Nick Cannon Performs Spoken Word Poem About Oscar Controversy, Police Brutality & Bill Cosby

(AllHipHop News) Nick Cannon is the latest celebrity to weigh in on the controversy surrounding the Academy Awards not nominating any actors or actresses of color at this year’s ceremony. The comedian/actor took a different approach from other critics by reciting a spoken word poem addressing the situation. The piece also covers the killing of unarmed African-Americans by police officers, poverty, the heath care system, the prison industrial system, and more.

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Watch Nick Cannon’s performance and read the full poem below.


Damn! Look what they did to Oscar.
Nah, not another trophy rant.
I’m talking Oscar Grant, Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray.
Why we trust what the news say anyway?
It’s blasphemous, don’t get distracted by these lottery tickets and statues.
It’s just fake gold and plastic.
We come from Pharaohs with no masters.
What happened? We went from golden tombs to closed caskets.
The Black Plague, they want us to catch it.
Just ask Magic, Malcolm, Martin, Muhammad Ali, Bill Cosby.
It’s tragic.
How the enemy can tear down our community and rewrite the history by highlighting our flaws.
But let he who cast the first stone, who constitutes the new laws.
Nah, I ain’t never seen Empire but I serve my own throne.
What I look like begging them to let royalty into they home.
As for me and my house, we’ll serve the Lord!
We crying for votes but how many of us is on the board.
Better yet, when’s the last time you showed up and supported the NAACP Awards?
I want what’s mine, not yours.
F*ck getting my foot in.
I’m building my own doors.
Hollywood mainstream don’t validate me, yo.
Like Hov say, Save the accolades, just the doe.
You in this show for the business, or this business for the show?
Talent and brilliance? Hands down, man we got that sh*t.
That’s why I told Chris, man go ‘head and rock that sh*t.
You got the Juice now.
Fight the Power.
Hell yeah, I’m gonna watch that ceremony where they gonna let a black man be the Master for at least two hours.
So don’t waste your voice, don’t waste your prayers.
Save’em for the thousands killed in Nigeria, Kenya, The Philippines, Syria or right here in our urban areas.
Low America.
Nah, now no one cares.
What about my mother raising a son while working three jobs and still equating to less than minimum wage?
What about me being placed on medication before my system could age?
What about that prison industrial system turning Brothers into new slaves?
Where’s the outrage? Where the complaints at?
Overcoming obstacles, definition of Black.
Hashtag #facts.
But I guess they don’t make no awards for that.
Real talk.
Real Kings don’t need no pats on the back.

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18 Responses to “Nick Cannon Performs Spoken Word Poem About Oscar Controversy, Police Brutality & Bill Cosby”

  1. Garveyite

    I like what he said, the only problem I have is we have to stick together on something! Even if it starts with the oscars. Something I could really care less about, but we have to start somewhere. If we can stand TOGETHER on the oscars then maybe we will see our power, so we can stand TOGETHER on real issues!

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      don’t read nothing long here , but even without reading it , I know you are a example of our problem , new-gen that don’t know the start was 100’s of years ago , all the battles fought , and if you a Negro , you the first generation of Us that had every war fought and won for you already , new-gen is the first generation of Us that job was to Use for ourselves , what all the rest of Our People won

      • Q.

        ^ Three sentences is too long to this degenerate, because he struggles reading. You can tell by the way he writes his mom must’ve drank during pregnancy: fetal alcohol syndrome. It’s 2016, only a coon still calls itself a negro. “Negro,” derived from the Latin root “necro,” means “death”–rather, a dead object, a non-citizen, a slave…He is a true negro–a mentally dead buffoon!

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        typed by you worthless race peons that type on websites all day without saying one thing – you are right about one thing tho , and that’s being shamed to tell what peon race of stupid people you are, even tho , that has no importanbce to anyone either

      • Q.

        Shut up Jar-Jar. You couldn’t put a coherent sentence together if your life depended on it.

      • Garveyite

        Maybe you should read, but I know your trolling! I’m more of a Marcus Garvey man myself!

  2. RapItUp

    I think Nick’s talent and acting/rapping/etc. are on the same cornball status as Drake.. Seriously, they both are mad lame to me.. But I rock w/ this poem here.. Like screw face said, would be nice to see us come together for SOMETHING. I can easily discard my bias when necessary for the cause.. I bet majority of others cannot. Curious to see how Oscar’s play out

  3. ursocalledgod

    that’s some deep and real shyt right there. I didn’t know nick had it in him. nuff respect due! ive been saying that shyt since punk azz jada took a stand for this pointless shyt. you want people to come together and stand up for this fuccing shiny trophy show? byotch is real issues going on right now and I haven’t seen you or soft azz will showing up for ANYTHING associated with the issues going on with our people. smh I couldn’t give a fuc less about rich people problems…

  4. Rapfan

    In twenty years we’ll look back at all these clowns who were “educated” by the 5% nation and just laugh. The worst part is that they actually raise children. It’s kind of like when the Catholic Church ruled education during the Dark ages.

  5. ZUBU

    “What I look like begging them to let royalty into they home.”
    Real nice piece by Nick, deep thought provoking… Get Em’ Nick……..

  6. SakinaMengle

    I am sure Mariah must have felt a little something. The bling just left her ring after that! Wow, I don’t like rap, but that was deep, and I am glad I took the time to listen to it. #RespectNick

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