Kanye West Addresses Amber Rose’s “Fingers In The Booty” Accusation

(AllHipHop News) Amber Rose lit the internet on fire when she claimed she used to insert her fingers into Kanye West’s anus while they were still a couple. The How to Be a Bad B*tch author’s response to Kanye’s Twitter rant directed at her, ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, and their son sparked conversations and memes all over social media.

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Over a day later, Kanye returned to Twitter to address his former girlfriend’s accusations. The G.O.O.D. Music leader denied he was into anal sex play and suggested Rose was just a bitter ex.



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  • tinkhanii

    Nope! !!! She finger fucked him

    • greeneyedbandit


  • soyhiphop

    This is what i learned from angry exes they will discredit you at any cost. Especially the black ones to them u were either gay abusive or lying about your lifestyle

    • Richie_Ochoa

      I agree with you other than the black ones comment.. A scorned bitch comes in every race.

      • soyhiphop

        You’re right

    • Nemo hos

      My exes don’t say no foul stuff about me.

      • soyhiphop

        Because your only ex is your left palm ever since you switch to your right one

      • Nemo hos

        Hahaha 1990 jokes I see.

  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    make a diss song kanye. the greatest diss song of all time.

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  • RapItUp

    Soo…. where are all the Amber cheerleaders now?? “Finger in the booty ass bitch” though?? I’ve heard 3rd graders sling harsher insults!! At this point, it’s his word vs. hers.. And of course I’ma side w/ Kanye.. You know, the party who isn’t scorned, and has the bankroll and doesn’t need to twirl on the tip of a penis for a check…. That’s just me though..

    • Watever

      But Kanye seems like the scorned one. He’s the one that keeps talking about Amber. She had nothing do with that situation with Wiz, but her brought her into it. Then add the fact he’s still talking about her in his music when they broke up years ago and he’s married with kids. He acts like he’s still obsessed with her. I don’t know if she’s telling the truth, but Ye should just move on and leave this alone.

      • You’re delusional. Wiz provoked the whole f*cking thing. You’re just a Taylor Swift fan. Guess what? Kanye and Taylor are friends now. Get over it.

      • Watever

        WTF are you talking about? I dgaf about Taylor Swift. Wiz started it, but that had nothing to do with Amber and especially not her son.

        I’m delusional huh? Did Kanye not go on a 30 tweet rant like some bitter chick? Was Kanye not the one that brought Amber into the beef? Did Kanye not rap about Amber on “No More Parties In LA”? Is he not a married man with kids but still talking about his ex who he broke up with years ago? Please show me were I’m wrong about any of that since “I’m delusional”?

      • Dude… You’re being disingenuous at best. Amber has been going at this cat and his wife for years now. From going on drunken rants at parties to doing interviews and basically going at him and his wife unprovoked (see Charlamagne). If anything she’s only getting back what she put out there. And yes, contrary to what some of y’all haters think, Wiz started the whole sh*t by commenting on an album that #1 wasn’t his and #2 had nothing to do with him or his wife. Wiz told his millions of followers to not purchase the album. If that’s not trying to take food out of a n*gga’s kids mouths, I don’t know what is. So yeah, Kanye had every reason to ether Wiz. Go at any dude’s livelihood and watch what happens. I stand by my original statement.

      • Watever

        I already said Wiz started it. Read my last comment. But what does that have to do with Amber or her son? Are you justifying or agreeing with the idea of a grown ass man talking shit about someone’s child to the entire world? Even Bun B said if it was him he would have to see that man in person and there will be blood spilled.

        And don’t act like Kanye and the Kardashian clan havn’t been going at Amber too. Remember the 30 showers comments that lead to the last time they went at each other. Kanye started that one.

        And you didn’t address any of my points? Let’s try it again:

        Did Kanye not go on a 30 tweet rant like some bitter chick? Was Kanye not the one that brought Amber into the beef? Did Kanye not rap about Amber on “No More Parties In LA”? Is he not a married man with kids but still talking about his ex who he broke up with years ago?

        The answer to every single one of those questions is yes. Which is why I stand by my original statement that Kanye seems like the scorned one in THIS situation.

      • Dude, you’re not dictating this conversation so I really don’t feel a need to respond to any of those questions. I said what I said and I meant it. If you don’t like it, tough titty homie. I just laid out the reasons I cosign Kanye’s actions. If you don’t agree, you don’t agree. But it doesn’t change a single word of what I said. This b*tch Amber been out of pocket for a minute.

