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Jay Z Is Being Sued For $18 Million By Perfume Company

(AllHipHop News) Earlier today (Jan. 26), a lawsuit involving Jay Z and Parlux Fragrances surfaced. The perfume company alleges that Hov’s breach of contract eventually lead to the manufacturer to seek an $18 million judgement, this according to TMZ. Back in 2013, Parlux contends that it secured a licensing deal with Jay Z to launch the fragrance, Gold Jay Z.

Both his name and his image were supposed to be used to help brand the product. With that in mind, Parlux purports that additional future scents were supposed to follow the first one. According to the perfume company, Mr. Carter neglected to uphold his contractual obligations.

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Parlux claims that Jay Z refused to show up at different scheduled appearances at Good Morning America and  Macy’s. Regarding the project, the iconic MC and entrepreneur also stands accused of neglecting to use his social media to help publicize the product.

Given Jay Z’s earned respect, Parlux banked on hauling in about $50 million in a two year span. The disappointed has professed that it has yet to turn a profit. To add insult to injury, it also stated that stores are returning its unsold inventory.  Parlux Frangrances actually claims that it has actually been hemorrhaging money.

Will Jay Z triumph over this lawsuit?

  • Eau de Camel Ass

  • Real Talk

    Unlike Fiddy, Hov always wins these lawsuits

    • MIC

      stop thinking about 50 cent

  • Anthony Mason

    Couple dollars to him win or lose….

  • pauleyPee

    I mean… “Gold Jay Z” was a shitty marketing from the start. It’s such a cheap maneuver. Find ways to associate him with the fragrance, sure. But we’re men… Not dainty women who care about who endorses which fragrance. When Jay-Z stated that “… the marketing plan was me…” he was only referring to rap music and clothing sales. Not dollar store eventuals or as-seen-on-tv trinkets.

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    Gay-Z gunna floss them freemason hand gestures to the judge and hell walk free

  • Dreday410

    How you sue for money you have NOT made yet…What grown ass man is going to spray “Gold Jay Z” on them