Rick Ross

Does Rick Ross Have Another New Boo?

Rick Ross is out here living life and enjoying all of the women he wants. We can’t keep up! There was Ming Lee, Lira Galore, the girl at Hampton, the stripper Skrawberry, and a million more simultaneously. Rumor has it that Ross once again has another boo, model @JustCort_. The two posted a few of the same Snap Chat videos of them enjoying seafood. We will see how long she lasts and if she will be upgraded to main chick status. She looks a little more “natural” than Rozay’s other girls….. well in some of her photos.

  • WeakSauce

    Let’s just be honest, these hoes just there for that 15 minute fame. And them rappers are just idiots.

    • I can see this about 5-10 years (if not sooner) from now when they kids get grown & they tell em shit like: “So about a few years ago, I was in the rap game with the hottest track/s on the charts. I was driving the fanciest cars. O yea, I was poppin all the bottles. I was poppin all the models. I was getting all the $$$…“. That kinda shit just to make it look like they life wasn’t so boring.

      • WeakSauce

        Yeah, followed by a “So What Happen?” question lol

      • And the story just gets more interesting from there LOL!!!

      • Guillaume Pilon

        after i start jizzing in all thoses models and they took all my money

        blame your 15 brothers/sisters for not getting the new jordans

      • And speaking of your 15 brothers/sisters, I gotta go to court later on…

      • Guillaume Pilon

        Say whats up to mommy

  • Markus

    Females are shameless. And if they continue to make themselves available to be used for money and notoriety then they deserve what they get.

  • Nemo hos

    Wtf is up with the music? Food porn or what?

  • baller187

    this chick is whack, whats he doin