Future Won’t Talk To Cops: I Don’t Know Who Killed My Ex Bodyguard

On Monday (Jan. 25), Michael Tanner Phillips was shot and killed in his Jonesboro, GA home. In the past, the late Phillips formerly worked as one of Future’s bodyguards. In the midst of their investigation, area detectives are interested in speaking with anyone in Michael’s circle of friends, family, and associates who may have useful information.

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Concerned authorities will have to look further than Future. The Purple Reign purveyor is completely devastated  about Phillips’ untimely passing, but he doesn’t have any helpful information for the cops, this according to TMZSources have gone on to claim that Future flatly refuses to have any interaction with the cops.

Authorities are still working to build a case and arouse a murder suspect. The police do not have any suspects in custody as of press time but have several leads. A rep from the “Honest” rapper’s camp insists that back in 2011 Future and Phillips ended their professional relationship, this reported by XXL.

R.I.P. to Michael Phillips.

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  • ebonyhud

    That’s funny because I know that most of these rappers that say they don’t F with cops will be the 1st to call if their luxury cars got stolen, mansion got robbed, or held up by themselves with no-one around….but when a close friend or family gets shot…aaaaallll of a sudden, no snitching. Now if Future doesn’t know anything for real then I get it. Why talk to the cops if you know nothing? But if he does, he is just trash. Yeah you pay them, but bodyguards risk their life everyday for you. Plus a lot of them are members of those rappers entourage. The least you could do is something.


      You talking bout Fake “Rappers” like Chris Brown. Real Rappers never had Interaction with the Police. Besides he stopped being Future’s Bodyguard in 2011, so IDK why they would even ask Future about the Situation. It’s 2016.


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