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Kanye West Claps Back At Wiz Khalifa For Criticizing His ‘Waves’ Album Title

(AllHipHop News) Wiz Khalifa did not like the idea of Kanye West changing his next album’s title from Swish to Wave. The “See You Again” rhymer told his Twitter followers, “Please don’t take the wave.” Kanye has now responded to Wiz’s comments on his own Twitter page.

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Ye sent out a series of tweets directed at Wiz. The G.O.O.D. Music boss suggested the Pittsburgh native stole his style from Kid Cudi, and he called Wiz’s music corny. Kanye even wrote, “You let a stripper trap you.”

The two rappers have an interesting history. They both were once involved with Amber Rose. On “Cold,” Kanye rapped, “And the whole industry want to f*ck your old chick. Only n*gga I got respect for is Wiz”


Wiz has responded to Kanye on Twitter. His tweets have been added to the gallery.


Kanye has deleted the tweets directed at Wiz from his Twitter timeline. He later wrote, “Ima take these down cause it’s all about positive energy” and “the Devil can’t stop us.”

Ye added one more shot at Wiz with, “Man it’s a sad a day… Wiz lost 2 million followers since I tweeted I didn’t mean to either him like that.”


Wiz Khalifa’s ex-wife Amber Rose has now taken aim at Kanye for his comments about her. See what she had to say HERE.

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Check out Kanye West’s tweets in the gallery below.

254 Responses to “Kanye West Claps Back At Wiz Khalifa For Criticizing His ‘Waves’ Album Title”

      • Blue Skies

        Shaken the industry with emotional disrespectful rants? Turn it off.

      • Anthony Mason

        I just hope Kanye utterly deystroys all these fools who have taken advantage of the fact that the bar in hip hop has been lowered to 2 inches off the floor as of last year….

        I am talking brain cell deystroying music that causes depression and poverty….

        Kanye isn’t with that s*** for the most part. He generally does more good than bad when it comes to overall quality and content….

      • Blue Skies

        Dude, you sound mad gay. He’s a fuc*ing musician, he doesn’t cure diseases.

      • Anthony Mason

        What you a doctor nigga? And I never said he did captain obvious. You sound feminine as f*** @blue skies. Soft as a blanket b****…..

        Address me as sir now you disrespectful clown. Have a wonderfully colorful day and a flamboyant one….or just STFU….lmao!!!

      • Blue Skies

        You sound like a typical h0e n*gga. Jump off Mr Kardashian’s d*ck h0m0.

      • Anthony Mason

        Ok you reading rainbow a** nigga…. Pull your skirt back down and eat your lunch quietly!

        This isn’t what you want… Lmao!!!!

      • Anthony Mason

        Or you could just jump off mine and it could be all good for you. Did I take away from your Little Mermaid watching session at your job? Don’t let your boss catch you nigga. Lmao!!!!

      • Blue Skies

        loser n*gga defending some fagg0t that doesn’t know you isn’t cool. Get your life little homie.

      • Anthony Mason

        You low budget nigga…. You don’t want any parts of me. Save yourself from this trust me….

      • Blue Skies

        But no one went after his family, he assumed like a immature bit*h.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Tell me this…. Would you go after any motherf*cker that attempted to take food out of your child’s mouth? I would. Wiz not only chose to open his mouth on some sh*t that didn’t even concern him, he was WRONG about what he was complaining about! But to take it to millions of potential customers like he did and tell them not to buy Kanye’s sh*t, is the equivalent of taking food out of his child’s mouth. You can’t defend Wiz when he opened his mouth UNPROVOKED and attacked Kanye’s livelihood. Kanye was right to ether his ass.

      • Blue Skies

        Thats emotional. You’re the type to overreact, say some out of order sh*t, then be confused when someone wants to do bodily harm to you. What Kanye said was definitely near the “kill a n*gga” category. Kids and baby mothers are off limits. And twitter rants aren’t for 40 yld’s.

      • Anthony Mason

        Wiz is a straight up harmless b****. Kanye did the right thing.

        He is defending his interests like a real man. I can’t respect that type of s***….

