Rick Ross

Does Rick Ross Have His Own Group Of Sister Wives?

Photo via Rick Ross’ Instagram

It appears that the biggest boss, Rick Ross, may have a gang of sister wives! Last night Ricky Rozay celebrated his 40th birthday party at his Atlanta-area mansion. What caught a few people’s attention was the fact that his ex-girlfriend, Shateria, and one of his rumored new boos, Court, had on the exact same dress! How Sway?! Could Rick have picked the dresses out for them? Lira’s invitation must’ve gotten lost in the mail. She posted a video on her Instagram that seemed to throw a little shade at Ross and the entire situation. Ross’ other rumored boo @sk_rawberry, commented saying,

“He love us all the same.”

Hey if it works for them, it works for us. LOL. Rozay just turned 40 and apparently he’s winning in this situation.

Rick Ross Girlfriends

Rick Ross' girlfriend


    I’m not a hater….If something works for you and it doesn’t work for others that’s what breeds jealousy and envy. I don’t hate I congratulate LMAO! #hatingisadisease

  • ZUBU

    The boy got paper and he wants to spend it. Sluts line up lol……..

  • Rozay23

    Let that man live!!!

    • SMOKE

      He gonna live!!! These broke haters on here think they slowing him down for some weird reason. For some people hate propels them


    WHO CARES who this FRAUD wastes time on?@!@?
    THIS is ‘All Hip Hop’ MUSIC NEWS?! F*CK this LAME & all meek weaklings……

  • Golgo 13

    lol reminds me of wot bleek did in mo better blues

  • baller187

    those chicks are NASTY THOTS COMMON MAN

  • ApricotNapalm

    u got the money to play u in the game bro, cant be mad at that. tho i do reside in the A & i got no invite, smh

  • Nightmare

    Look at the Officer Ricky fans aka The Cop Squad cheerleading for their fraudulent superior.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I’m not advocating on dude’s behalf, but I’m just pointing out some logical observation.

    Rappers have been exaggerating their life stories’, even Biggie, Jay-Z et al did the same thing too. Big’s mum even went as far as revealing it in an interview.

    Do you blame them? They merely told people what they wanted to hear so that the rap game could welcome them with open arms. Not sure rapping about a day in the office doing admin work would have made the cut.

    Ricky using someone else’s name as his stage name is what peeps do a lot. I’m not convinced that it helped him get to where he is today. A garbage rapper could have done the same and failed. I do like some of his stuff and I’m entitled to as an individual.

    Dude took a risk and it paid off, as far as I’m aware he’s still earning a buck or two. If everyone is against him, who the hell is buying his records / going to his concerts, enemies? I’m confused.

    • hoeyuno

      Your right. But just the way he came out fronting and the voice he used when he first blew up…I have never seen a rapper get aired out like that and make it in rap on his level after the fact…Crazy world!!

  • ebonyhud

    If they like it, I love it. Its still crazy though. I could never

  • The Legendary Troll

    Its amazing what people will do for money