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Chris Brown Spazzes Over White Michael Jackson

The nerve of these people. They make everything white. Egyptians. Jesus. Moses. Santa Claus aka St. Nick. Rice. The want to make everything WHITE!!!

Anyway. Now they are making Michael Jackson white in a new movie that I refuse to mention. Chris Brown was not feeling it either. His rant ain’t bad/good as Kanye’s but he does a good job.

  • Nightmare

    Welp 🚶🏾

  • Dope

    Well.. I suppose the movie is about his later years.. you know, those years when his skin was WHITER THAN SNOW? Isn’t MJ’s example supposed to teach people that no matter what the color of your skin is, what matters is the person inside or something along those lines?

    Yeah, if it was a movie about early MJ, a black actor would make sense. But how can you put a black actor to play MJ in the last 20 years of his life?

    • Banksy

      Man FOH here with that shit. Michael was/is Black point blank period. People like you make me sick with this shit.

      • Pernell Whitaker

        Serious question, who would you say should play him in his later years then? A black dude in heavy make up? A light skinned dude? MJ stopped being black in appearance in the 80s…This film ain’t about his DNA. MJ also decided to have caucasian / native american looking children. He doesn’t deserve to have black folk upset about any portrayal of him imo.

      • Banksy

        Let me ask you a serious question if there were ever a BIo pic about Lil Kim should they cast a fat Asian women to play her in her old age? Being Black is more than just what color you are or who you choose to have your kids but I wouldn’t understand you to understand if you’re not black. This is not about being aesthetically accurate. Its about being Historically accurate. And historically white people have a history with repainting history in their own image.

      • King Cole

        I agree with Pernell. If it’s bio pick then I’m assuming your point is a black man should play MJ when the man’s skins was pale white as hell? I understand historically white people steal roles like this from black actors like the gods of Egypt movie, but who else is suppose to play the role? When he was a kid he was black and due to his illness he became pale and sick looking frail white man (there are claims to bleaching as well to even out his skin tone due to the illness). There is a bigger battle the black community needs to focus on , but we use all our energy on stupid shit like this. We should be creating our own film companies and putting out these movies, but instead we get made at white people for doing what we can’t get off our asses to do. And when we do get off our asses to put something together as a community we don’t even support it…. we rather get mad at shit like this…wait for it to pass…then the next thing will come around and we will get just as mad only to wait for the next to pass…a vicious cycle….smh…why doesn’t this website promote more black films rather then post stuff like this.. there is no balance at all.


        Well said.

      • Pernell Whitaker

        Yes to being black, and I’d probably say yes to Lil Kim being played by a fat Asian woman – that is honestly a good analogy btw. Lil Kim has chosen to not look black herself, so she should be represented as such. Maybe they should get Sammy Sosa to play MJ, he has the skin tone and the DNA. This one isn’t about Hollywood white washing, it’s about a pale skinned dude being portrayed.

      • Banksy

        So basically what you’re saying is that it makes more sense to cast a white man to put additional make up on opposed to cast a light skin or even Pale skin Black person to put additional make up on? You guys so more filled with self hate than what you’re accusing MJ of having. FOH

      • Pernell Whitaker

        I’m saying it doesn’t really matter. It’s acting and fake and superficial whatever way you cut it up… If it was a white dude in prosthetics to play MJ when he was a black man, I would be the first to say its f*cked up and wrong. If it was about his music and performing I’d even be more likely to agree with you. But it’s about his odd friendship with Liz Taylor and a road trip they took after 9/11.

      • Knickfan4life

        They made flex Alexander wear make up

      • yomomma

        Lol that shit was terrible

      • Dope

        Look, nobody is taking away the fact that he was biologically a black man. But WHO would you put to play MJ from about 1990 till his death when HIS SKIN WAS WHITER THAN SNOW. There is no black actor that can do it .. because they have BLACK skin. It wouldn’t make sense. MJ, after his skin gradually turned white, also had plastic surgeries that made his face more ”white” (thinner lips, narrow nostrills etc). He was visually a white man. Again, nobody is taking away his DNA, his biology, and everyone is free to watch his early music videos and see who he was, but a movie character showing MJ in his last 20 years of life must be white because MJ himself was white all that time.

      • A black actor can do it, they can apply the make up and prosthetics to make him look lighter. C’mon man this is 2016 they’ve got the tech

      • Banksy

        Thank you. These idiots are talking like they’re filming the movie in 1916 or someshit.

