Jay Z’s Roc Nation Files Counter Suit Against Rita Ora

(AllHipHop News) Late last year, news broke that British singer Rita Ora was suing Roc Nation in order to get out of her contract with the label. The company, founded by Jay Z, has now filed a counter suit against Ora.

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Billboard reports:

In its cross-complaint, filed last Friday (Jan. 29) in California Superior Court, says it has “tirelessly promoted” Ora’s career, spending over $2.3 million promoting and recording her 2012 album Ora. The filing calls for that $2.3 million to be returned, and for damages on the four remaining records in her contract.

According to Ora’s lawyer, Howard E. King, Jay Z called the “R.I.P.” performer after she filed her suit and the Hip Hop mogul said he would released her from the Roc Nation contract. King even referred to Jay as “gracious” and suggested Sony Music has been delaying the process.

“It was just a little twist, because Jay Z, we are told, has to answer to Sony Music, so that’s been the hangup in having this go away,” stated King. “But we’re confident that Jay can resolve whatever he has to with Sony Music.”

Rita Ora released one album under Roc Nation, 2012’s Ora. The LP debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart, and it spawned The Notorious B.I.G. sampling, UK hit record “How We Do (Party)”.

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  • Papi Peligro

    She not a bad singer her music just sucks.

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  • Roc Nation doesn’t need two Rhiannas. She has to go. Just let her bounce.

  • Q.

    Music seems like a third or fourth option to this chick. Seen her do everything but sing. First I heard she had an album…oh well. Jigger needs Beyoncé’s weave money back. Oh!

    • that dude

      Same thing I thought, I see her everywhere promoting brands but couldn’t name not one of her songs. She does have a dope song with Charles Hamilton. Wait, that’s his song and I couldn’t tell you the name of that song either…….Oh well, I tried.

      • Black Adam

        Only heard that song one time on hot 9 morning show in that interview with Hamilton. Other than she’s been a ghost.

      • that dude

        He performed it on Empire. His performance was dope.

      • Black Adam

        Ah ok. Havent watched Empire since the 2nd ep of season 2.

      • Q.

        Word? Speaking of Charles Hamilton, I thought son was on the comeback as of 2015. He relapse again or nah? He seems off the radar again…It’s hard out here for real artists these days. Meanwhile, the Lil Doofuses and Yung Mumblemoufs are out here polluting the airwaves. SMH

      • that dude

        I think he good, I think he’s locked in right now. I think Sony might have signed him. But yeah, he’s light years ahead of the Lil Doofuses and Yung Mumblemoufs. He needs a good team around him and he’ll be aight.

    • TheAfroRican

      True. She’s definitely not known for her music.

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    From wat i hear shes a freak in the sack

    • Pernell Whitaker

      Ask your local bag boy to verify, chances are he’s hit it too with her rep!

  • michael thorn

    American’s are CUNTS is why she wants out all the comments on the articles about her prove that!

    • Rapfan

      Calm down and go change your tampon Michael.

  • draws


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