  1. Black Jay Supreme

    I like this from Kanye. Wiz had no right to go at him like that. It was unprovoked and uncalled for. Kanye was right to get at him. Plus…. Hahaha…. He’s right. I’ve never been able to listen to a whole Wiz album. That sh*t is funny. And kinda true.

  2. True_Fan

    Since when was it cool to bring kids into hiphop beef. Kanye is a clown for his tweets. Our genre needs to be cleansed, way too many idiots with the ability to reach millions.

  3. Brindle

    Those are the gayest disses I’ve ever heard…. and you can’t talk much about being trapped by Amber when you with Kim, only difference between the two is Kims sex tape out sold Ambers… but again, both of’m corny but Ye disses is real homo

    • RapItUp

      The main difference being, both members of Kanye’s union can actually support themselves (and Kardashian clan paper in total is longer than Kanye’s, easily) so while Kim was an industry jump-off before, and has a tape out flossing with Ray-J’s wood…. I think Kanye came out on top, given the circumstances.. If we’re talking fiscally, which Kanye is

      • Brindle

        I’m talking life, baby mommas on a sex video, lack of transvestites running around the family reunion, etc…

      • Black Jay Supreme

        This is a no-brainer.. Kanye definitely came out on top. KK is an independent millionaire. Granted, she used her p*ssy to get it but she don’t need Kanye. Ain’t nothing more sweet than two parents bringing home that cake. Now look at Amber. She’s been dusted off by several dudes including wack ass Machine Gun Kelly. And all she has to show for it is some child support from Wiz. Plus, maybe cats can’t relate to this but as much as I disagree with how they came up, the Kardashians are tight like a family is supposed to be for the most part. What family doesn’t have that nasty ass uncle they want to hide in the back room (Bruce)? No matter what, Yeezy won this one.

      • RapItUp

        Yea I’m with you on this.. Kardashian klan is TIGHT. and even when they act like they not, more ratings for their shows = more $$. Would I want my wife to have a world wide sex tape? Of course not.. But if Kanye could grab any famous slõre and wife her up, he picked the best one. I bet you this- the second they were to divorce (God forbid, there’s enough divorce/splitting in this country as is) Kim would be POUNCED by so many rappers/athletes.. Probably the reason the only people you hear lambasting her sex tape is bloggers, because the famous people keeping their lip shut just in case she back on the market. Hard to pop at a chick you was just roasting online a year ago.. (Although I’m sure much weirder/effed up scenarios have played out!)

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Oh sh*t! I was speaking to a coworker of mine about this the other day! Hahahaha…. N*ggas be bashing KK and how her family came up. But let Kanye divorce her and watch how many dudes sprint at full speed towards that ass. Shiiiit…..

  4. disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    This right here is the Kanye i fucks with…. one of these youngn’s got to catch a body… kanye is back in his lets rap mood and you don’t want him to let off a 16 bars with some out of these world beats he’s go in his back pocket…. Please Wiz say something to make this shit call Rap interesting again… enh? It’s the beginning of the end of Careers of some of these corny rappers. Please let the real spit something, let the real back in and enough of that pop crap…. Meek poked himself, 50 poked himself, who’s next Wiz?


      This aint Real. Twitter Rants are not what’s “Real”. LOL what happened to making a Diss Track about a Nigga?

  5. RazaBladeKing

    Kanye, Wiz, and Cudi are all clowns, and none have made music suitable for a Hip Hop audience in years… but… I have to rock with Wiz on this one, just off the strength of
    -“I went to look at your twitter and you were wearing cool pants”;
    -“I screen grabbed those pants and sent it to my style team”;
    -“I made it so we could wear tight jeans”
    Anybody co-signing that bulls*** can leave their masculinity at the door on the way out

      • Freedom Fighter

        Ye seem coked out sometimes the way he over reacts. lol

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Tell me that sh*t ain’t real though…. If Kanye didn’t dump Amber, Wiz wouldn’t have a kid. That’s definitely something to fight a n*gga about. Hahahaha

      • WeakSauce

        You can say the same shit about kanye. Ray J did that first lol

      • WeakSauce

        You don’t think Ray J went all in by releasing the tape? lol

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Yeah but Ray J’s been doing that. Hell, he made a song saying he hit it first. That ain’t nothing new for him. But to have Kanye go nucleur on a fellow rapper like this? In public? Yeah, this is new for Kanye. No doubt!