      • Dope

        Yes, it can be done with effects, just like they did that dude who plays Captain America as a scrawny little kid. BUT, I bet my life on it that if they took a black actor, then made him white, there would still be the same outrage on why they made him white. And it would be a lot more work, while this guy practically already looks like MJ (will need a bit makeup to get his skin whiter as well, as MJ’s skin was whiter than any white person’s skin by the end of his life).

    • Knickfan4life

      It still makes no sense because no matter what he did to his face or whatever makeup he wore he was still black.

      • Dope

        It make sense because PHYSICALLY HE WAS WHITE. If you saw MJ at any point in his life after ~1990, not knowing who he was, would you in a million years think he is a black person genetically?

      • Knickfan4life

        That is that Bruce Jenner argument no matter what you do to the exterior the interior is still your soul. nothing about Michael Jackson was white except his skin.

      • dacap

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  • 21187

    ghost right, shkreli should play mj

  • Celz

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      • Celz

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      • Celz

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      • Celz

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  • jacksjus

    I remember specifically Mike being upset over this during the Oprah interview. He said he’s black and proud of it and that having a white kid play him was the dumbest idea ever. #Fact

  • hoeyuno

    Wouldn’t the movie have been more accurate if they had a black guy in Whiteface?

    • Knickfan4life

      No that is just silly also

  • Markus

    This project will have buzz and hype all around it because of the subject. And as curious as people may be about the finished product, I think it would be best if his fans don’t even watch a single second of this trash.

  • Larry Sandwiches

    ALLHIPHOP didnt mention the name of the “short film” because they wanted US to make the assumption that a white guy was cast in a Michael Jackson biopic.

    I looked it up. Its about a fictional car ride with MJ, Marlon Brando, and Liz Taylor.

    This is a “short film” that wont even be distributed.
    Not only would MOST OF US not have watched this even if they HAD CASTED A BLACK ACTOR to be Michael Jackson, but MOST OF US wont even have a place to watch it.


  • Larry Sandwiches

    “Elizabeth, Michael, and Marlon” is the name of this “short film.

    Lets “REPORT” the right way ALLHIPHOP!!

  • yomomma

    He died a white man like relax geez

    • He had a skin disorder so how does that change his ethnicity?



  • Nightmare

    So it’s ok for the white guy to play Michael Jackson (a real person), but Idris Elba can’t play James Bond (a fake spy for a fake agency) ?🚶🏾

    • No offense but you’re comparing apples and bowling balls. Unless it’s the same company that’s releasing this MJ project and the James Bond project. Otherwise, it’s not the same. I’m just saying…

      • Nightmare

        Knock it off with the bullish!t. That’s like gettin a white guy to portray 2pac or Biggie in a movie

      • Do you even know what the f*ck you’re talking about? Do you? I’ll bet you don’t even know what the movie is about. You’re just on this thread spouting hater sh*t without doing the homework. Part of that is this author’s fault and the way the story was written. But part of it is people like you that refuse to educate themselves. The movie is a comedy based on a car ride with 3 famous people. But there’s a catch. It’s a comedy. If this were a biography or anything relating to the way Michael Jackson lived his life as an individual I’d be on board to hate that sh*t. But this ain’t that. It’s f*cking comedy. As many times as Dave Chappelle played a white person and as many times as Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, The Wayans brothers and numerous others have dressed up on some comedy sh*t, this falls in that same category. I personally don’t object to it. But that’s what y’all n*ggas get for following lame ass Chris Brown. This dude can’t even get his life right, let alone a discussion on race and Hollywood. Y’all people kill me….

      • Nightmare

        I can give 2 fncks what the movie is about. How about that ? In fact u look suspect pushin for this sh!t. U should just change your name to “White Jay Supreme” On this b!tch like you’re Stacey Dash.😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • Call me what you want. My position remains unchanged. Sometimes a real man has to stand alone. That’s life….

      • Nightmare

        Of course white boy.✌🏾️

      • Lol!

      • Chri$$$

        You’re just a white boy, pretending to be black, trying to convince us that there’s nothing wrong with whites trying to steal everyone’s identity, culture, and history. Having a black avatar doesn’t make it any less obvious.

      • Nightmare

        I was thinkin the same thing about that weirdo.

      • Tanman01

        ^^ This… I’m sitting here looking like wtf?? I guess you can only pretend for so long. Smh

      • My perspective is mine and I own it. No matter if it’s popular or not. Real man sh*t….

      • I guess…. In your world disagreement means you’re an enemy. Carry on….

