Earl Sweatshirt Slams “White Iverson” Song; Post Malone Responds

(AllHipHop News) With a week that included B.o.B versus Neil deGrasse Tyson and Kanye West vs Wiz Khalifa/Amber Rose, another mini-feud went mostly under the radar. California rapper Earl Sweatshirt decided to blast Post Malone’s “White Iverson” single on Twitter, then the Dallas rhymer sent a subliminal message back at Sweatshirt.

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“Just heard the song ‘White Iverson.’ Who mans is this? Who let this slide?” wrote the I Don’t Like Sh*t, I Don’t Go Outside album creator. “I’m a grown ass man, y’all have fun slappin that one.”

Post got wind of Earl’s tweets and responded on his own timeline by posting, “I don’t sweat sh*t.” He also changed his Twitter named to “Post Sweatpants.”

Sweatshirt has not been one to hold his tongue about other artists’ work. The Odd Future affiliate has criticized Taylor Swift, Drake, and Eminem in the past.

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Check out Earl Sweatshirt and Post Malone’s tweets below.

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41 Responses to “Earl Sweatshirt Slams “White Iverson” Song; Post Malone Responds”

  1. Mrs. Davis804

    If it wasn’t for production, a lot of these dudes would be unknowns. Glad to see somebody with a backbone unafraid of backlash, or the word hate.

  2. TheAfroRican

    The song is hot, steaming garbage right along with the other songs being played on the radio. It’s disposable and will be forgotten by the summer.

    • Dox

      That song is trash, but idk who or what an earl sweatshirt even is…based off his name alone i dont want to check for his music either.

  3. chambanaT

    Check earl out. Dont let the name throw you off. He can spit, however his concepts are crazy in his videos. He does have cult following.

  4. Q.

    I’m more interested in AI’s opinion than this dude’s…

    This is the softer, gentler, dumber generation Bush n’em imagined in the 80s. Hip-Hop is barely 40, but the crack era set us back 50 years!

  5. JerZeBoy

    Earl is lame and acts stupid. I would rather hear white Iverson on replay(even though im not a huge fan of the song, its ok) then anything from earl……

  6. DrakeDoesn'tWrite

    Earl should just body him and be done with it. If you don’t think Earl is nice YOU are one of the people killing hip hop.

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