The Academy To ‘Straight Outta Compton Cast’: Talk To Universal!

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(AllHipHop News) Earlier today (Jan. 29), the controversy concerning the majority of the Straight Outta Compton cast not receiving invites to the ceremony was addressed by the Motion Picture Academy. Even the film’s producers, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, did not secure an invitation.  Ice Cube has vehemently spoken about the oversight.

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Only four nominated writers from the N.W.A. were to be included to the upcoming Oscars. So today, the Academy offered its matter-of-fact response. “The Academy invites the nominees only, and each studio gets a limited ticket allotment, based on the number of nominated films, to use at their discretion. It has been this way for decades,” was the statement revealed to People.

Interestingly enough, Alan Wenkus, S. Leigh Savidge, Jonathan Herman, and Andrea Berloff –who got the coveted invitations are white. So according to the Academy, any angst should be directed towards the film’s distribution company, Universal Pictures.

Is this an instance of #OscarSoWhite or #UniversalSoWhite?

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14 Responses to “The Academy To ‘Straight Outta Compton Cast’: Talk To Universal!”

  1. Black Jay Supreme

    Neither…. This is a case of #AmericaSoWhite. I agree with Danny Devito on this one. What do people expect from a country as racist as The United States of America? You can’t build equality on stolen land. Shiiiiiit….

  2. Black Exodus

    So let me get this straight, all of the writers from Straight out of Compton were ‘White”? So Dre, or Cube, nor Yella, or D.O.C, nor Ren had anything to do with the screenwriters/story line credit? If this true, this is the true travesty of this story…you don’t even own or control your own story! They gave Cube, Dre & Tomika Producer credit…but no “Executive Producer” credits. The Money behind this film came from outsiders. Win, lose or draw…you should be able to tell your own story from top to bottom (writers, directors, executive producers)…then you will not have to worry about getting invites to a award show!

    • Richie_Ochoa

      Yes sir my friend you are right.. Did you watch Master P’s interview where he talks about how they didnt even finance the movie? Bad business decision on they behalf. I would expect that from dre but not cube…

  3. King Cole

    What we need to do is stop begging for the right to be apart of them and create something we would consider on the same level…We are confused as a people because we will get angry over this, but when a black man receive an award from a black organization we don’t either respect or even go to the event for that matter. We can have it both ways man… We got to choose cause these type of situations are getting old. Respect our shit and stop wanted to be apart of their shit so bad that when they don’t invite you …you get mad. I wish BET was never sold because before it was sold its award shows were actually respected…now the most famous people won’t even show ip there now….smh

    • Immortal

      I really like your argument. The one flaw I see with us having our own, is that when we DO get our “own” awards show, we dress ignorantly, act ignorantly, and make complete asses of ourselves showing up drunk, high, or both. I shouldn’t even have to mention the numerous fights that happen there. If our awards shows had a conduct policy, they’d be more respected. Hip Hop Honors is about the only one where folks come to really have a good time and respect the art, not what they have or don’t have. I’m not saying the white mainstream award shows are perfect…THEY’RE NOT, but you don’t hear of fighting, groupies and hangarounds getting into fights, cops don’t arrest the artists, and Diddy isn’t there hawking Ciroc and showing his big ass teeth. I say make our own awards shows and make them 100% professional copying their format, but taking it one step further and including artists that aren’t black. Allowing them to win some, and watch how fast the Academy will cry foul, say their award is more prestigious, and haul our asses to court.

      • King Cole

        I agree with you 100%. Problem is when we have our own shit we disrespect it, but we put theirs on a pedestal of gold and ivory. It makes no sense they we get mad at them not respecting us when we don’t even respect ourselves.

  4. hoeyuno

    Straight outta compton might be the only movie i’ve paid for in years…Fucc the boring azz Oscars anyways..A bunch of flamers sippin tea with their pinky finger extended talkin about who was the best homo in broke back mountain..


    WHY try to make ‘everything a RACE thing?!
    It’s dividing us more than realizing circumstances. OSCARS only invite nominees PERIOD. The few extra tickets UNIVERSAL gets has to cover selected guests from thousands that act, produce & work on hundreds of movies. NO ONE ‘shut out’ the actors on STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, they wren’t nominees…..

  6. Markus

    Those writers who were nominated should boycott the show as well. How are the producers and the very subjects of the film not invited to an award show that may or may not (more like definitely not at this point) honor their successful project? We as a culture need to unify on so many levels to be heard. Not praising certain actors or films are minute compared to the larger problems we have to overcome in this unfair biased society.

  7. Super_Hero

    I saw SOC. it was a good movie but no where near an oscar film. if you want to complain about oscar being so white, pick a better movie. last yr yall should had boycott. SOC is nothing compared to 12 yrs a slave. now that should had won something. I stopped watching Oscar, Grammys and any award show since I was 12yrs old because it was too white. Before Jay-Z boycotted because they didn’t give Hip Hop its respect. None of the movies I like won. None of my favorite artist won. Why watch? Why complain now. Jada Smith is a clown for her boycott. I been boycotting. I didn’t need Will Smith to tell me I should boycott because he didn’t win an award. Never should had been interested in the award from the get go. #OscarTooWhite is the reason there is a BET award show.

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