      • Watever

        You’re not answering those questions because you know everything I said is right. If you didn’t want to actually engage in a conversation about the topic at hand then you shouldn’t have responded to my comment in the first place.

        I honestly don’t care what you think. I just addressed your “I’m delusional” statement with facts. You have obviously don’t have a response to those facts, so there’s no need for you respond any further. Unless your pride/ego/emotions what let you move on just like Kanye with Amber.

      • killacali909

        Riding with watever on this one! He stating facts

      • RapItUp

        You know, you do got something going here.. I guess I didn’t realize how often he brings her up in the music. Honestly, I haven’t heard any tunes from this guy since Yeezus/Cruel Summer.. And he kinda doped Wiz on that. The Sebastard (lol kidding) inclusion and Amber call out was pretty left field in his rant. But since he thought Wiz was talking about Kimmy (KK) maybe that’s why he went for the jugular. Again, a weak tit-for-tat move.. I got you..

  • Q.

    Sleep with dogs, wake up with fleas. Pop sh!t and face the consequences. Your antics are feminine–you wear skirts, and make fashion for homophiles–that’s why they don’t believe you, Ye!


    • Mikchek

      thats a long ass hashtag lol

      • mademan3000


  • Trust Me

    Kanye, just stay off Twitter and shut your mic off. You’re making it worse by commenting on it and trying to reverse the “L”. Take it like a man for once.

    • Dox

      “Taking it like a man” is what got us on this top-nevermind.

  • Yeah, I ride with Ye on this one. Exes are the grimiest b-tches on earth when it comes to hate sh*t. According to an ex you were abusive on Monday, sexually deviant on Wednesday, and unfaithful every Friday. Can’t ever trust sh*t that comes out of an ex’s mouth. Especially if you’re on the come up and they’re not.

  • Pernell Whitaker

    Lol, this is a win for Amber. Kanye speaking on her child for no reason was foul. He looks weird and weak off this one imo.

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  • Tyfromthechi

    That was a weak ass response yeezus pun intended

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      What was he supposed to say?

  • Wetwork510

    Notice how he said he doesn’t let them get near his ass like Amber wasn’t the only one 😂

  • Knickfan4life

    Man people do weird freaky stuff behind closed doors so she probably did put her fingers in his anal.but she nasty also walking around with crap on her fingernails 😂.

    • Dox

      twitter fingers turn to shitty fingers.

  • Mikchek

    I think this is him giving her a pass cause he realizes he was wrong for talking about the kid…

    • Andrew Mcallister

      on top of that he should apologize though…she really wasn’t part of that shit and the kids, you never bring the kids into anything, SO helpme god/swish/waves will be downloaded kanye ain’t getting these 10 beans for that. 🙂

  • Guillaume Pilon

    Couples weeks ago

    Vivia fox said the same thing bout 50 (kind off)

    • Justice

      No 50 cent said it about her…said she likes messing with his a$$hole now why yall aint laughing at 50 cent…he let AUNT VIV lick his dayum butthole and he told the public about it…he requested ass to be licked and splitted like the gay dude he is! Hmmmmm the double standards…this dude makes shitty dayum music mocks everyone and he gets his azzlicked and you guys will still purchase his music..UGH UGH UGH LMAO

      • Dubz


  • Markus

    Dude responded without slinging any more mud so maybe this battle is ready to be put to bed. Not worried about Wiz. A week of steady smoking and I’m sure he would’ve moved on too.

  • Xxplosive 1

    Dude comes off real docile in those tweets. Where’s all the rah rah static you were spewing out just a minute ago Ye. These bi polar rappers looking real moist when met with resistance.

    • Sgt. H. Jennings

      I know right. My point exactly.. Couldn’t agree more bro..

  • stephen

    Kanye probably had to remind her on the side….like ” remember these papers u signed? ill be getting that child support check n back to the strip club for you……….

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    lol…. Just for the sake of Entertainment Purposes Only, that was a weak comeback from Kanye… His reply was completely toned down…… Oh well.

  • Dan Tebasco

    Who gives a sh!t???

    • Justice

      exactly!! UGH its his fuggin asshole…and that kid is a meal ticket for that hoe! UGH

  • She did it…Kanye take this meek for taking meek too long to respond…then the response so nice the game probably wrote it for him

  • ZUBU

    I think I damn near believe Amber, but it’s not my business what they do in the dark….

