Cash Money Ordered To Pay Huge Sum Of Money In Royalties

(AllHipHop News) Cash Money Record has taken another major hit as the label must now pay $1.14 million in royalties for songs produced for singer Jay Sean.

Hit songs like “Down” and “Do You Remember” are included in the suit.  All song stem from the 2009 album called All Or Noting.

Orange Factory Music filed the legal move after they continued to get statements for royalties, but never were paid.

Lil Wayne still has an outstanding lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money to the tune of $51 million. He is also fighting for the ability to take Drake and Nicki Minaj away from CM.



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  • Q.

    Time to sell the Bugattis, playbwoi!

  • Make up with Lil Wayne all you want. That sh*t ain’t gonna stop that big ass hole in your corporate accounts. Cash Money still losing…. And losing…. And losing… And…..

    • Mister Clayton

      You kno he gotta try and milk wayne for everything.

      • RapItUp

        Let’s just… refrain from using the term ‘milking’ when talking about Baby and Wayne, yea?? If young thug were somehow included in this sentence I may have thrown up



  • water_ur_seeds

    ‘but never were paid.’??? or ‘but were never paid’???

    • RapItUp


  • Juleo478

    Hold up they squashed the beef but Wayne still got the law suit pending?

    I think they both are in financial trouble but both know they need each other to get out of it or are waiting for a chance to get over on one another atleast on baby’s side.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      wrong — lil wayne don’t need cash money no more , only need what they owe him , and for his, and other 2’s contracts to be over

    • Dgrlzmsuga

      Their’s business and then their’s personal. They squashed the personal beef. The business side of things still has to be hammered out. Speculating about needing each other is pointless: if there is money owned then Baby needs to pay, simple as that.

      • Juleo478

        Naw with them two there is no separation between personal and business.he calls that man daddy and he calls him his son.
        Plus this is 50 million dollars they talkin.

        they both have been in the news for not paying and owing someone money.

        Wayne is the talent and for better or worse baby is the business mind they are going to need each other like they did before.

      • Dgrlzmsuga

        That was then this is now. The fact that he sued shows that he’s expressing a need for financial separation. Wayne and Baby could be daddy/son, kiss and makeup, but when it comes to the $, I think his Manager has his ear. Which is how it should have always been.


    Now Baby will release the CARTER V!!!!SMH BRUH!!!!💯✔🔊🔊👌

  • Xxplosive 1

    This is just the beginning.

  • TheAfroRican

    As the dominoes quickly fall….

  • Jay Sean is rubbing his hands like a bird man avatar. LOL.

    These dude are very unethical.

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  • Smashit

    He once gave Wayne a million for his birthday – maybe he should try selling 15 of those 20 cars he never drives

  • D_Ably

    Rappers just can’t run labels for shit can they? they just use all the other little rappers to prop themselves up and fk over. Shit repeats itself everytime you hear your favourite rapper started a label.

  • Jmo-Texas

    Sad..but not really. We really cant name not one black rapper turned Label CEO that has lasted over 20 years without bankruptcy, law suits or watered down music to bring down the company or image. not one… Even some of the best that ever did it, are barely hanging on to their labels..Cash Money, Bad Boy, Aftermath and the list goes on. Only time will tell about Ross’s label and a couple others. We’ll see out of who is left that can actually have longevity. I think whichever label can successfully bring back R&B will be the lasting “HipHop Label”. Eventually people grow up and get tired of “Ratchet Music”, and want to hear rap with substance and toned down R&B that is not so raunchy/hip hop-driven. What happened to the days of painting a picture or actually telling a story in your music. From the storytelling days of hip hop to the picture-painting lyrics of R&B.. Nowadays its all in your face, saying exactly what you mean, instead of metaphors, and “painting pictures” to let the imagination tell the rest.


      Motown lasted for years, can’t say they was squeaky clean tho, but Motown catalog still a cash cow, even tho it owned by Universial, Berry left because of age, change, or just knew his time was up. The music you’re destribing is coming back slowly.

  • dbfromdc


  • Dope

    That shouldn’t be a ”huge” sum of money for a company like this, and even less so if we take into account all the people who’ve sued for not getting paid. Even excluding Wayne they have a whole bunch of people they’ve never paid.

    • Marc Btes

      Which comes to let you know that Cash Money is past money….and cats broke over there. Why you think we dont have an album from half the artists they have….


    Clowns spending money on cars and face tattoos. Pay your fucken bills birdman.

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  • ZUBU

    Baby and Slim are just doing what record labels having been doing to artists for many decades. It’s like Don King in boxing he was just doing what others had done in boxing for many, many years.
    Having said that Wayne needs to get his paper and keep it moving. The other people that are owed will have a hard time getting their paper. Baby will try to appeal and stall paying as long as he can, in the mean time he will use their owed money to make more money. It’s wicked but that is what corporations do EVERYDAY in America….
    I’ve owned a few service related business’ and companies larger than mine have owed me money and some of those bastards would not pay me for months for services rendered. I had to wait it out and play the legally correct role to get my paper. Yes I could have run up in their business and acted a fool, but I would not have gotten my money and I may have got charges pressed against me even though they owed me money. Biz tactics in this country are evil. On the streets we handle thing vastly different……

  • therealest1

    Another financial ordeal in the saga of No Money Records. Nothing new to see, keep it moving along.


    It’s about DAMN time!!! The problem now is how long before they actually “CUT THE CHECK!!!”

  • Six7

    Maybe Mannie Fresh can get paid now….

  • It all catches up in the long run

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