Amber Rose

Amber Rose Responds To Kanye West Calling Her Out During His Rant Against Wiz Khalifa

(AllHipHop News) It was only a matter of time before Amber Rose responded to her ex-boyfriend Kanye West bringing her into his Twitter beef with Wiz Khalifa. Amber fired back on the social media site.

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Kanye mentioned Amber during his extended Twitter rant today (January 27). He posted several messages directed at Wiz, Amber’s ex-husband and father of her son.

Kanye wrote “You let a stripper trap you,” “I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years,” and “I own your child.”

Amber had some things to say to Kanye. She posted a tweet about Kanye being upset because she no longer performs anal sexual acts on him.

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  • ZUBU

    Damn, stripper slut went In hard!….
    Kanye paid her whatever not to write a tell-all book, I knew it was something like this he wanted to hide………

    • WeakSauce

      #UrGettingBodiedByAStrippeNiggar Hahahahaha Can’t say didn’t see her coming lol

    • RapItUp

      Or she could just be riding that vivica flow.. Either way, we’ll see just how true this is, if she breached her confidentiality agreement tryna be all social media tough. I hate when these broads get online and think they have some sort of presence outside of a twerk vid.


        He shouldn’t said nothing about the kid, matter of fact he shouldn’t comment at all. He’s to old for that sh*t. LOL, nothing gonna stop a woman when u speak on her kid, agreement or not.

      • RapItUp

        I get that.. but come on.. it’s Amber Rose.. you know the $$$ went off in her head when Kanye actually called her out.. He could’ve said he saw an Amber colored car and she would’ve jumped all over that ish..


        Yeah, I get her past, but u don’t go after nobody that have dirt on you, and you’re in the public eye. It shows his immaturity, Anything can happen in the heat of the moment, i get that. Now he apologizes (sort of) when this should have been avoided. Now he got to defuse it, which is impossible now.

      • RapItUp

        lol so true.. yea def. can’t go at nobody w/ dirt on you like that.. and I def. don’t agree w/ bringing the kid into it.. I think he’s using it as a huge marketing ploy (and it’s working) but.. yeaa.. this just makes for some good “hip-hop” (smh) reading for us for a couple days! lol


        Yes, they gonna milk this til it’s dry.

      • johnblacksad

        don’t even matter if it’s true or not… Kanye was way too disrespectful for her to stay silent. She HAD to body that mofo… and she was marvelous with it!

        Fcuk that over sensitive n!gga… think he can just disrespect anybody he feels like

      • RapItUp

        yea he did say some super sideways schizz about their baby though.. I’d call him out directly, skip all the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd twitter BS.. Meet me on Rodeo Dr. real quick playa..

    • Richie_Ochoa

      If kanye paid her not to write a tell all, dont you think he would make her sign confidentiality contract?

  • NegraGata

    Why she gotta be a stripper slut??? As far as I know Amber has been linked to 2 men publicly – Kanye and Wiz; whereas Kanye’s wife has been with as many men as there is on the starters basketball team publicly!!!

    • RapItUp

      Captain, I believe you left your cape on the dresser

      • Brindle


    • Q.

      Um…#SLUTWALK ?

    • SimonSays

      She has a nice past of who she’s either dated or has been connected to.

      Odell Beckham, Jr., Machine Gun Kelly, James Harden, Amar’e Stoudemire, Drake, Darrelle Revis, Eddie Murphy, Fabolous, Reggie Bush, Eric André, Nick Cannon, Nick Simmons, French Montana, LeBron James and Chris Brown. Some of those people could bejjust rumors though.

      • Silent_Partner

        Nobody has linked her to those people. Taking pictures with people and having blogs say you were with them doesn’t mean you were. His wife on the other hand.

      • SimonSays

        I see what you’re saying. I was just stating that those were the people that were in her circle that may or may not have dealt with her romantically. We don’t know for sure who she slept with had a relationship with or had a strict platonic friendship with but those were just names that had a connection with her one way or another. Some, most or all of who I named could also be just rumors. Nothing was definitive though. That’s all I was referring to my G.

  • RapItUp

    Somebody please post this to Amber Rose’s social media.. I’ll even allow you to take credit! Lol — ‘Stripper fingers turn to shitter fingers’

  • Q.

    Curtis and Kanye both take it in the pooper, huh? …They shoulda never gave y’all Twitter!

  • greeneyedbandit

    Kanye was out of pocket for that sh*t, I’m glad she went straight for his mf jugular! Lol

  • Brindle

    Kanye shoulda just stayed quiet… I knew that fool was gay, and I bet she did more to him than anyone can imagine, so ol European white man shit

    • gerald bransol

      Some old euro white shit? Lol do you live in europe? I do bUT grew up in NY, BUT U, YEA KANYE JUST WACK AND FRUITY TOOTY since his mother passed and he linked up with the ,media whore

      • Brindle

        you aint gotta live there, it’s historical… since greek and roman times, European white mean have been some nasty mofo’s

  • What else was she gonna do? He sh*tted on their kid! I don’t see anything but getback on her responses. N*ggas who think he gay are biased against him.

    • Silent_Partner

      Not like he doesn’t give them plenty of ammunition to believe it. His first fiancee also kind of put him out there too on that shit.

  • xdc

    man those kanye tweets look like they were written by a female, that dude has more emotions than his bitch

  • Nightmare

    Fingersinthebootyassbitch. 😩😩😩😩😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. I’m dead

  • he went at her kid. he lucky wiz don’t come see his ass. i’d be the biggest wiz fan if he did. lol

    • Silent_Partner

      Yep, people acting like Kanye was right to bring those people’s kid in that shit regardless of their past. Not to mention who he’s married to himself.

  • ZUBU

    Reason why, real men should ALWAYS do real man stuff. Because the chicks, and them fags will put you on blast… So be a man then they don’t have ammo on you, be a man….

  • Markus

    Maybe one day dudes will be immune to tricks like her who feel because their bodies are appealing they’re entitled to respect no matter how slutty they act. She’ll always be a target as long as she gets down the way she does.


      But still u keep it simple with those type, true or not that not a good look if the right media source gets a hold of this.

  • RazaBladeKing

    A guy who wears blouses dresses and leggings likes gettin his anus penetrated, gee what a shocker. Next, she’s gonna spoil the ending to Titanic

  • Zorino

    …so both 50 Cent and Kanye let girls play with their rectum??? Smh.



    • Nemo hos

      That’s them other niggas, but yet they say they og.

  • Dox

    YO!LMFAOOOOOOO, Amber Rose is funny af!

  • The Legendary Troll

    females always go for the gay joke when you sh!t on them

    • Silent_Partner

      Nah, never had any of my exes bring that up.

  • chippc

    Amber just gonna go ahead and throw that N-word in there all causal and shit? Not that I’m surprised that she uses it, I just thought she was more strategic than that to use it in public. Prepare for the old, I don’t see skin color argument when her fellow slut walking sistas come at her neck..

    • Anthony Mason

      She is actually part black…..She feels black too. You can’t look at skin and always know what is going on in someones mind….

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    Wiz Khalifa can body this Nigga simply by naming all the Celebrities that Kim K Smashed, or by posting the Ray-J sex-tape.

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