    • Brindle

      didn’t he have a album about a twisted dark fantasy or something like that

  • ursocalledgod

    WTF man whoever is close to this dude need to get him some help seriously. some of the shit this dude says makes absolutely NO SENSE. ” I like pictures and videos, we go the kind of love the turns exes to best friends”

    • Dox

      Yeah, I don’t know what he meant by that….at all.

    • Brindle

      lmfao… that nigga is a space cadet…

    • Dubz

      He bi-polar bro…that’s what they do.

  • D_Ably

    Kanye on his damage control lol its out there now

  • Brindle

    WOOOOOOW… and at 2am… this fool upset, stomping his foot, snapping his fingers and asking Kim & Jay Z “who?”, “what?”, “why?” and “how?”… I just thought it was funny but after this response, I believe Amber…

    • This is Crazy

      he lives in LA so it was 11pm but yea

      • Brindle

        I feel you but he may not’ve been where he lives, either way, he supposed to at least pretend it’s not true by ignoring it…

  • Jmo-Texas

    Too late bra!! Im never downloading another track from this “Legend of The BootySnatchers” ass nigga!

    • Justice

      huh? you sounds dumb ass hell…..if it was even true…SO FUGGING WHAT ….yall are some of the dumbest people to ever walk the face of this earth…unless he rapped, eat people, or or molested kids…I would buy the music if am feeling their music…the fingers in the butt means nothing to me but comedy…UGH!! I guess if you found out he had skid marks in his draws you wouldn’t buy his music either huh? Well guess what your probably broke anyways and that’s most likely why your not buying anymore music….butthole! Get a life and stop living yours precariously though the lenses of someone else’s! UGH

      • Jmo-Texas

        Assumptions only make an ass out of you lol! Lets get this out of the way, i have 3 newer model cars all paid for in full with cash. Also purchased a 2 story home for my wife and kids, also paid for in full, in cash! So to answer your dumbass comment, no im far from broke and no im not a drug dealer. Now that is out if the way, too each’s own if you like fingers in yo ass, but based on certain things people do in their personal life, can change your opinions about people and if you want to keep supporting…its human nature. I havent been a fan of Kanye since the 2nd album, so i personally dont support. Maybe like a song here or there but thats it. But due to recent events, i wont be supporting anything else he does. Its not just the booty fingers comment by the thot, its the fact he gets out of line with shit he says..was it cool to bting Wiz’s child into his rant..No! They were talking about an album title, wth did that have to do with the man’s kid and ex wife? Kanye is still currently married to a porn star so he had no room to talk! On the flip side, if somebody would have mentioned Kanye’s kids, he would have went bizerk! Kanye needs to do music and not social media and interviews..maybe his music would be better and his wack-ass fashion would be better!

        And to answer your question, if i found out he wore dirty drawls i def wouldnt support lol. My kids would look at me and say, “daddy, why you listening to him, he wears dirty drawls”?? All i could say, “well you have a point”. I can’t listen to or let my kids listen to anything i cant condone..what u do in private is ur business..but the second it comes to light, whoever it is, i have to reevaluate the artist and if i still support. R. Kelly makes great music, but how many people jumped ship when all that shit hit the fan?? It wasnt proven to be a “child” and he was never charged with being a Pedo. That being said, plenty of people still support or not, based on what they think is or isnt right in their own home.

      • Aurelius Seven

        man what do u do turn me on

      • RapItUp


  • Marc Btes

    I could care less about if he did or didnt….but lets be real and look at facts….Kanye is right…Wiz is stuck with a ex stripper for 18 years…Amber didnt give us a fact she gave an accusation. Although this all is funny…it still comes down to facts….

    • dbn1976

      I see you are ignoring the fact that Kanye is married to a porn star.

      • Marc Btes

        Bro, lets be real and truly identify what a porn star is…Lisa Ann Alicia Tyler they have catalogues….thats a porn star…KK made 1 tape that Ray J leaked so he could step out the shoes of being Brandi little brother. Thats not a porn star. KK porn status is the level of Pam Anderson Lee, but we dont consider her a porn star right?

      • RapItUp

        She wasn’t labeled a porn star until somebody married her.. Duh lol

      • Nightmare

        Kim Kartrashian didnt become famous until that tape, which was not only Ray J’s doin. Kim Kartrashian’s mother played a part in pimpin her out too as far gettin the deal/money for the tape.

      • Marc Btes

        Bro people knew who she was before that….to be real with you…BLACK people didnt know who she was before Ray J. But we knew of her dad from the O.J. case. Kim K= porn star…Pam Anderson Mimi and every other celeb who had sex tapes leaked and brokered deals to make money of the leak are so much different. The double standards are crazy…..