  • If it’s fictional, who gives a sh*t? I don’t. Hell, if it were up to me I’d let Johnny Depp play an MJ character on some comedy sh*t. Life just isn’t that serious folks. But if it were something based on his actual life, I would have a problem with that. I don’t think this is a case of blackface because it’s all hypothetical comedy. If Dave Chappelle can play a White news anchor on the Chappelle Show, how is this different? Breezy needs to sit his ass down somewhere. Try figuring out why you named an album after your daughter but the songs in the album are about f*cking b*tches and getting drunk. Sit your confused ass down somewhere….

    • No no no, I respect your opinion but any sort of MJ movie shouldn’t be made a comedy because that man was and is a LEGEND to many. Casting a Caucasian actor as him for “jokes” or whatever isn’t right

      • So…. You got a problem with Dave Chappelle doing whiteface? How many times did Dave play a White person? And The Wayans brothers? This movie isn’t a biography or anything relating to the actual life of Michael Jackson on a personal level. This is a f*cking comedy based on a car ride involving 3 superstars….So Eddie Murphy can play an old White Jewish dude in Coming To America but nobody can f*ck with Mike on a comedic level? And don’t get me started on how many times Martin Lawrence did it. Shiiiiit….

      • Well in that case if that’s the premise then alright I get that. I was under the impression that it was based off of him solely. So I’ll agree that for this premise of movie it’s “whatever”

  • Super_Hero

    Well then they should have 3 black children play Michael’s kids.

  • I’m with Breezy that’s absolute bull sh** if true. MJ should not be played by a Caucasian because well for obvious reason he was not Caucasian.

  • King Cole

    Major point I haven’t seen anywhere is that this is going to a comedy and not a bio pic. Don’t gagr the energy to explain why all the anger over a British comedy about 911 that is going to have a short role or appear of a white man playing Mj is dumb. No one said anything about tropic thunder. Bigger shot we need to worry about.

  • TruthHurts

    says the guy with the racist screen name

  • Stop The Hate📵

    Bro get a life man. Damn u need a gf bro or some friends. U must have a depressed life.

  • Frank Yoster

    But isnt MJ white anyways hahahaha

  • TheBlackItalian

    He wasn’t white. He was Hispanic.

  • Papi Peligro

    Black Delegation kicks out all bleached pedophiles no matter how many records they sold.

  • youngplaya

    MJ was a proud Black American. MJ had vitilago which caused him to lose the melanin in his skin. Everyone knows that yet, they keep up the BS everyday. For white people to constantly try to take Black People and put a white face on it is just sickening. I have to look at movies about Moses in Africa played by white people and the Africans are white lol shit is just retarded. I don’t care what anyone says about it being fiction and just relax. Have you ever seen Yasheua portayed as a Black man which he is in these white folks fiction movies? Hardly ever, maybe Bruce Almighty lol and that was in the 2000s.

  • ebonyhud

    The fact of the matter is MJ said it was a disease. Period. So we making fun of of a dead man with a disease as comedy now. I’m just saying…

    That’s like having a black man playing a white burn victim in a comedy… Now I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t laugh…simply because it would be stupid. I guess that’s what they’re thinking…I don’t think thats in good taste though

  • Mo Cash

    what america will continue to do WHITE america shit, wasn’t the movie titled the last samurai feature a white tom cruise as the last samurai?? it doesn’t matter how historically wrong or incorrect it is,white america will continue with the racist delusional portrayal of history with them at center stage weather its them being egyptian or playing mj no surprises ;)>

  • Thought Dog

    People are upset about this but don’t care about the modern day Saartjie Baartman’s all over music and twerk videos?

  • Anthony Mason

    Chris brown is worried about this and not the other horrible things he has done….

    He made an album about crazy and sexual demonic stuff and named it after his daughter…Wtf?

    • Papi Peligro

      Yeah I gotta cosign. I’m not having no sex references in my DAUGHTERS album tribute. We going to redo classics like Sesame street do and count or come up with letters of the day.

      • Anthony Mason

        Lol! He should have just made an EP with a few songs about his daughter. He has a song about getting his drink laced by some b**** at a bar lmao!…and chasing her around in some clown maze to try to bang her…..Lmao!!!!

        Well I guess that behavior is what got him his daughter by that club hoe so…

  • WeakSauce

    Here we go again black america lol

  • El Dogga

    They can do whatever THEY want… think they reading ya’ll comments and tweets??? get real.