      • WeakSauce

        Of course and that why I still don’t get it with Ye, why marry the hoe?

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Well from what I know she hasn’t been a hoe since they hooked up. So I wouldn’t classify her as a hoe. Maybe a hoe back in the day. But now? Nah, they’re married.

      • WeakSauce

        I’m going to throw you the ol famous line, “Can’t turn a hoe in to a house wife”

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Hahahaha…. Yeah I knew that was coming. But I don’t really see her as a hoe. She lived that young girl life as most women do. Hers just resulted in her mom pimping her out for profit.

      • johnblacksad

        So does Ray-J own Kanye’s family?

        Bunch of stupid fcuks (you, ye, ray-j, add on)

  6. A.P. Millz-CT

    I really Hate this dude! He got a fake asssss wife that got famous from a s e x tape! So, Amber was a stripper and K u m I mean Kumdumpster is a what?? p0rnstar! GTFOH! I hope this album goes straight to the damn trash can! Kanye KarTrashian asssss herb

    • RapItUp

      Lol but all of those reasons you listed don’t relate to why you’d hate his craft though.. The reason why he first got shine on this site. The music. Your reasons all sound rather… personal

      • Anthony Mason

        Females look at stuff a little differently than guys.If they don’t like you…they really don’t like you or want to deal with you at all. I think that was sort of what she was getting at….Kardashian is garbage anyways….

        I hope his album is good though….

      • RapItUp

        Lol just sounded like such a misguided flurry of hatred, wasn’t sure why I was reading it.. Haha but AP is a chick, makes perfect sense.. Wasn’t supposed to be rational.. Lol (no offense ladies)

  7. disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Wiz…. Take the L bro, please don’t let em push you to do a damn thing. Push is the president of good music as you know that dude is a monster and he lives for these. So you know he’s right next to Ye on that bars shit. The combo of him and Ye…. Thats a career ending in suicidal. go make a pop music and make your money maaannn 🙂

  8. WeakSauce

    How you got the nerve to call another man baby mama out when your own hoe a porn trap star? Didn’t know it was ever cool to wear skinny jeans? He wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for you? You would have no kids if it wasn’t for Ray J homie…….. Just chill bruh lol

  9. Sean Power

    kanye want to far, don’t bring man kids in your twitter beef…..I fell like that was kim tweeting for his twitter with shoots at that man kids and baby mother

  10. Live Well

    Kim been bodied by mad niggas, Ye. Don’t throw stones. Between your wife and your inlaws, that body count is at a nuclear level.

  11. Sgt. H. Jennings

    Entertainment Purposes Only…… Will someone please press play,,,, these commercials are getting wack every passing second. lol..

  12. HyPhYMAN

    This guy is a clown. Mafuka said I’m
    Ye. He shoulda said I’m gay wit his fruity ass. He the best to create music. Gtfoh. That woulda been true if you stopped at late registration but too late for that. Ya bitch face look like the V for Vendetta mask and she got passed around more than a blunt. Kim was a fuckin closet organizer who got famous by suckin the D. Lmao. And don’t you wear skirts you fruit pop? Lol

  13. RapItUp

    The one true down side to this… Amber Rose is gonna respond and take up like 3-4 days worth of articles on this site, with extended (and non-earned) relevancy… Thanks Kanye.. smh

    • RapItUp

      **update, I called it!! That bald headed hefer didn’t even wait a full 30 min. before jumping in for her extra 15! Lol!

      • Anthony Mason

        Amber is a weird b****. Lol!!!!

        If I had to choose getween her or Kim and I had no other option….Kim all day. Kim looks good. Amber is fat now and doesn’t have any hair…. I can’t mess with a bald headed Philly good rat….no way…

      • RapItUp

        Yea bruh, Kim may have got slutted out on cam.. But at least she can handle her portion of the bill at dinner, all on her own now.. She doesn’t NEED to spread it for another dude as long as she lives. Amber unfortunately cannot say the same

      • Anthony Mason

        Amber is looking at her bank account and looking at pictures of Wiz online right now…and some other come up niggas too. Amber does not work….lmao!!!

