Statik Selektah And Kxng Crooked

Statik Selektah And KXNG Crooked Tells The Youth To Study Their Craft

No doubt about it, agism is running wild in Hip-Hop these day. Young guns taking shots at the OG’s is a borderline epidemic these days.

Thankfully, hardcore-composer Statik Selektah and Slaughterhouse mainstay KXNG Crooked, collectively known as Staik KXNG sat with AHH’s MrMecc to call out Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples and everyone else with a disrespectful tone. Selektah says;

Hey Earl Sweatshirt, You’d be hanging out on Fairfax asking for money on your skateboard if it wasn’t for Eminem.

Watch this interview and take heed.

  • RespectA

    They spoke the truth. Period

  • THISIS50

    real talk

  • Freedom Fighter



    what did eminem do for earl career? i’m kinda lost on that point. these young boys need to show more respect for their og’s though. but guess what? og’s stopped raising these young ninjas so they are lost. no father figure, mom is a self-centered whore who competes with there daughter for social media attention. what do you expect from these lil lost souls? eminem pen game is respected but he is still the most overrated rapper in history. his content i can’t relate to, i’ve never got into a homeboy car black or white that was playing his chit. very talented but overrated. ps all you dickriders can eat a dick in advance thanks!

    • RespectA

      I agree 100% on Em son.

    • takin over the carter

      ha .. nice! ….kinda with u on that

    • Words of the day!


        peace supreme!

    • JerZeBoy

      I think what they mean was em broke the barrier at a time when all hip hop was hardcore street shit, and he rapped about getting wasted and raves and shit….. the most over rated comment is a bit far fetched imo considering there are people like young thug and future out there lol but hey, everything is everyones own opinion anyway, all I know is this earl dude is in the news lately for dissing rather then for his music.


        Earl would get his head ripped off by eminem. Your perspective makes sense. Earl better be easy lol

      • JerZeBoy


      • Na what Em did was give a voice to poor white people who didn’t have one at the time, his topics weren’t discussed in the media until he brought it up, he is overrated tho

  • Myleage

    crooked i changed his name?

    • Oooooooooommmmmmmfffuuuuuckingoooooosh!

      • Myleage


  • RAMADAwhite

    i heard the comments that earl made and he just didn’t like emimem new direction. Its criticism. If you look at old odd future interviews they pay homage to emimem. I get what they are saying but these dudes need to stop begging for legend status and for people to respect them. Most of them did the same shit to the 80s rappers

  • JerZeBoy

    these kids today have no respect, and most of them don’t have talent either. clearly this lame is trying to make the headlines lately by dissing, instead of for his music….

  • Nightmare

    What the fnck is a Earl Sweatshirt ???