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Did Kanye Apologize?: “Never Speak On Kids Again”

(AllHipHop News) It seems like Kanye West has come close to apologizing for uttering the 2-year old son of Wiz Khailfa and Amber Rose.

On Twitter, the GOOD Music head said “God’s dream… Never speak on kids again… all love … all blessings…”

While is is not exactly an apology, it does seem to denote some regret.
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This has been whirlwind of a week for Mr. West, as he became embroiled in a war of words with Wiz and Amber. Those words eventually resulted in Amber Rose alleging the rapper liked fingers in his “bootyhole.”

West would deny the allegations the next day.

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  • Tohn

    It should have never got to that point to begin with. Bitch ass nigga!

  • Anthony Mason

    Kanye you all sleep together and with whoever so who really gives a rats a**??? / Yeah I just made 1000 niggas cover their mouth grabbing for their hazmats… / When I write…it’s wild abstract/ Some of my rhymes are past math (smh)….

    Time to put the kids to bed upstairs…chug a glass of wine…and grab for your gas masks…../ Is this London or bombs over Baghdad???!!!

    (Let me chill)….

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      You wrote that? Im asking, too tired to think of who wrote that or am imagining things. my phone dont work, im about to snap on this Orange (verizon of europe) these niccas about to catch some tweets.

      • Anthony Mason

        I wrote it just now. I not even f***ing kidding you…..

        My pen game is terrifying bruh…Google it. That’s all me….just now….

      • ZUBU

        I feel you bro, if you wrote that your pen game is nice. I have no reason to doubt you, I spit at you on some other shiittt on here and respect your intellect. Of course the young knuckle-heads will say I’m on your Johnson, whereas as older brothers will understand that I’m respecting and complimenting another brother lol… Peace……

      • Anthony Mason

        You actually understand obviously…. Thanks bruh….

        Yeah a lot of goofy dudes think only their favorite rappers are capable….

      • Anthony Mason

        People don’t want to rebuttal me on here even to just joke around because I write rhymes fast as I think of them so I am typing in real time…..

      • Papi Peligro

        >Ojays Still missingOjays Still missingOjays Still missing<

      • Papi Peligro

        www. youtube. com /watch?v=ZIpIXG8uKFQ

        stiill missing stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill missing

      • Elayorx El

        Is this a joke, cause I could’ve sworn I tried to rebuttal you only a couple of days ago. Really?

      • Anthony Mason

        About what?

        OK write a rhyme right now and I’ll rebuttal it….

      • Elayorx El

        Just seeing this. The B.O.B. post from a few days ago.

      • Anthony Mason

        Oh so now I need to do an easter egg hunt to some old article….

        Ok I’m down…LOL!

      • Elayorx El

        Ok, so lemme know when you find it, because it’s not hard at all;-) Took me 2 clicks.

      • Anthony Mason

        I can’t find it still lol!….As a reponsible adult I turned those B.O.B. pages into Nagasaki x4000 over just to save kids in their formative years from buying into it…I might have blown your post off of flat earth and it might floating around in Saturn’s orbit by now and created a new moon…..;-)

        Venus was tired of being called a star because it looks like a big a** star so I held it down so kids could realize they can’t learn about the cosmos from a rapper. Maybe 50 or so of them will stick to learning and put down their ipads and realize learning is important so they can create better space vehicles which is cooler than being a robotic dummy any day of the week…

        Calculus and trig is some gangster s*** in my mind. People who understand physics create all the cool stuff anyways….

      • Elayorx El

        No worries….Interplanetarium rap/ the world both round and flat/ I asked Pun to put the moon back, and relight the sun with a match/ you haven’t lived til you’ve seen yourself the villain/ never knew til this board that it could ever be him/ once you in, can never rescind/ speed of thought style, so cleverly blend/ to earn often/ we need to learn educaution, to beware of 1% flossin/ once held the planets in my hands morphin, like marbles, now my goddess talk garbled/ the programs we use causes us to argue/ was born with no whites in my eyes, we gotta know the signs/ recognize A.Mason square & compass everytime;-)/ put pressure on magazine pages to gauge what’s the latest/ adamantium sharpen vibranium, periodic greatest/ sun, moon, and stars a reflection of me, going inward for the truth, only then will I believe. Seen?