        Kim will get up, get ready get in the car and handle her business like a mogul….

      • RapItUp

        Yea man, people can say what they want about that K-Klan, them broads all making moves.. Kris don’t raise no slackers!!

  14. ursocalledgod

    hopefully wiz is keeping it 100 and is going to come see that hoe ass braod ass nigga. cause aint no WAY this nigga gon keep coming at me like that and mention my kids and baby mama and I just shoot back with them two soft ass tweets. hopefully he keeping his shyt of social media like real niggaz and just laughing at this bi polar ass broad. if I was wiz this nigga would have to see me. this nigga is married to fat ass no talent ass plastic dumb ass kk and talking shyt? LMAO this thot got famous for sucking another nigga dic on camera ( shyt was wack btw) and got fucced by the same nigga on camera. puzzy looked dry and bold as hell too smh


      Yea right now he’s handling this Shit like a boss, but Yeezy got rel personal and aint no coming back from that.

  15. ursocalledgod

    when will people realize kanye is sick in his fuccing head people. just peep this bi polar diva ass rant he went on. this nigga need help. this dude really believes he is the greatest of all time LMMFAO.


      Man you call that “Got Em”? That was some sensitive, feminine, over the Top, Disrespectful Ranting that all started from a Misunderstanding of the Term “KK”. He’s going at Wiz, meanwhile half of Hollywood and some of RegularWood done Ran through his Wife. Nonsense.

      • Anthony Mason

        Lol is doesn’t matter that Kanye was confused….what matters is he said what he was really thinking….

        It basically revealed that Kanye does not F*** with wiz….

  16. Anthony Mason

    I will be honest….aside from the pants comments…..Kanye went in. Wiz is not better than Kanye and anyone who doesn’t agree doesn’t know hip hop. Kanye is the s***…

    He dropped one s***ty album. One! These other niggas are non-profit artists. They might as well jump off the edge of flat earth with BOB….

    • ChiVa02

      LMAO!!! I read it at first like “no way in hell Kanye typed all this”. Then I thought about it for a second and thought yeah, this is exactly what he’d say.

      • Anthony Mason

        Me too. Lol! That s*** made me want to slap a nigga hard as hell and just stare at him like what? Lol! I like this version of kanye. He is going hard in the paint finally!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!

      • johnblacksad

        He’s going hard in the paint at… Wiz Khalifa! LMAO

        I wanna see him try that with Bump J and ’em

      • Anthony Mason

        Oh because most mainstream rappers are so dangerous….lmao! I can tell you aren’t from a dangerous neighborhood. Don’t break a nail my nigga. Lol!!!

  17. RazaBladeKing

    “And 17th of all… … …I think you dress cool. I wish I was skinny and tall. Maybe I can’t be skinny and tall but I’ll settle for being the greatest artist of all time as a consolation.” This is one of the top rappers in 2016. We went from PE/NWA to Rakim/Kane to Pac/Nas/Biggie to Jay/Marshall/DMX to… “I like your pants.” YOU did this. Some of yall are co-signing this Felony count of F*ckery as we speak…! And this fruit is already moonwalkin away from it. He bites Max B’s Wavy gimmick, gets emotional without figurin out KK is Khalifa Kush, and yall ride for him? Yall still rockin “Yeezus” and “808s and Heartbreak”? He does this for “us”? FOH. You’re better than 2Pac, Michael Jackson, The Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, and hundreds of others… when you use ghost writers AND a team of producers? I can’t handle this fruitcake no more. He gotta go. This tantrum was the gayest thing I’ve seen all year, and we’re not even through January yet. Don’t blame me. I bought “Curtis.”

  18. MrTroyMercy

    You niggas gossip like bitches. Taking sides and shit. I bet half of you niggas don’t even like women. Gossip on. Nothing more.

      • RAMADAwhite

        lol dig deep in the show that was once the paris hilton show followed by her sextape and her mom pimping her to make those m’s. None of them really have a talent that got em in the game unless you wanna call sex a talent

      • yesanditcounts

        Okay so both of them are hoes. Six in one hand, 1/2 a dozen in the other. My point was Kanye is not in a position to judge anyone when it comes to their choice of women.

