Are Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, & Amber Rose Swingers Now?

Photo via Kim K & Amber Rose’s Instagram

Are Kanye West & Kim Kardashian, and Amber Rose swingers now? Just maybe, or Amber Rose and Kim K could just be trolling. Remember, Kanye said he and his wife have the type of love to turn exes into best friends. Amber Rose & Kim Kardashian shocked the net by posting the same photo of them together. Kim’s caption read,

“Tea anyone.”

While Amber’s read,


Nothing with Ye, Kim, Amber, Kylie, Tyga, Blac Chyna, Rob, Kris, Bruce, and Khloe really surprises anyone anymore. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Plus there is definitely some money all of these crazy folks can get together. Actually money probably is how this photo came about. They probably could get some coins from a new freaky flick too. We wonder if a camera crew was present LOL.

In case you forgot:

Kanye West is married to Kim K.
Amber Rose was with Kanye.
French Montana was with Khloe.
Scott was with Kourtney.
Amber Rose was spotted chilling with Scott and French.
Blac Chyna and Amber Rose are best friends.
Tyga is with Kylie.
Blac Chyna was with Tyga.
Rob Kardashian is now with Blac Chyna.
Kylie & Rob have the same stepchild.

  • TheAfroRican

    Another waste of article space…..

    • that dude

      You ain’t neva lied……..

  • hoeyuno

    Wow!! I just read that whole thing.
    **Stabs eyeballs with rusty screwdriver**

  • Black Adam

    Really Classic one? Really?

  • Mrs. Davis804

    That sextape on the jumbotron rumor scared them witches senseless. Them witches was scared amber and wiz was ready to either them. Lol. Can’t beat em, join em, and give them a show. Smh

  • El Dogga

    I can’t believe I clicked and read this garbage!!! HipHop is this bad now????

  • The Legendary Troll

    They act like no other people in the world exist to date

  • 86Jordan

    They likely put on their adult pants and made up woman to woman, especially after the kids were put into this BS. #SMH

  • Mec-One

    That bald smut bucket must have some serious dirt on Ye’ for his smut ass wife to go out waving the white flag

  • For those of you who aren’t completely f*cking blind and dumb as sh*t, this should’ve been expected. Kanye is the best f*cking marketer in the music business. Of course Kim is eventually going to make nice with Amber. Kanye has an album coming out. You can’t go into an album release with millions of Wiz fans up in arms. Kanye had to make peace.

    But you also can’t unring a bell. Kanye looks really strong off of this. Wiz looks hella weak off of this. A dude brings his kid into a battle and now everyone’s making nice? Shiiiit. Come at my kid and I’m not letting that sh*t slide until I lay fists on your face. Meanwhile, Kanye got all of the media and all of the exposure. What did Wiz get? His baby insulted. Some n*ggas are just weak like that…

    • Brindle

      gonna take at least 48 hours to see if this works…

      • Yeah… Meanwhile Wiz stay losing. Just heard he got his Rolex snatched by a fan in Brazil. This n*gga is having a seriously bad couple of weeks.

      • Brindle

        lmao… not the Rolie… Kanye gotta get rid of the finger thing, as long as that keeps pushing and the media continues looking down on him for his statements, Kim and Amber’s little pic isn’t gonna help… like I said, we’ll be able to tell in 48hrs… plus Amber typing “swingers”doesn’t help much either, just trashes it up

    • Weedras

      who said Wiz is making nice though? that’s Amber. Where did it say Wiz and Kanye squash shit?

      • You really believe a mom will squash sh*t and a dad won’t? Really? Amber jumped in to defend weak ass Wiz. There was never any speak between her and Kanye. So if she jumped in without Wiz’s permission and Wiz accepted it, why can’t you believe she made up without his permission and Wiz accepted it? Please…. The only reason Wiz ain’t in the photo is because he’s too busy on tour in Brazil getting his Rolex snatched.

    • El_Gringo

      I will smack the baby teeth out ya kid’s mouth and use their favorite blanket to wipe my nut after thrashing your chick.

      Lemme know when you’re ready to lay fists on my face.

      • Hahahaha….. I don’t have kids…… Except those swimming on your mom’s tonsils. Do those count? B*tch ass n*gga. 😂😂😂😂😂

      • El_Gringo

        does it count if my mom got her tonsils removed already??

        B*tch ass B*tch!

      • 😂😂😂😂 Here…. Hold this “L”….

        That’s what happens when you try to troll Black Jay. Damn you got roasted! 😂😂😂😂

      • El_Gringo

        I’m sorry Black Jay but that “roast” lacked creativity. It was subpar, mediocre at best. Kind of what your life is like I imagine. Anyway Mr. Jay, i’ll hold on to that “L” if you hold this “D” for a little bit. It’s kind of heavy and I could use some help. Thanks, guy!

      • {In Riley voice}

        “N*gga, you gay!”


      • El_Gringo

        {In Red Foxx voice}

        “Ya big dummy!” (I don’t know you but I have a feeling you a stupid nigga)


  • Markus

    Therapists for their kids are standing by. Got a feeling at some point once they’re older they’re going to need to talk to somebody.

    • Brindle

      yeah bruh, only God and therapy can help anyone and anything (furniture and pets) associated with these people… stay away Wiz, far away

    • therealest1

      They’re already born as messed up kids honestly. Look at how idiot ass Kanye West & Kim Kardashian took their daughter to a fashion show which is a totally inappropriate place for a kid to be in.

  • stephen

    amber : what I gotta do so u don’t get me for that lawsuit money?
    Kanye: I think u know what to do :]

    • Black Adam


  • Ipullcards

    Now Ye has won. Sorry wiz! He’s gunna be baby sitting Sebastian in no time! Lol

  • THE.

    This lame sh!t should come with a disclaimer saying ‘only for entertainment purposes only’.

    • therealest1

      Or kill your brain cells purposes only

  • mr morgan

    That would be a nice little 3some

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  • Dope

    Um.. yeah, this is NOT album promotion at all.

    Also, click here to grow 10 inches in your pants, and earn a million dollars totallynotfake.cum

  • M.DOT

    Wiz has looked real weak throughout this whole ordeal. He had the smack face when Kanye said u let a stripper trap u. Got him thinkin. Instead of a comeback that can match that he has to resort to calling out and video tactics. Was it really a big deal that he showed Kim tape when everyone has just about seen it?

  • therealest1

    They’re all garbage involved in this so they might as well go in that dumpster they belong in.

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