      • Anthony Mason

        That s*** was fire!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Elayorx El

        Likewise, Ahk. It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here, and your raps sparked keen interest, so a quick rebuttal will keep the inspiration going. Real rap.

      • Anthony Mason

        I’m on it…..I was talking to my girl for like last hour. Lol!

      • Anthony Mason

        I might actually to think for once to rebuttal that one….

        Your vocabulary is outstanding….kudos….

      • Elayorx El

        :-)We’ve mixed it up before, and I remember letting you know the same. Pardon self, but I’ve learned a friend passed away recently, so I’m trying anything to redirect this energy. Appreciate it. One.

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah man…. redirect your energy and take out to your aggression…

        My condolences regarding your friend I have been there too. Stay up…

      • Anthony Mason

        Ok lets do this…

        I not a Buddhist, Judas, or that Dash chick from clueless so don’t you dare misconstrue this….

        My flow is virulent I’m sick on some bacteria laced with flu s***…/ I own two German whips…they came over on two ships (lol!) / I’m a nice Villan who makes a nice livin and will gladly hand out penicillin for a handshake and the price of admission…/ My rhymes are making a killin….

        I agree…. In 2016 we need more education and less freemasonic boom bap/ Next week B.O.B will be telling young niggas the moon’s flat…


        GOD as my witness….screw that/ I’m unmarked since birth/ Not even a few tats/ Kicking some knowledge the WU tang crew lacks / Shame on RZA for selling that Armenian jew that…. (real s***)…

        I can’t be tossed in 1% flossin/ If I was broke tommorow….I would still be f***ing awesome / I will never play possum or fall prey to the s*** these dumb niggas are lost in…/ I feel like Nas after he lost his mother when he wrote God’s Son/ When the stars align maybe niggas will stop sipping lean and get off that pine/ Lucifer wants all our people in coffins ( real niggas are like true that) / Until then… @Elayorex El never let them stop your shine….

        And I reiterate ….that rhyme you wrote before was f***ing awesome….

      • Elayorx El

        Yikes! (Jaz the Rapper face here)….lol.

      • Anthony Mason

        Copy and paste it bruh.Lol I won’t be able find it easily…..

      • Anthony Mason

        I don’t tweet. Not my world….But I’m a pretty private person but I would not ever pretend to write something someone else did….

        Thats why the game is f***ed up….These dudes are phoney….

        Everyone has Travis S. autistic/skitzo a** writing for them now and the creativity is dying….

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I didn’t doubt I just didn’t know if you wrote it. Good rhymes but it’s not my thing. I’m more into just being a fan/supporter.

      • Anthony Mason

        Nothing wrong bruh. Just be careful who you support. I write stuff to create emotion and structurally sound thinking and I imagine you got that rhyme 200%

        I try to paint graphic pictures not just say random s*** to people. That is art…

      • J Burn

        Bwahahaha. “I try to paint pictures”. Newest prison escapee, El Lame-o. Lol. You’re like xhibit at the lunch truck with them dumb azz comment bars lmao. #Foh

      • Anthony Mason

        Oh yeah…because writing my own rhymes has so much to do with an 8 mile lunch truck you dumb f***/ @ J Burn is out here dissing niggas again like he’s punch drunk / You never seen p***y again since you plopped crying out your mom’s c***…./ Girl at work asked you to eat with her because she was lonely and you were like no b**** f*** lunch!!!!!


      • J Burn


    • Q.

      Yo who’s gay?/That dude Ye’s sweeter than fruit trays/ N!gga, don’t sing a lick–I’d rather listen to Bublé/ The truth face any n!gga, they cower in shame/It morphs into a beast and devours their frames/ His hour of fame is dwindling–he’s too feminine/ Kanye’s heart pumps more estrogen than it do adrenaline/He needs a ritalin–that n!gga’s skin too thin/ Dummy wifed a fvckin hoe, yet he aiming at Wiz/ He aiming at kids?–he needs one aimed at his wig/ Committed a hard foul, real flagrant and sh!t/ This bipolar n!gga with a twitter account; Amber playing in his booty, Caitlin’s d!ck in his mouth…forget it I’m out LOL

      • Anthony Mason

        Haha! You went in on that …

        I had to Google buble though …had not a clue who that guy was. That is how you know I don’t listen to rich, aristocratic,esque, copycat crooning ……

      • Q.

