Is Mike Jones Under The Jail For Human Trafficking???

(AllHipHop Rumors) This is strange. We ain’t heard the name Mike Jones in a minute. I will say this, when we do hear from Mr. Jone, its something goofy. This is not that. This is serious if there is a shred of evidence.
I don’t exactly know the source of this story, but read it.
TEXAS – According to a report, rapper Mike Jones was arrested by San Antonio police earlier today on human trafficking charges after an ongoing 4 months investigation.


Police say the accused, Jones and a fellow friend of the rapper, forced their victims to work as prostitutes from hotels and motels and then collected and kept their earnings.

A total of 34 human trafficking charges have been laid as a result against the duo. Authorities say the events occurred between September to December of last year.

“It takes a lot of courage for the victims to come forward,” San Antonio police inspector Jonas Dresden said. “These pimps will groom them, they will build a relationship with them, they’ll try and build a trust with them. In most cases, they’ll try to make the victim believe that they’re in love with them. These victims are sometimes just looking for attention and affection and these pimps know exactly what these girls are looking for and they feed off of that.”

He also added that prostitution is a common way to earn money in the criminal world, claiming it’s often more lucrative than trafficking in guns or drugs, or even rapping.

Jones, who is currently being held on $100,000 bond, is facing between 5 to 14 years of imprisonment. However, if aggravated assault, aggravated sexual assault, or death were to come into play, the maximum penalty is life imprisonment.

  • Nightmare

    Mike Jooonneeesss…(who ???) Mike Joooonnneessss…

    • Papi Peligro

      Tipping on 44s still hitting.

  • kane pacino

    pimpin ain’t easy . .

  • Eastatlantasown6




  • Jared

    Always thought he was the rumored southern rapper with HIV. AHH always pushed that one back in the day…

    • Papi Peligro

      Well thats 1 street rumor you need when going to prison.

  • I called his number back in the day to ask for an endorsement lol



  • O SKI

    Mike Jones from Love and Hip Hop?

  • Papi Peligro

    So the Correctional Corporation of America is now calling Pimping Human Trafficking. WHO GONE BAIL THESE HO3S out when they out TRAFFICKING THEMSELVES IN REAL TRAFFIC. Who gone whip these John’s A$$ when they they put hands on these H03. Trafifcking is when you kidnap a woman and against her will Pimp her out. Some HOES like to HOE they like that money and they need services. So we gotta sign independent contracts for H03S now? Here’s my list of Independent H03 services:

    A$$ Whippings Johns
    Motivational Speeches (including quotes from some of your favorite pimps)
    Throw yo money at you at the strip club to make other people throw more money
    Tell you when you stank (aka you been working hard)
    That foot when you need a foot in ya A$$ (8pm can creep up on ya)
    Drive you round the block for a minute (Gas not included)
    Daddy Issue services
    Amscot (With yo money. I dont put this ho3 money with that Ho3 money)
    Put you on the internet if the streets is dry
    Fellatio practice
    White Johns
    Uber Technical Support
    And seen around with a pimp like me


      What he said!!!BRUH

    • Anthony Mason


    • SoulFul Epic


    • Celz

      I know a cat who had to pimp his boys sister.. She kept taking the train to Watts so he could put her on and he’d drive her back.. After like the 5th time she was like I’m grown and if you don’t pimp me I’ll just have a stranger do it..

      Her brother basically had to let his homie pimp his sister.. That don’t trafficking.. But physical coercion is.. Maybe even psychological coercion but it has to be more than the standard I love you, let’s ball out, I’ll get you a purse, or the classic you already fucc for free baby.. If a chick falls for those lines then it’s not trafficking either..

      • Papi Peligro

        Exactly. All these instagram h03s getting is background of Trey Song video and some likes.

    • Guillaume Pilon


      Human trafficking Is buying people from someone else

      Like chinese people from a container

      A pimp is a pimp

  • THISIS50


  • N*ggas will do anything to keep that cheddar coming in once their star has dimmed. If he did it he deserves what’s coming to him. There are a million other ways he could’ve gotten paper.

