Neil deGrasse Tyson Fires Back At B.o.B. With “Flat To Fact” Diss Track (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) This may go down as the strangest and most unexpected rap beef in Hip Hop history: Atlanta rhymer B.o.B versus astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. It all started when B.o.B went on a Twitter rant about the Earth actually being flat. Tyson responded to the No Genre label head, and then B.o.B dropped a track called “Flatline” which included a jab at the 57-year-old StarTalk host.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson decided to answer back. He recruited a rapper named Tyson to pen some bars directed at Bobby Ray. The JusListen Entertainment artist’s diss song “Flat To Fact” borrows the beat and flow from Drake’s “Back To Back” as the spitter calls out B.o.B for promoting the idea that the world is not round.

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Listen to Tyson’s  “Flat To Fact” featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson below.

  • Mack

    I challenge Bob to travel to the end of the Earth (whichever edge he prefers). Take your time, and please bring other stupid rappers with you.

    • in yo ass hard


    • Dope

      But no, it’s a conspiracy, they won’t let him (insert any other excuse any Flat Brain theorist comes up with when challenged to do that).

    • Executive

      Lmmfao! Shit, I’ll pay for their transportation.

    • Anthony Mason

      Best s*** all week kudos….

    • Q.

      And if they find an edge…PLEASE JUMP!

    • Anthony Mason

      Basic 4th grade math makes niggas like BOB sneeze repeatedly and fall into a coma . This nigga smokes weed to rrmember how to tie his shoes…..m

  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    he learned the game from carl sagan you can never check him 😂

  • Juleo478

    This is getting out of hand. Yes you can say bob is crazy but that Tyson guy the Astrophysicist said people are made of star dust and the earth is actually shaped like a fruit pare.


    • Watever

      Everything in the universe is made up of basically the same elements. So yes, we have the same material in our bodies that are in stars. And Tyson said the earth’s circumference at the equator is larger than at the poles, so it’s not a true sphere. He used the word pear as an example.

      Even if you don’t want to believe what Tyson or thousands of year of science have said about the earth and the universe, it still doesn’t sound as crazy as the earth being flat.

      • Juleo478

        Has anyone tested a star or been anywhere near one to confirm that?how do they even know what stars are made of just by looking at them?And Also NASA photos show a perfect circle not a bulge anywhere. So somebody is lying.

        If bob said we were made of stardust and the earth was a pear shape i think he would be getting clowned on that also but since the guy has the science background the people will question it less.

      • Watever

        First, have you ever study physics or chemistry? You can analyze the light that comes from stars to determine what elements they’re made of. Also, material from space falls to the earth that can be analyzed to determine what galactic material is made of.

        Second, photos are 2 dimensional. Spheres and spheroids look nearly the same in 2D.

        If BoB said “we were made of stardust and the earth was a pear shape,” and it was taken out of context they way you did Tyson’s comments then people that are unaware of what he is explaining would probably clown him. But that would be on the ignorance of that person, not the scientist that has studied the subject for decades.

      • therealjjohnson

        You can look at light a determine what something is made of? Hmm…

      • Watever

        you can ANALYZE light to determine what a star is made of. every element gives off a different color. that’s how prisms work. did you not learn this is like the 6th grade?

      • therealjjohnson

        Hmm…It’s a bit more complicated than that. That is not absolute. There are many issues with light element analysis. Many errors as well. There is also not a way to determine what the factors are for an element giving off a certain color.

      • Watever

        issues according to who? Physicists and astronomers that spend their entire lives studying this subject? or some random person that rants about it on youtube?

      • therealjjohnson

        Studies from the university of Oregon. Just do a simple “problems with light element analysis” search. It’s not difficult to find.

        People study their whole lives for lots of shit. And are still wrong. I don’t know whAt that has to do with anything. There are religious fanatics all over the world who have studied information their whole life that are wrong about certain things.

        The more I learn, the more I understand there is more to learn. I think there is more to this subject than was taught in the 6th grade.

      • Watever

        You cited one study from 2000. That’s like a climate change denier that cites the one scientist that says the earth’s temperature isn’t changing. The overwhelming scientific community agrees on what the sun is made of.

        Again, I’ll lean more towards the general scientific analysis of countless people that have studied and done experiments on the topic their whole lives. Not one or two people. But CENTURIES worth of scientists.

        And no there really isn’t more to the subject than what was taught in 6th grade. The earth is round. The sun is made of mostly hydrogen and helium.

        These simple things are taught in the 6th grade, because they’re simple enough for a 12 year old to understand. If grown as men want to question and attempt to complicate these simple things, go right ahead. But you can’t be surprised when people think you’re just following silly conspiracy theories.