      • Nightmare

        just because people knew who her dad was, doesn’t mean people knew who she was. she was a non-factor in the oj simpson trial. plus she was a child. so why would the focus be on her at that time ? c’mon bruh. lol

      • Marc Btes

        C’MON BRO dont be that ignorant cat….people knew who she was becasue of her dad…just because urban america or you didnt know who she was doesnt make her not famous at the time. No she had nothing to do with the case but we, I included knew who she was. Robert K was a famous lawyer whos kids were in white america spotlight ALL OF THE TIME because of the money they have….Plenty of celeb children that you didnt know who they were until they did something significant or in this case noticeable…but hey who am I? If people didnt know who she was the tape would be irrelevant. People didnt buy the video because of Ray j…

      • Nightmare

        u n!ggas sound crazy ass hell tryna glorify and justify that tramp. lol

      • This is Crazy

        and??? Her net worth is 85 Million and she hasn’t put out one sex tape since the first. Everybody calls her a hoe for having a sex tape of her and her then boyfriend get put out there. If you dont have tapes like this around your crib than I dont know what to tell you. If I can set myself up to make 30 Million a year like she does off one sextape sign me up ASAP

      • Watever

        Don’t forget she posed nude on several magazines covers. That’s basically pornography too. And she made that 85 million from originally fuking on video. There would be no Kim K without Ray J and that sextape. And I think Kim’s confirmed body count is actually higher than Amber’s.

        The point is Kim ain’t no chick with some squeaky clean past either. She’s sells sex just like Amber. And Kanye was with both them, so he can’t really call out somebody else out for wifing Amber.

    • Myleage

      its sad…cuz when wiz and amer were together they put on this front that they were best friends and gpt engaged and claimed they never argue. next thing you know, they breaking up and having a custody war. ppl look at these celebrity relationships as goals, but they fail to see that the lawn they show on IG is really brown when viewed from the driveway

    • Brindle

      don’t forget that Kanye is married to a porn star… I’ll take the stripper…

  • Larry Sandwiches

    Bunch of gossiping ass mother f–kers commenting on here. You guys love reading about this sh!t, cus I dont see half-you fools in the articles about ACTUAL HIP HOP……..

    • 5789007

      Get Emmmmmmmm!

    • Brindle

      if Nas, had a finger fetish, it would be a must discuss too… these type of cats need to chastised till they are no-longer considered hiphop…


      I was JUST thinking the same thing. Niggas got 100+ comments on this Bullshit, but maybe 5-10 comments about Hip-Hop Topics. Feminine Ass Niggas.

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  • dbfromdc


    • Hakeem

      sorry this IS todays music……

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman


  • Hakeem

    banana in the tailpipe

    • therealest1

      Are there any anti-banana glasses for that scenario?

  • Anthony Mason

    Stop posting about this ahh. Please!!!!!

    This is gay as hell. This s*** is getting super uncomfortable to keep reading about. This is not a fun topic or even funny!


    If you reply… You have fingers in your booty!



    • rocnation30

      No he didn’t and answered it direct… Wasn’t like anybody beloved Amber anyways excepted u and whiz khalifa… Kanye was smart he didn’t get her pregnant

      • Nightmare

        Kanye was smart because he didn’t get her pregnant ? But he put 2 in Kim Kartrashian. C’mon bro. 😂😂😂😂😂

      • rocnation30

        That’s true but Kim got her own money… When I say the girl got her own money.. The girl got her own money…

      • Nightmare

        knocking it off with the “coming to america” lines bruh. just because she got a lil paper, it don’t make a whore a saint. Reggie Bush was smart for shaking that attention seekin whore. lol

      • rocnation30

        I’m just saying that bitch got paper …. And she super fine.. Got booty and whatever… rather be with a boss bitch than a broke 1.. Never called her a saint nowadays what women is???

      • Ced

        Then he went and married a woman who looks exactly like Kim. Your point?

      • Pirate7X

        McDowell’s meal with no sesame seeds…

      • EL CHAPO


      • rocnation30

        No just don’t get … Why people listening to Amber rose

      • EL CHAPO


      • Ced

        So that’s how you got out of directly answering that you obviously believe a bald head bad bitch over Kanye? Gotcha! Your skills on evading questions that could make you look stupid or a hypocrite are very potent. Cheers and happy Friday you mark ass nigga!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Black Adam

    Who gives a flying f what any man does in the privacy of his bedroom. Who believes a scorned stripper bitch anyway? This topic is straight gay!