    • Celz

      Fastest way to come up.. You can make a doctor salary without even trying.. They are coming down on this hard.. The worst is when you catch a street smart 19year old.. But she’s really a 16 year old runaway with decent makeup and a weave.. They are givin out elbows (life) for that in Cali..

      It’s not worth it.. Ruining girls lives so you can pretend to be a successful rapper.. It’s really lame..

  • Executive

    Who?…. Mike Jones.

  • Anthony Mason

    This nigga turned into a bag of bones stopped rapping and started wearing goodwill and said he does not have HIV. Riiigghhhttt…

    • Dirkdadiggler

      Off topic , but I replied to a comment you made on another thread with that drake eye in the middle of the 6 artwork. You and I spotted that shit right away. Fam they watching and monitoring every comment on these sites, they deleted your comment and my reply. Ppl don’t wanna believe this shit, but it’s thick as gravy.

      • mrjones

        Ya keep hitting that pooky…lmao they watching comments on a broke ass rap site…i heard it all now.

      • Anthony Mason

        He was right. It got deleted. Go look….Drake butters their bread (Martin S. Voice) and keeps the lights on at AHH. Drake’s reputation specialists have reputation specialists….


      • Anthony Mason

        It is spiritual warfare out here bruh. People who care to see it see. They are progressively programing people to not notice things by bombarding them with those types of images….

      • Dirkdadiggler

        Yea in the reply I mentioned how you peeped that evil shit in the artwork. than I mentioned how he uses the owl as his mascot/symbol , the same owl depicted in bohemian grove. Than u see the msg as soon as I hit reply, plz wait this comment is being reviewed, or whatever it says. Crazy shit right.

      • Anthony Mason

        I’ve already said the Bohemian Grove thing on here a bunch of times…

        Anybody real on here knows about that already. There is literally a guy in the background of the song saying 666 in the so it’s really no debate what is going on here….

        Hey sometimes your comments can also go into moderation by miss spacing and it gets pegged as a website. Also, sometimes not censoring your curse words correctly will send you to moderation…

      • Controversy Sells

        What song brotha man

      • Anthony Mason

        It’s on summer sixteen….

        Right towards the end after the beat changes someone says 666 with delay and reverb on it really quick…

      • Anthony Mason

        Can you let me know your reply? I did see it got deleted. Hey you called them out on it….

        They only like when I’m saying some wild and entertaining stuff but when I get real and speak on something like that….it dissapears…

  • BrotherMan21

    He hasnt been the same since he bought the House in Virginia

  • jeweliano

    Damn….I don’t think he’s going to have a problem remembering his prison ID number though.

    • Controversy Sells

      Neither will we once we get that jail freestyle

  • hoeyuno

    I woulda called jones out for fronting if he was rapping about being a pimp..Shows you can’t judge peoples…assuming there is truth to this of course..Hope everything works out for dude though if he is innocent.

  • ken

    The story is not true tho..yall turned into mediafakeout

  • Celz

    Article is super fake..

    • chappedlippz

      How you know it ain’t true?

      • Celz

        There are no sources. A 46 cont trafficking indictment would make local news. There is no story. Arrest records are public record. You could call down there pay 5 bucks and they would give you basic info. Journalists (ie not blogs) do this to verify stories. And the same story came out last year..

      • It’s safe to say that an exclusive story on this site means the blogger has suffered a concussion and is still dizzy and confused. Or may have bumped his /her head on the wooden part of the bed whilst waking up and is just not in the right frame of mind.

        I’m hoping that these guys don’t use the line “I’m a journalist” to pick up gyal. Journalism is not for everyone. Throw the towel in guys you’d earn more respect.

      • chappedlippz

        Thanks for the update


    Damn that nigga look like he got that “MAN DOWN” disease…..I haven’t looked at this boy the same since Trae The Truth tapped his ass up at the award show…..

  • Ionithus


    • Vinsanity

      Mike Jones…………800-4…………

      • Jack

        281 330

  • Markus

    Back then,didn’t know him,
    Now he a pimp,the law’s on him
    Back then ,didn’t know him,
    Now he a pimp, the law’s on him……..

  • baller187

    he gone

  • ursocalledgod

    nigga look like a tranny in that pic lmao smh

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