      • Super_Hero

        I don’t think anyone is a climate change denier. What is denied is what makes it change. Is it humans or something greater like earth going thru its normal cycle. Nothing stays the same forever and climate change has become big business. I never heard any scientist say the temperature isn’t changing. that person wouldn’t be a scientist for long. In fact temperature has always changed. In the 70s/80s, it was global cooling. Earth was getting so cold that high climate areas like Florida was becoming too cold to grow oranges. the problem was our crops were freezing meaning we would have less to eat in the next decade. I remember a picture of Florida oranges covered in Ice. Then in the 90s it was global warming. We must stop using hair spray because the equator is getting bigger leading to more heat burning our skin causing cancer, etc. Now they call it climate change. climate has always changed so has the excuses. see the Ice age.

      • Watever

        There have been a small number of scientists that argue the climate is only changing at a normal rate and it is not a serious issue. But most climate scientists believe the rate at which the earth is getting hot can lead to serious negative effects to life on this planet. That’s what I mean by a climate change denier.

        The last 2 years have been the hottest on record which leads to more devastating climate effects like hurricanes, wild fires, and other major disasters. Btw, climate change doesn’t just mean the earth is getting hotter. It means “climate change” such as tropical areas (ex: Florida) experiencing unseasonal or extended cold weather.

        No one ever said the equator was getting bigger. The problem was human activity was depleting the ozone layer by using things like hairspray. Governments banned CFCs that were causing the issues which helped stopped the depletion of the ozone layer.

        The same could be done for climate change. Even if it was a “natural” occurrence, it would seem like we would do whatever we could to not add to the problem. Unless killing off a lot of the world’s animal life which throws off the entire food chain and losing most of the earth’s current coastal lands is not a big deal to you.

      • Super_Hero

        excuse me when I said equator. I meant Ozone layer hole which is now supposedly located near the equator. I remember reading a study that says the hole is actually getting smaller which would contradicting the theory of it getting bigger leading to hotter climate.

        it’s not that it isn’t a serious issue but rather what role we have. I’m sure we are damaging the earth in some way but at the same time how can we fix it. There are studies that say a volcano erupting releases more damaging chemicals in the air then 80yrs worth of driving.

        There are skeptics because it has become big business. There was a study about 7yrs ago that said we have spent over 80 billion since the 70s on climate change. between changing policies and giving government assets to business that focus on climate change. how have we benefited from those 80 billion.

        I don’t disagree with what you was saying just wanted to point out that there are no climate change deniers which is what media wants you to believe. If you don’t believe we can have a bigger impact in stopping it, then you are labeled a denier which is far from the truth.

      • Watever

        The ozone layer hole is getting smaller because governments banned CFCs. I already covered that. That is not the main cause of global climate change. Climate change is mostly caused by greenhouse gases emissions from burning fossil fuels which is from human activity.

        Everything in this world is big business. That’s why oil and gas companies spend millions of dollars to promote the idea that climate change is an unreasonable thing to try to fix. Why? Because renewable energy sources (non fossil fuels) hurt their bottom line. But imo, it makes more sense to spend money on something that would improve human life than damage it.

        And I hope you would not expect the efforts to prevent humans’ part in climate change for the past 150 years would be reversed quickly. Nearly ever nation in the world just agreed to U.N. framework on climate change this past December. So the world hasn’t really even begun to tackle climate change seriously yet. It’s going to take decades for things to show improvement.

        And I’m sorry, but if you’re saying that humans can’t impact climate change, which is against nearly every scientific assessment that says we can, then yes, you are denying science.

      • Celz

        That’s how neon signs work. I have proven this on my own. It’s a fact. And it’s very simple to disprove. Just make your own neon tube, and then when it shines white instead of colored you will become famous. But millions of people have already tested it.

      • Celz

        You know what stars are made of by analyzing the light. You can do this at home bro. It’s bit some secret you learn, at least I did, how to test for things on your own.

    • Dope

      When he says ”made of star dust” he is talking about the chemical compound of every living creature, and everything is made of basically the same element. He is NOT saying a star flew through the sky and some of it’s dust fell on Earth and by force of magic people appeared from those particles.

      And Earth is not a perfect sphere, hence his second example. You need to know what one is speaking about before you criticize, but you seem to be very lacking in comprehension skills.

      • Juleo478

        Isn’t that just a huge generalization.(or a wild and baseless guess) plus the pictures from NASA show a perfect sphere
        And he says others wise, so who is right and who is wrong?

      • Celz

        It looks like a perfect sphere. The earth is so massive you have to exaggerate the imperfections so people can understand. He meant the shape reminds him of a pear not that they are literally identical.

