Tyga Says Kanye West Helped Squash His Beef With Drake (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) While the Drake/Meek Mill feud dominated the headlines for 2015, it may have been forgotten that the OVO leader also had issues with fellow YMCMB representative Tyga last year as well. It appears the beef between Drizzy and T-Raww has been settled.

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According to Tyga, Kanye West brokered a sit down with him and Drake. The Rawwest N*gga Alive mixtape creator says the two rap stars are now on good terms after communicating with each other.

Tyga told Real 92.3, “If somebody’s not taking anything away from you –  it’s not affecting your family or taking away from your money – then you should never have a problem with somebody. As a man, you should always be able to talk to somebody and be level-headed.”

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Watch Tyga’s full interview below.

  • Dope

    So he’s emulating Chris Brown now?

    • I_AM_Houston

      light skin dudes think they can do anything with they hair smh

  • WeakSauce

    Why he ain’t paying homage to the white folks for that hair?

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  • Dox

    1) I saw the blonde hair and thought this was Amber Rose for a second
    2) Idk why the “bee”f needed to really be “squashed” when Drake clowned him with “You need to act your age and not your girl’s age” especially since Tyga’s music fell WAY OFF after that
    3) He needs to leave that Jenner girl alone and make some HITS if he wants to be taken somewhat seriously again.I used to like some of Tyga’s tracks years ago, idk what happened to ’em…