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Chris Brown Has Some Words For The Grammys!

Photo via Chris Brown’s Instagram

Several Hip Hop & R&B artists expressed feeling snubbed by The Recording Academy in regards to Grammy nominations. With the Grammy’s being two weeks away, Chris Brown is still expressing his opinion on the award show. Breezy referred to The Grammys as the awards that used to mean something. Brown has been a Grammy award-winner and nominee in the past, but this year the singer is fed up. He took to his Twitter for a typical Chris Brown rant. Brown called out the industry for being “twisted.” According to Chris, Grammys are devalued to “memes and likes” nowadays. Chris also stated that if you turn on your radio, within a hour, you will hear his music or songs that he’s co-written. Should Chris have been nominated more?

Chris Brown grammys

  • Hahahaha…. He offered up his daughter as a sacrifice to move units. Once the Grammy’s got a whiff of the hoes and alcohol and p*rn on the album named after his own daughter, they instantly tossed that sh*t where it belonged…. In the garbage…

  • big brain

    Industry doesn’t like him, but he has to much talent to go away. And his personality sucks big time, is that why he does no interviews.

  • youKNOWthatYOUugly

    Why is everybody cryin about awards nowadays? Get the paper and keep it pushin.