  19. big brain

    They both couldn’t get a hot girl until they got famous. Amber is the winner at the end of the day. Kanye should leave the kid out of it , not a good look.

      • big brain

        If his mother was still alive he wouldn’t be nothing like this.

  20. Q.

    A hoe is a hoe, whether she grew up with a silver spoon or a plastic spoon. One worked poles in Philly, the other worked every brown athlete and entertainers’ poles in L.A. Stop lying to yourself kid! Both of you lowered yourselves by impregnating trashy fvckdolls, and thinking you WON. Money doesn’t buy class. Wiz is corny and Kanye is delusional. CLOWN SH!T. Hope these narcissists’ kids don’t grow up to be entitled douchebags.


    • Black Jay Supreme

      The most important thing that people don’t realize is this….. EVERY WOMAN THAT F*CKS IS A SLUT! Sure suckas wanna believe their woman is pure but your girl sucked d*ck before you. You’re just on the blind side. So…. I wouldn’t call either Kim or Amber anything than what I would call your average girl….NORMAL! N*ggas just mad at Kim because she got more exposure and paper for her slut sh*t. Meanwhile the average girl has 2 or 3 f*ck movies on their man’s computer with zero compensation. Maybe a trip to Burger King. That’s it.

      • Q.

        Nah, I don’t concede that every sexually active woman is a slut. Just like every man won’t stick his d!ck in any warm hole. There’s a such thing as standards…levels to this sh!t. A hoe spreads her legs for money. Both of these chicks are serial golddiggers. They don’t have no type–rich n!ggas is the only thing that they like!

      • Black Jay Supreme

        So what you’re saying is you don’t believe the average chick has f*cked 5 guys if she’s in her twenties? Whatever…. Sh*t goes down in college at the frat parties. And look at dudes.. Is your girl gonna call you a hoe cause you f*cked over 10 b*tches in your life (and the average guy has)? Your logic is flawed homie. Truth be told, most of these chicks got several home movies for nothing. Y’all just mad cause KK flipped her sh*t into an empire. She’s not nastier than any other b*tch you or I or any other guy has f*cked. You got hate for zero reasons. Hate on the chick for a lot of sh*t but not that. Because last I checked she’s married and has stayed faithful to her vows. I can’t hate on that.

      • Q.

        Stay focused on what I said, not what you think I’m saying. I didn’t say anything about numbers…I said a hoe spreads her legs for MONEY. But if you wanna throw out numbers, you probably wanna add a 0 or two to that 5 for the two BMs in question… I’m not an average dude, so I’m not gonna wife an average-minded chick. These guys are successful, but thirsty; they wifed two dumps with no type. Yeah, they’re sensational to look at, but both chicks are trashy. One pair is already divorced, Kim is on her third marriage–you think that’s gonna last? LOL I don’t give a sh!t about Kim’s money. The K. empire is the brainchild of their gold-digging mom, not due to Kim’s talent. Feel free to worship the facade, but it’s all bullsh!t. Obviously, the family is dysfunctional as fvck; none of these chicks can hold down a man. If I’m wealthy and successful, why would I marry into a ratchet family? For money?? I got my own bread–I’d rather take a beautiful woman with a brain and morals who I can trust to raise my seeds into gods, rather than a flighty airhead who walks down the street proclaiming to be a slut or some braindead narcissist who plays with her body like a Mr. Potatohead. I don’t respect these clowns. You talking about money, I’m talking about STANDARDS. They’ll learn the hard way though.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Bottom line…. Everybody’s b*tch sucked multiple c*cks. Stop hating on KK. N*ggas just mad their chicks didn’t get a fat check for those 3 freak videos she did.

      • Q.

        Speak for yourself! And take the cape off with the “K” on it…

        “Up, up and away! Hoes, here I come to save the day!” SMH

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Sounding a little emotional homie. Don’t get mad at the truth. Unless you hit a virgin the formula applies to your girl too. Hate it or accept it. Your chick ain’t no different.

      • Q.

        Emotional? Hardly. Sorry, your experience doesn’t apply to every man or woman…So, if you have a daughter, you’ve already decided to raise a slut, huh? Wow…Step up your standards and stop saving ’em!