      • Q.

        SMH. This is why I fear for this generation. Mofos are allergic to FACTS, even with knowledge at their fingertips…He knew about the “pear” yet too lazy to go investigate the explanation. Damn!

      • The Legendary Troll

        dont waste your time explaining truth to idiots. his brain wont process it

      • Juleo478

        Lol I allready told you that you or Tyson had to go which one is it .

    • I_AM_Houston

      it actually is according to science. its due to gravity. but the circle is much easier for us to understand/draw etc. if you into random knowledge and all that check youtube… CPG or CGP Gray (something to that effect. Google would get you there) dude explains some of everything. Also one on there called Thoughty. Shit you would never normally learn, explained in a few minutes so we can all get it.

      • therealjjohnson

        Why don’t the pictures from nasa look like pears? Because they are CGI. Why are they CGI?

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  • Oopster

    When black people in the media say stupid things they need to realize they make the rest of us look stupid please stop

    • I_AM_Houston


    • The Legendary Troll

      this is the part he doesnt realize….this got the white folks laughing at us hard

    • Watever

      Well Tyson is black, so does that balance it out?

    • RichFromBX

      I disagree – I don’t think that the actions of one person impact the larger set unless you let it. Hip Hop fans are the biggest perpetrators of that. For some unknown reasons rappers are held high and people put way to much weight behind them. They are entertainers, nothing more, nothing less.

      Are there are few that are different sure but that a subset within a subset. White people don’t look at the White Stripes or Slip Knot as representatives of the entire white population.

      You’re calling out B.O.B as a reason for “making the rest of us look bad” but people like Corey Morgan seem to get a pass and doesn’t get called out as a problem that needs to a solution.

      Unfortunately, there are many more Corey Morgans doing far more damage to the image of black people than B.O.B regardless of how ridiculous his “the world is flat” belief is.

      • Oopster

        Its cool if you don’t agree but we don’t live in a perfect world where one persons actions doesn’t affect the whole lot of us because like it or not it really does and I said all black people in media so that also includes rappers as for Cory Morgan I didn’t give him any pass so I don’t know where that came from as far as I’m concerned he’s scum and anyone else who disagrees is too BTW I’m in the Bronx too s/o to us

      • RichFromBX

        S/O BX! – btw, didn’t mean to imply that you were personally giving him a pass. I meant from a general perspective.

    • Q.

      Nah. No Black people of note co-signed this idiot. He’s own his own on this one! And Neil Degrasse Tyson is Black, so…

  • Andrew Mcallister

    Bottom line a scientist can’t tell a rapper how to rhyme and a rapper can’t tell a astrophysicist about space, physics and or science unless he posses such degree as well….scientists unlike rappers are a tight group.

  • The Legendary Troll

    this nigga still goin on about this? The earth is a sphere you idiot

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  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Just got bodied by a scientist…. Should start revoking these dude’s license to rap… Trying to confuse people with that ignorant crap bobby. Don’t come around here, probably overseas getting your chains took… LMAO! Bobby don’t mess around and make me the AHH blogger fingers get in the cypher.. LMAO. Its all in good fun 🙂

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  • ursocalledgod

    good for Niel lol nuff respect, I just couldn’t listen to the dude on the tracks corny ass voice. BOB is a fuccing idiot. what ever he blowing I need a bag of that strong for myself…

    • RapItUp


  • RayStantz

    Like I said the other day… stay off of youtube. lol

  • HyPhYMAN

    The thing is that B.o.B isn’t the only one who thinks that. There has been a big thing about the flat earth for a few years now. They got the flat earth society and whatnot. NASA is full of shit don’t get me wrong but you can prove the earth is round. Day and night in different parts of the world. The effects of the rotation of flat objects and opposed to spheres. Even the way light hits a flat object as opposed to a ball.

  • Brindle

    lmao… this is funny and BOB is a retard… matter of fact, aint too many cats that go by Bob that got good sense…

    • Anthony Mason

      BoB isn’t as ice cold as he says in his raps…

      I wish Meek would go at this nigga so they could f***ing drown together….

      • Brindle


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  • Q.

    HAHAHAHA! Dumbazz Bob got ethered by Parappa da Rappa! Embarrassing! LMAO


    P.S. Check out Degrasse Tyson’s series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey…he breaks down science in an interesting way, so almost anybody can understand it. Excellent series!

  • Live Well

    You got bodied by an astrophysicist nig6a

  • Leonard Tarver

    B.O.B. About to be beefin’ on “Reading Rainbow” 😂😂😭😂💦

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