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Miguel And Travi$ Scott Join The “Waves” Furor

Just moments after Kanye West revealed that he changed the name of his SWISH album to WAVES…all hell broke loose. Mick Jenkins, another rapper of Chi-Town, had a coveted album of the same name just last year. Then a lot of people such as Wiz took exception in honor of the Wave God Max-B. Anyway, now suddenly Miguel and Travi$ Scott (one of Kanye’s muses) are now pushing a new song called “Waves.” Check it out. Is this just them getting in on the action or just a creative coincidence?

  • The Legendary Troll

    Wiz goin talk down on them too

  • Zodiak Killa

    Check out Zodiak Killa-I Am a Slave. On youtube. Dope beat and visuals.

  • El_Gringo

    travis $cott is Kanye’s muse?? shit sounds sus. I’m thinking the author has no idea what the word means. protege maybe, but not muse

    • Papi Peligro

      Bra you bodying these comments right now.

      • El_Gringo

        lol i question the skill of these writers bro. they try to too hard to sound smart sometimes

  • Controversy Sells

    My whole thing about all this. . . Wiz kinda lookin like a sucka. When this nigga was disrespecting ya baby mom’s on national radio u should have spoke up then. But not u come to max b defense which is un needed. Whatever tho. . . . Naming your album waves really has nothing to do with mr. Wingate

  • therealest1

    Miguel and his butt pirate looking ass needs to do a leg drop crossover gimmick with Hulk Hogan. Oh wait, Hulk Hogan is officially irrelevant now with his old racist ass.