even the look of one of the most genuine and legendary dope dealers ever. It is disgusting that he has been allowed to get away with it at all, let alone get rich and powerful. Couldn’t make up that story, much worse than CB4 which was the old school ultimate diss to be compared to… I’m not tap dancing, I’m saying there are many shades of grey. To me Rick Ross is outside of that and is black and white, he fake and deserves to lose everything he has gained. The rest are mainly inside that grey, some more real than others, most come from what they speak on and have been around it. I gave my reason for not fcuking with Kanye, as I said I don’t consider him fake just the ultimate sell out, that’s all that started this.

      • RapItUp

        I don’t like the lying about his former life either, but if you’re willing to accept these ‘shades of grey’ as truth from other emcees… Then I guess you’re just open to turning the blind eye until the truth surfaces (Mario Winans ‘I don’t wanna know’ style).. Which is cool too.. All these guys are liars to me. It’s entertainment value. Ross can rap, (when he wants to) Beanie Sigel even cosigned that, and nobody refutes his street cred in the game, at all.. I don’t cosign the selling cocaine dreams to kids, but.. What can you do..

      • I_AM_Houston

        I know somebody who was a CO moving work in and out. CO isnt the same as police officer. Yall gotta stop that. And yall know about crooked cops and all so even that dont hold weight if you being LOGICAL and not just trying to BASH. Now do any of us believe Ross sold huge weight? No. But whos to say he didnt hustle? It aint a big deal to live in large area and half a 1/4-full brick reup if you really want to. Im from a small area of less than 100k people and i know plenty of ppl that had bricks. Thats not saying much. Ross tells major lies on money and amount of weight but that doesnt mean he couldnt have been in the streets for real.

      • Pernell Whitaker

        For real. But we all know he was probably a model CO with a perfect attendance record… If he’d been prepared he might’ve even lied and said something along the lines of what you said, and it would’ve helped. But he was caught out, lied coz he was panicked and showed he’s a fraud. He’s nothing, no street rep or cred whatsoever.

      • Jaymat_

        I appreciate your honesty and can understand your point of view. I don’t know how to feel on this subject because in a way, I agree with you but also see what Black Jay is trying to say. I don’t really think you can divorce the artist from the artwork. If we expect rappers to create music that comes from within and reflect who they are, what they have been through, etc., then we have to take into account their lifestyles, upbringing and current environment, don’t we? However, I think we need to use some level of discretion and balance to listen to the music and not dismiss it on the sole basis of how that artist is living his life. There are a lot of paintings and sculptures on display in museums around the world, that if our enjoyment of them was based solely on the personal lives of the artists, we would not relish them as true works of art.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      explain why everyone caught go to jail for their crimes , and yall get the “benefit” of getting away with showing millions of vids of yourselfves molesting babys

  2. cza jones

    Yall really get off topic. its comical to look at posts in here.

    1 – listen to the album, if you want to.
    2 – if its the greatest album of all time, comment on it
    3. if it isn’t comment on it.

    4. Who in here out of curiosity is A- looking forward to this album, B acually has expectations thsi may be the greatest hip hop album of all time and C thinks knaye is GOAT?

    • I_AM_Houston

      Im not looking forward to it because Yeezus turned me off all the way. Ill give it a shot though, if someone else has it. I miss college drop out and late registration kanye

    • jay

      Looking forward to it, but for a while had doubts about that album & still do. Songs I’ve heard were good but underwhelming, a far cry from the polished songs of Yeezus

  3. stephen

    im thinking its gonna sound really different than what everyone may expect to hear….like totally left field with it…..but after digesting it…..and letting it grow….itll be a dope album….

  4. Slaughtr

    Still sucking his own dyk shut the FCK up and let the people decide. Quite frankly stopped buying your garbage years ago.

  5. STEPH

    Only wiggas and Lames believe you homeboy, matter of fact that’s all that listen to you….dead to the hood sucka nigga.

      • STEPH

        I know…they buy bootlegs, but niggas wouldn’t buy a bootleg Kanye West CD if it was a quarter LMAO! I was finished with that sucka years ago… Only wiggas and lames are like “I can’t wait for the new Kanye come out” that’s it period.

  6. TheCoder

    Better be good Ye! You losing us! Actually as of Yeezus most people were done with you! I will give you this last chance then im finito!!

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