Freeway On Drake – Meek Mill Beef: Rap Is Competitive, It’s Not Over

(AllHipHop News) Yesterday (Feb. 1), Freeway spoke on the Hip-Hop beef between Drake and Meek Mill. While respect and brotherly love were extended  to Meek, the “Rock The Mic” MC also challenged his creativity. “I love Meek and that’s my man…He definitely could’ve went in and did more than what he did. Who knows, it’s not over yet,” this according to VladTV.

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“Hip-Hop is competitive. You know, I feel like I’m better than everybody. So, I’m pretty sure that every other artist feels the same way. If you don’t it’s something wrong with you,” offered the lyrically adept wordsmith. When discussing Drake’s  inflammatory diss-track, “Back to Back,” he added, “it made a big impact, but it was light.”

After recalling his own personal beefs that required him to remained “strapped up,” the Philly Freezer mentioned, “I’m happy that it’s staying on wax and it’s not violence  [associated with the Drake and Meek Mill beef].”  As the discussion further delved into  beef and reconciliations, Freeway  would mention the relationship between Jay Z and Beanie Sigel, and Lil Wayne and Baby.

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  • Nightmare

    Get well Freeway ✌🏾️

  • Myleage

    Light? maybe he is still recovering from that Nas beat down.

    • John Roberts

      Lmao word. There was nothing light about a grammy diss track

  • lol it’s over af! Drake sonned him, he had his shots demolished by Drake and y’all know it, Like it or now, fact.

    • Papi Peligro

      I’m not a drake fan at all. YEAH ITS A WRAP.

  • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

    Damn it! I hate when great rappers or any rapper for that matter get the talking that “RAP IS A COMPETITION” bullshit. It’s not! Like I so can’t stand that mess. And yes I know it’s been beefs, battles, and competition since day one but I gotta tell you rap battling in any fashion is some of the lamest shit ever…Making up shit on the spot to go at someone you don’t even know or worst going at it on record with someone you used to be friends with might be entertaining in a sick crab in a bucket type ass way but I never really respected the shit. Especially this whole situation. Nigga started lunching cuz another man ain’t tweet his album but wanted to make it also seem like it’s cuz the man don’t write his own rap. TF kinda competition is that? Tf Kinda competition is that to respect?

  • Everyone from philly think meek is rocky, but he needs to stay down. it’s over.

  • ApricotNapalm

    at the end of the day ngas rhymin words together….not that big of a deal

  • The Legendary Troll

    nigga chin look like the black foam on my earphones just got clumped together

  • john scott

    So will All Hip hop post a negative story about Drake at any point. I mean he did go after the President, but Meek gets bashed for donating water and enrolling in college. The bias is real.

  • Papi Peligro

    Its sad to see my man Freeway looking thin man.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      And talking stupid , no way that beef was competitive — lyrically or financially

      • Papi Peligro

        I thought that was the side effect of the kidneys or something.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        nah – he told you he buddys wit meek – so that shows you that to him , buddys means its worth showing himself say things that he know everyone knows is dead wrong