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Hahaha…. You’re reaching like a motherf*cker homie. You don’t know sh*t about my standards. But I do know the standards of the average woman. It’s backed up by statistics homie. Ain’t no 30 year old women walking around with one d*ck on their resume. If you believe that you’re dumb as f*ck. And if you’re stupid enough to believe that your girl is going to tell you every nasty thing she did or if you’re f-cking dumb enough to believe that all dudes play within your realm of decency and won’t have a b*tch doing the most cruddy sh*t, you must be a dumb ass teenager. Life is some nasty sh-t when it comes to sex and ain’t nobody got a big enough disinfectant to wash that fact away. You’re coming off as real inexperienced and quite naive if you ask me.

      • Q.

        LOL! Uh huh. So yeah, I’m done going back and forth with you on this sh!t…talk about REACHING? You took an easy point and turned it into some other sh!t. My point was more about Kanye than anything–you made it about Kim, going into full Cap’n Sava mode, cape flapping in the wind. Sounds like you felt some way…fan sh!t. Oh well. I’m not gonna waste my time addressing all that other nonsense you’re talking about, since you put mad words in mouth. I stand on my original point though: WIFING HOES IS FOR SUCKAS.

      • johnblacksad

        That Black Jay dude doesn’t seem very intelligent… sounds like a simple minded ninja : a girl is either a virgin or a slut… hey, whatever floats his boat…

        Actually forget that “he doesn’t seem intelligent”, he’s just plain childish and stupid!


      • PeoplePlease7

        Usually dudes with that “but every girl is a slut” mentality are just trying to make themselves feel better about their choice to lock down higher mileage women and shading those who are more selective when choosing women for long term relationships. There are different categories of women…

      • Q.

        BOOM. You said it!
        I tried to tell him…there are LEVELS to this sh!t.

      • golder1

        That comment is so true but n!ggas don’t look at it like that.


    YEEZUS is the BIGGEST DOUCHEBAG & EGO MANIAC ever! ‘Waves of Diarrhea’ is MORE like it!
    WE decide what ‘is best music ever’, NOT the creator…… F*CK him, his EGO & that fragile mind of his! ‘Swish’, SH*T, …..whatever – it’s WACK over hyped & NOWHERE never the best music this month, more less this year, & CERTAINLY not in Top 1000 ‘ever’! GTFOH…………..

  22. Anthony Mason

    I’m riding with Yeezy….who is with me? This just finally got fun again….

    I hope he goes platinum and his album is really good. Please be good this time Kanye…..

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah!!!! Get it Yeezy!!!! I’m so excited for this album….

      • I_AM_Houston

        all wiz said was dont take max b’s title. it was that simple.

    • johnblacksad

      “I’m riding with Yeezy….who is with me?”

      hold up… is this a gay convention?

      Dude, you probably black, male, close to 30… but you sound white, female, close to 12!

      F.O.H. with “who is with me?”

      You and that n!gga sound like you on Ye’s payroll… smh

      • Anthony Mason

        Kanye pays me. That is the only logical explaination. How did you know you goofy b****??? You are hilarious. If im gay you are a tranny…

  23. Anthony Mason

    You guys want some hot beats and a classic or more bulls***? Pick a side….

    Kanye finally got the fire under him again. He might eradicate the rappers you don’t like. Support him!!!!


      This nigga getting sensitive over the “Black Hole” that he made into his Wife. That’s the Most Lamest Simplest Shit I ever heard of. If you Wife a Respectable Female, then you dont have to be overly Sensitive about her. He didn’t even know that KK was a type of Weed, he thought Wiz was talking about his Ex-slut wife. IJS.

    • Anthony Mason

      If he totally s***s on young Thug and wiz I will be so happy though….

      This is one time is is a good idea to push Kanye far he can go. It will be worth it…..

      • Super_Hero

        I never listened to cornYe album all the way thru. with that said, I think Wiz is just as corny.

      • Anthony Mason


        Explain….He has dropped eternal classics….