        White women adore that dude…him and that damn Josh Groban. LOL

      • Anthony Mason


      • Anthony Mason

        It was all the Hollywood parties. They know he will kill for a white chick even the evil ones….

      • Anthony Mason

        That rhyme was good so it deserves a rebuttal so toushe…/Kanye is out here sounding like a doush ehh? (Juvy voice)….lmao!!!!

        So nigga you sayin Kanye doesn’t like p**sayyyy???/ Have me out here sounding like 2 chains! Lmao!…

        Kanye is a special dude in the sense he can create GOOD music/ He has no real life coping skills so now it’s the Kardashians he’s usaiing!!!…/ More fame more lawyer brain…/ Anything for him stop him from looosain!!!!…

        I’m trying to figure out AHH where the groove went…. by offering my 2 cents!!!/ It would not surprise me if Kanye was on the poo train… so sue mayyy!!! Lol! /Shout out to the Boule(Google that)….They are out here topping fools off like a toupe!!!


  • Smh, I’m definitely a Ye fan but that was very low of him to type what he did about Wiz’s kid. Be a man about it and apologize, cut the beat around the bush approach

  • Nightmare

    still not fan of this devil worshipping weirdo.

    • Anthony Mason

      No harm will come to the children. They just want to make you and I puppets for devil worship….

      I’m not doing it. Straight up….. It is witchcraft bruh…. They don’t kill their kids or in laws if possible… but sometimes their mothers….

  • Papi Peligro

    Man this dude done forgot how to make even 1 line. What happen to clever ye.

    • Anthony Mason

      I think he hit his goals….A kid or 2, rich,an attractive wife….

      Kim isn’t cold now though. She was before the surgeries though. She was naturally sexy….not now….

  • Banksy

    Having a Gods dream while living a Satanic reality. Real talk this nigga would’ve been rapping through the wire again if I was Wiz.

    • Executive

      Through the wire pt 2(it wasn’t a steering wheel that hit me this time).

      • Eli Pinilla

        ” he hit me with a hurricane of punches but I ain’t a Hatian, man”

      • Executive

        Lmmfao! You a fool with that one😂😂😂

    • Anthony Mason

      Wiz can rap. He just eased up and stopped trying….

      That Kush and Orange Juice was one of the best albums of the last 10 years but people only focus on his commercial s***. Never should have been a mixtape. I best it gets re-released. ….

  • If he did then I take my hat off to the fella.

    By the way so called AHH bloggers why do you feel the need to ask questions, are you all that incompetent you can’t seek the answers yourself?

    It seems af it you’re related to the owner or offering favours to stay in the job? That’s the only reason why a sane person would keep you incompetent Muppets on.

    • killacali909

      You just asked 2 questions



      • Yes I did.

        With all due respect bro I don’t think you understand what being a journalist entails.

        I’ll break it down real quick, part of their role is to inform their readers / audience, you get answers from the subject and relay it to your audience. An incompetent journalist is one that is incapable of providing answers.

        I don’t see anything funny in your comment and I take it as a misunderstanding. I’m questioning the dude’s journalistic abilities.

        Google the 5 Ws and H and it’ll make sense bro.

        I hope you now fully understand why I had to ask those questions !!!!!!!!

  • wickedjones

    This fool almost 40 and act like a big baby. Man up and make it plain. Apologize and keep it moving.

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  • greeneyedbandit

    Amber’s tweets were Kryptonite! It will be a loooong time before he start some sh*t with her again.

  • Nightmare

    Ain’t no escaping this.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brindle

    Too late Ye, you’ve had one too many feminine outburst.

  • One Nite Stanley

    Ye and Meek should to a collab album…”Hindsight”

  • WeakSauce

    Should had never retaliate to something you had no idea about…..

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