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Did Chief Keef Get Two More Women Pregnant?

Photo via Chief Keef’s Instagram

It seems like every other day Chief Keef and Fetty Wap allegedly get someone pregnant. They don’t believe in condoms and aren’t afraid of STDs apparently. Two new women are claiming to be pregnant by Chief Keef, @Slim_Danger and Keef’s girlfriend @Simone_Patton. One of his other baby mamas was upset last year because Chief was flashing money on Instagram, but he wouldn’t pay his child support. Remember when Chief Keef’s lawyers said he is a target for women looking to come up. We believe Keef doesn’t like to use condoms, and seems to be a little off…


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    Stupid ass broads! Get pregnant by a man with diminishing amounts of fans but even worse diminishing amounts of $$$!!!

    • Thenatural503

      How about the dumb nigga going around leaving a trail of fatherless children?


        …………THAT’S EVEN WORSE!!!!!!

  • The Legendary Troll

    The boy is clearly retarded. And he wont be rich for long

    • Savimbi

      He was never rich lol


    Retarded kids get 18 years of Child Support…. what a Prize!?!@!?
    This lame CHIEF F*CK UP gets tha DUMBASS of the Year Award… will be in Prison & Broke soon!

  • Nightmare

    Them hoes are just as retarded for lettin this remedial azz n!gga hit. SCUDDA, BANG BANG !

  • shock

    raw dawg all american…..smh

    • shock

      1st Team

  • ZUBU

    This dude does not need to pro-create….. Dumb And Dumber….. SMH


    He rapping to pay child support and to meet new bitches….to pay more child support….SMFH

  • hoeyuno

    C’mon would there really be that much outrage if a judge ordered this kid to get a vasectomy??

  • Zodiak Killa

    Check out Zodiak Killa-I Am A Slave. On youtube
    Dope song and visuals.

  • Hakeem

    More chief Keef’s running around……
    It gotta be a way to keep these hood rats from having babies…..