    • Brindle

      he’s a public figure, black and involved in hiphop… if Amber is telling the truth, he’s gay (as many suspected) and that’s a problem, it’s also funny… She’s actually been pretty cool toward Kanye til he talked about her child and pretending a porn star makes a better wife than a stripper. So is she a scorned stripper or a pissed off mother, irrationally defending her kid? you kinda off base…

      • Black Adam

        Off base my ass. She been cool towards Ye. Since when? Amber has been nothing but a thorn in Mr. West side for years constantly bringing the negra name up in every interview she do. At every turn she pops her corny bald stripper head up for no other reason than to throw Ye’s name around in some bs. Besides that wtf is she still around in hip hop for? She dont do ish that rep the culture. Talking bout “slut walk”. F outta here with defending strippers that out chea playing out of pocket. Thats a no go.

      • Brindle

        LMAO… why you gotta talk bout her head??? I feel you on the slut walk shit… but if i gotta pick a side between already rich porn girl or girl who came of stripping since 14 cause of no guidance, I’m running with the stripper… Even without a reason to have morals, Amber been with less dudes than Kim from what we’ve seen… You are right bout Amber thowing his name out but that’s what’s gonna happen when you cheat on a woman, especially cheating on a trashy one with another more trashy one, then try to act like the new trash is valuable merchandise… when it’s all said and done, he straight wrong for getting feminine on twitter and talking bout that mans kids…

      • Black Adam

        He was def wrong on bringing the kid into it for sure but not about Wiz having to deal with her for 18 plus years.

        As far as who would you take between Kim and Amber Im choosing neither and grabbing me an around the way down to earth girl but at least Kim has her own business in comparison to Amber who only has Ye and Wiz’s name to keep her a float. My whole thing is lets not give these strippers NO types of pull or leverage against those that add to the culture, especially without any proof and just hearsay and no I dont want any proof either.

      • Brindle

        I guess that’s where I differ, too me, Kanye takes away from the culture, never liked his albums or songs, feminine antics, he just too soft and gayish for me, then marrying Kim, having 2 babies and a father n law that’s a transvestite is just too much of a circus, he talks about a lot but stands for nothing… I personally feel strippers > pornstars… and porn stars > than a Ray J home movie star…

      • Black Adam

        Valid points.

      • Black Adam

        I enjoy the music. Thats pretty much where my interest stops with this type of stuff.

      • Dude…. I normally “kinda” agree with what you write but I can’t roll with you today. “She’s actually been pretty cool toward Kanye”???? What planet have you been on? She’s been a straight ass hole to dude since they broke up. From the drunken ranting at parties about “DJs better not play” his music, to going at his wife with Charlamagne and talking about how Kim is a home wrecker. It’s actually Kanye that’s been “reactive” to her nonsense. Even with this… Wiz should’ve kept his mouth closed. He didn’t need to say sh*t about that man. But…

      • Brindle

        I forgot about that and yeah she was outta line… I kinda look at it this way, she’s a woman, you supposedly cheat on her with Kim and pretend you got something better now, yeah, she gonna be salty for life but he missed me allowing Wiz to bring the woman out of him and diss that mans child like that… So Kanye got what’s coming to him with all that Little Richard/Liberachi style rants….

      • I feel you on that. I guess it was a little bit on b*tch level. Hahahaha

      • Stone Cold Steve Austin

        I mean, Kim worth 85 million and Amber worth 5. That’s something to me.

      • Brindle

        I’ve never been part of the “at least she/he getten their money” crowd… Lot of ways to get money without your mom trying to take control of your porn tapes

      • Yeah but for $85mil???

        Mom dukes would be heard directing my chet…cheerleader style :
        “1,2,3,4, Fugg that pu$$y till it’s sore!”

      • Brindle

        Lmfao… you a fool for that shit… Hahaha

      • Hahaaa!

        The struggle is real out here!

      • Stone Cold Steve Austin

        well if my mom would have shown a little more initiative and sucked some dick on camera I would be be set.


        Right on bro, u get it, they defending him on all sites. She shut that nigga down. a real man (if he’s innocent) wouldn’t pay her no mind. But he was hitting that, LOL and if anybody would know wouldn’t she know.

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  • Pirate7X

    Fools do whatever on their own time whether battyness or not, that stuff is common in celeb circles, so what. Kanye makes mostly good records and keeps pop culture interesting even you hate his azz. If she’s does that to him then they BOTH need ‘100 showers’; I ain’t dissing but don’t shake my hand or touch my food with ya foul azzez…