      • Super_Hero

        classic to who. his last album was straight weed plate. he has hits no doubt but album wise, I can’t listen to more then 3 songs in a row for cornYe. His music is borderline hip hop. his clothes is straight female. the clothes only Young Thug would wear. then he thinks he invents and creates everything. his biggest hits has been remakes of real classics. he didn’t start tight jeans. Wayne and Jim Jones was wearing women clothes before CornYe

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeezus was weed plate. What about the albums before? Nigga hasn’t dropped his s*** yet. Let him live…..

        Pick your battles. Kanye might f*** the game up on some Chronic 2001 s***. Let it drop first…..

      • Super_Hero

        like I said, i could never listen to 3 straight CornYe songs in a row. he has hits but he is not a creator he thinks he is. CornYe is like the Japanese. America created the car and Japanese took it and improved it. Does that mean the Japanese created the car? He gets a pass from people because he “made it” Once you made it, you can get away with a lot. He copied auto-tune and acted like he started it. Other people got dissed for using auto-tune but it was ok if CornYe or Lil Wayne used it along if T-Pain who got auto-tune popping again.

        Let him live….how can I not. He don’t care what I think. He is going to live better then most and I can’t stop that. He will live and so will Wiz, Amber and Kim. I have my opinions just like everyone else and mine is, I don’t listen to Wiz nor Mr.Kardashian.

      • Gilligrt

        CornYe?? That’s the best you can come up with? Weak. Move along.

      • Gilligrt

        Not even a Kanye fan dog. #Super_HeroAintShitButAHoandABITCH

      • Anthony Mason

        He is not corny as you think. I think that before he was going through some s***. I’m not a TMZ nigga so I’m going ride with him…..

  24. Rapfan

    Finally someone called this fool and his stripper out. Wiz has to be one of the weakest rappers on the planet. I can just imagine the prayer his kid says before dinner, “God, thank you for our food. Bless daddy, his whore and most importantly, thank you for creating Snoop Dogg. Without him my daddy wouldn’t have a personality, or career in music. Amen”.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        You know you a weak ass n*gga when your ex stripper girl has to step in and speak up for your ass. Wiz got ethered by f*cking Kanye West. There is no excuse.


        Well, since you think you’re Smart “Ether” is a highly flammable liquid, but in the context that you used it, to say that somebody got “Ethered” is definitely referring to a Diss track that ruins somebody’s career. Smart Ass.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        What dummy on planet earth doesn’t know about Nasir’s diss track against Jigga? But to “Ether” someone doesn’t only imply a diss track. It can also imply that the verbiage of an insult, no matter the method of delivery, is on par in terms of the destruction and disrespect as that original Nas diss record.

        Secondly, last I checked both Nas and Jigga still have careers. So ether doesn’t speak to ending someone’s career at all. Get your facts right homie. “Smart ass” insult accepted. Go get a late pass. Don’t try to school the teacher youngsta. Class dismissed.


        Real Hip-Hop fans never used the Term “Ethered”, unless a ACTUAL SONG was connected to it. Niggas like YOU, started using the word Ether in other situations, forgetting the origin of the word. You cant “Ether” somebody with regular words, or people would get “Ethered” everyday. This homo-rant isn’t worthy of being compared to the legendary song made by NAS that changed the Rap Game. Stop praising hip-hop artists for acting like females on social media. Real Niggas handle situations with their HANDS, but its also respectable to Handle Beef in the Booth if you’re a Rapper. No social media Rant in history has been respectable or will be remembered.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        N*gga don’t test me. Words and hands are 2 different things. My hand skills have cracked more than one jaw in defense of mine. Assuming makes you the biggest suspect n*gga on earth. Who the f*ck are you, a hip hop cop? You ain’t got no kids on this side of my city so govern your life how you see fit. Leave me to mine. Do you.


        Nigga who said I wanted to Fight You Internet Gangsta? You act like you Slow in the First Place.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Reading is fundamental. No where did I even mention fighting you. Is it your time of the month? You damn sure acting like you on the rag.

  25. Ipullcards

    Ye.. U a dic for that.. I see u ride for that sextape whore. Ray J owns North West! And I love Ye! But real is real. U come out your face for no apparent reason. But I guess he tried to call wiz and got nothing. Hence his tirade. It was still gay Ye! And I’m a big fan. Right is right & Ye u wrong brody!

