RiRi Takes The Throne: Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ Goes Platinum

Photo Credit: Instagram

(AllHipHop News) Rihanna has effectively proven that her anticipated album, ANTI, was definitely worth the wait. Today (Jan. 29), her eighth  album was certified platinum, this according to the Recording Industry Association of America. RIAA made the announcement through its official Twitter page.

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The unabashed entertainer earned several millions of digital downloads in less than one day. RiRi continues her reign as globally-embraced superstar.  Using the hashtage,  RIAA would extend its excited well-wishes. “Congratulations to @Rihanna! is officially .”

The Bajan beauty would soon share her gratitude. Rihanna has since tweeted, “THANK U NAVY!!! IS PLATINUM!!”

Check out the official tweets:

Congrats to Rihanna!

  • Hakeem

    Platinum in a day?
    Yeah ok……

    • RapItUp

      She did the Samsung free album thing like Jay did.. So technically, yes.. But they were “free” albums.. At the expense of the people’s personal info they signed away

      • In Black America Radio

        You answered my question before i even asked.

      • RapItUp

        $25 mil. to sing songs other people wrote.. We didn’t choose the right profession..


        It’s just a dream, LOL, when u wake up u want remember anything, especially that horrible album.

      • RapItUp

        Haha, hell yea and your financial advisors and lawyers done pillaged you for the loot so it really was a dream! Haha

      • Anthony Mason

        Too crazy….

      • Gonja

        smh that’s fuckn crazy

  • Jaymat_

    That’s amazing. Congratulations to Rihanna.

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  • That’s great news for her and her fam #respect

  • hector2133

    That shit don’t count!! How the hell FREE downloads count? FOH

    • King Cole

      what else are we suppose to count?

      • hector2133

        When people buy!! Not download for Free. Imagine if Adele shit was Free she would’ve went diamond in the first week. RiRi Takes The Throne, yea right!

      • King Cole

        Respect … I didn’t realize it was free and I don’t remember seeing free in your original comment. .. At the end of the day I ain’t lose no money..lol

      • hector2133


      • King Cole

        Just saw on the news it was the same deal as JAy_Z did a few years back where a company just buys a million copies….

  • The Legendary Troll

    already? did samsung buy them shits?


    Congrats to Rhianna and her Roc Nation Fam….Damn Hov with the success of J. Cole, Rhianna, and Kanye ready to drop, not to mention Beyoncé dropping soon smdh…..guess what he said is true…”I will not lose”

    • King Cole

      You must have forgot about Tidal….Pepperidge Farm Remembers

    • or get paid off free downloads….

  • Wtfcity

    The album was free. Wtf are they talking about. People eating this bs up. Foh

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    Smh free samsung dwnloads count as sales?? Gtfoh

  • Anthony Mason

    Oh that’s platinum to you guys now? LMAO! You get 3 million clicks on youtube and that is a platinum sensation!!!!

    The music industry is turning into a non-profit orphanage. The moguls who made the bucks invested and don’t need more money now so they let there artists sit on the shelf until they look like skeletor….

  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    You mean fake platinum. meanwhile adele has sold 6 million albums without non-profit pre sales to samsung and streams. Giving away albums is not the same as people going out to buy the shit. This shit isn’t impressive stop it five.

    • Myleage

      exactly. i honestly dont even know when it came out but the fact that its platinum through all these gimmicks is bs

  • jacksjus

    Wow congrats! At least somebody is selling like the old days.

    • Anthony Mason

      You can’t be serious…

      They rig the game now via download steams to spur sales on the front end. That causes people to download off iTunes or get store copies which are not free….

      “FREE” Downloading is now just advertisement because the media outlets use advertising and consumer information to sell other products ……

      • jacksjus

        Anyways. Congrats. Who gives a damn how she got there?

        I’m not getting a check for it.

      • Anthony Mason

        I mean yeah who really cares in all honesty I guess….

        It just sucks that a mundane/boring artist such as herself is sold like russian caviar to the masses when she is nothing more than a boiled ballpark hot dog with yellow mustard….

        Tinashe s***s on her all day from a talent standpoint and is 2000x better looking….

      • jacksjus

        Hey I like my hotdogs with mustard. Lol!

      • Anthony Mason

        I don’t mess with pork anymore so only kosher 100% beef and it needs fancy toppings for me because I put tons of toppings on everything I eat but I’ll eat one still lol!

        Did I just describe a pizza? Or a hot dog / pizza? I am hungry. Ordering some Chinese right now. Lmao!!!

      • You care!! Ha-ha!!

      • Anthony Mason

        “You care!! Ha-ha!!”

        Your avi is a pic of you taking a mirror selfie with a spider on your shirt. Super rad dude!!! Far out!!!! Can I get your autograph bro? Lmaoo!!!

      • Haha!! That’s cute, your mad. But you did care because you replied to the post earlier and went on and on about it. So you cared. And now you’re mad at me because I said it out loud? Fine by me. And yes it is me in my pic. Not some fake icon that is given to anyone who signs up. I show myself to the world because I am happy who I am. You keep hiding behind your anonymous identity. Lmao!!

      • Anthony Mason

        “That’s cute?”

        You sound mad homo. Just saying. I’m a grown a** man lil nigga….

        This isn’t Facebook. My profession does not lend well to me putting corny… goofy a** avi of myself and taking selfies to put on AHH…. Cool shirt again bro….you should burn it and pretend we never had this conversation…

      • Your profession!?!? Ha-ha! Keep hiding. And this was never a conversation. You got owned the whole way through!!!

      • Anthony Mason

        You are horrible at trolling…

  • Riri is a bona fide superstar now. And has been for a while. And man do I have a huge crush on her. And for some of the comments below. Stop telling people who to like!! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And feel free to be a slave or robot and follow everyone else’s wants and desires. I’ll be in my lane doing me!!!