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Blac Chyna Was Arrested At Austin Airport For Possessing Ecstasy

(AllHipHop News) Black Chyna was actually arrested Friday for possessing two ecstasy pills at the Austin International Airport. The vixen was cuffed when after police had found the pills in her purse.

Chyna was allegedly drunk and disorderly, apparently in a verbal altercation with the bartender, when the police first arrived at the airport. The bartender told police that the former girlfriend of rapper Tyga had told her that she was already on Xanax, and became aggressive after she was refused more alcohol.

The officers ended up finding the drugs in a sunglasses case, according to TMZThe pills were soon identified as MDMA (the scientific term for ecstasy) after they were field-tested. Chyna then became resistant by refusing to walk “passively” when she was arrested by police.

Black Chyna has not yet commented on her recent bust over the weekend.


  • youKNOWthatYOUugly

    Be a mama to yo child byatch

  • Kay

    I hope this woman realizes these people are devils in disguise and will stop at nothing to ensure she loses all ties to Tyga and that means her son. She better not trust Rob either. They have no problem using black people to push their agendas – Blac Chyna is no different and they don’t care about breaking up a family to get what they want.


    On a flight to probably give some nigga the ass, and got bagged smfh.

  • Markus

    All this flying back and forth,putting new faces in her kid’s grill along with his deviant father and add drugs into the mix and it won’t be long before child services decides that enough is enough.