  26. jacksjus

    It’s clear that Ye is an unhappy man. Something in his life isn’t right. He has too much fame and money to get into this type of ish.

    I hope he gets help before he loses it.

  27. Mrs. Davis804

    Did this nigga just take credit for starting the skinny jeans trend in HIPHOP? I cringed while reading all of this shit. But then I saw amber’s rebuttal. Smh. All I could hear in my head was gay fish. Kanye need to tell them people he will not be the pawn that distracts america from black chyna n robs revenge relationship. That’s what it has to be, especially since he jumped head first into the shallow end.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        I don’t care about that. It’s like the old Cosby episode when cliff talks about presentation. Hiphop is the equivalent of the steak dinner, but now it has no plate, just straight laying on the backside of a dirty ass trash can lid. And they expecting you to partake.

    • Q.

      All I read was:


      …N!gga said the sh!t like he was proud too. We see the agenda clearly. SMH

      • RealSpit

        Lol… So true!! That n!gga needs to bring his tight jean wearing as out the closet already!!

      • Mrs. Davis804

        Ikr, but he for us though. A cringe is all I could muster. Its all old Ye, and strictly for production euphoria, from now on only. Smh.

    • Dope

      It’s funny that Drake is the only rapper in this game who went straight to the booth, and did it twice. Out of all rapper it was the one who had the least credibility of going hard and doing it rapper style.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Da fuk?! N*gga is you crazy?! Kendrick AND Common both went at Drake. That b*tch didn’t do nothing but tuck his tail between his legs. Maybe Drake is good at analyzing who he could beat versus who could end his b*tch ass career. But to say he went straight to the booth?! N*gga that’s a motherf*cking b*tch ass lie…. Hahahaha

      • Dope

        I was talking about a beef situation. Kendric was throwing shots, but there was no beef there, with Common it was a bit closer to an actual beef but still not the same as these things like Meek VS anybody, Game vs anybody etc where they do openly get into a beef, but instead of hitting the booth they keep in on twitter.


        1st of all, Drake went at Common on “Stay Schemin”, so he DID take it straight to the Booth like a Real Nigga. He also kept smashing Serena, so he ethered Common in my opinion since the Beef started over her. Also, Kendrick went at like 20 different Artists, so its not like he went at Drake exclusively.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        If you’re going to talk about sh*t, at least do your homework. Kendrick went at him in the BET cypher too. That b*tch Drake still didn’t say sh*t! Why? Because Kendrick would kill his f*cking career that’s why.


        That was a subliminal Diss at the BET cypher. He didnt say a name or make it clear that it was Real Beef so WHy respond? Drizzy isnt emotional like Kanye, he’s more calculated. If K.Dot ever cross the Line Im 100% sure Drake will have a Diss track ready in no Time.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        N*gga what the f*ck are you smoking? “Back to back” was against weak ass Meek Mill, who has been known more for his delivery than actual lyrics. It’s easy to pick off a dude with his face in Nicki’s p*ssy. Kendrick on the other hand would low jack Drake’s b*tch ass flow and detonate that sh*t over Ontario Canada. Subliminal or not, Kendrick called his b*tch ass out twice and Drake didn’t do sh*t. Kendrick is a monster on some lyrical sh*t. He’s the definition of MC. And oh yeah, he can sell records without selling out like b*tch ass Drake. Isn’t it pathetic? Drake had the hot single of the year on some sing-song sh*t. But who is getting all the accolades? Kendrick! Why? A hot album beats a hot single every day of the week. Meanwhile f*cking Meek Mill said some sh*t on Twitter and then Drake went to the studio. Night and day homie. Drake is good at analyzing risk. Trust me. Drake don’t want it with Kendrick.

  28. bubbylana

    You can’t get Ethered on Twitter. If Niggaz argued like this in real life and didn’t fight after , they would be some bitches. And U can tell Kanye been waiting to say that shit Ye and wiz totally different people. Kanye on his period nothing new . Both artists are very questionable.


    That you wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for me line was about as bad as when Mike Tyson told Lennox Lewis that he will eat his children…

  30. Dark Matters

    Typical. Negroes doing their best look at me “I have no respect for myself and those that look like me” impression. Moving on.

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