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Dr. Mill: Meek Mill Diagnoses Social Media As Fraudulent?

Photo Credit: Instagram

Between taking breaks from the booth, Mr. Twitter Fingers has offered his official opinion on the ails of social media. Last night (Feb. 1), while using his personal Instagram account, Meek Mill offered his introspective insight on the effects of social media. The “Dreams And Nightmares” rapper re-posted a statement which reflected his sentiment.

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According to the Philly musician, carefully crafted façades  are skewing people’s perception of reality. “The new life! It’s a shame,” read the accompanying message to the main post.



  • Aiden_Abetting

    Just like this lil beef stuff him and drake got going on. All about album sales

  • Nightmare

    Why Meek look like “Oh Sh!t” from Black Ink Crew ? 😂😂😂😂😂

    • STEPH

      SMDH “L” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


      Hell Naw

  • RevrendIke3x

    Stay you dumb ass off of it then. Plus isn’t your Boss life an illusion.

  • Nightmare

    Just heard Meeks new song. The new lyrics are “I work for the police/I’m signed to the cops / My boss has a badge/ we tellin’ non stop. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • STEPH

      LMAO! You are the most Lame person on the internet……LMAO! Let’s give it up to Daymare and his air pistol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #bangbang

      • Nightmare

        Awwww. STEPHANIE from the Cop Squad (Officer Ricky fan club) is butt hurt. Loosing up your skinny jeans.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • STEPH

        You the softest muthafucka on the internet LMAO! Wtf did I tell you about that air pistol boy LMAO!

      • Nightmare

        Why would I pretend to be super tough on the Internet STEPHANIE ? This is the place where people can be everything they’re not. But not me, I’m just me. And I’ll be the first to you. That you wouldn’t swing on me if you were on a swing set at a playground 😩😩😂😂😂😂

  • hoeyuno

    Was this a confession

  • Sean Power

    his talking from experience it made him jealous and make dumb moves, he should stay off it

  • The Legendary Troll

    Nigga should call his next album twitter fingers

    • STEPH



    Can’t get mad LMAO! I don’t (95%) of these muthafuckas don’t have a pot to piss in, or a window to throw it out of LMAO! Or they stay with their mommas LMAO! He need to hire 10 funny ass niggas to roast these fuckboys 24 hours a day, 7 days a week LMAO! Whole bunch of corny lil white boys and Carlton banks type muthafuckas that can’t bust a grape LMAO!

  • ebonyhud

    That’s why I had to drop my facebook account. I was just too opinionated and I got tired of seeing people I knew in real life act a certain way on there. I was starting to call people out and all of that. I think Meek just read himself a little bit though

    • Brett Burgundy

      You just want a bunch of yes men? Or you just weren’t getting enough likes? Meek ain’t real for reposting someone else’s real shit when his actions contradict his words

      • ebonyhud

        Huh? I’m agreeing with Meek saying that people pretend on Facebook…..And lol at yes men. I don’t have those. Also, I felt that I was doing to much on Facebook. Everybody doesn’t have to be subject to your political opinions. I save them for comment sections now… That’s pretty much what I meant

  • Hakeem

    Hate him or love him this is Drake’s and Future’s game right now…..

  • He has a valid point though.

    • Brett Burgundy

      Every now an then a garbage can gets a steak. I like meek sometimes but he talk all this real shit but act like a emo bitch on nothing other than social media. In a way it exposes the hoe in niggas claiming they real when just bitchs with money

      • LOL @ every now and then a garbage can gets a steak. Nice expression.

        I must admit he does come across as an emotionally weak dude despite all the bravado, to me it only goes to show he’s human.

  • john scott

    Not sure if All Hip Hop is aware, but Meek’s album is flaming right now. Nothing hotter dropped this year. Can’t wait for the tour. The more you guys try to bring him down, the more fans will support him. It’s over the top now. The album or whatever is hot. What else do we need to know?

    • Phillip Fuller

      Its just February. and its nothing new same old shit.

      • john scott

        Idk. There aren’t many folks that can compete on this level artistically. 4/4 is genius. One certified commercial hit with Nikki and this will be hard to beat… matter the contender. Maybe kanye, kendrick, drake very short list indeed.

        Same old shit? Again idk. Never seen a “rapper” verbally insinuate disdain for a sitting president and not catch any flack for it. While the other guy donates 50, 000 bottles of water to a community in need, enrolls in college and gets crucified for it.

        I think we’re in uncharted waters.

  • and the faceless comments prove the point

  • Black Adam

    All facts by Meek but since we are on social media, let me ask this question….Is anyone else aware of the skewed viewpoint Allhiphop writers have put forth in this issue between Meek and Drake? I mean article after article these feeble minded Allhiphop writers keep taking digs at Meek and even when this cat wins a round they do everything in their power to ATTEMPT to change the viewpoint to make dude look like he’s losing or not hot right now? Kanye too. Yall riding with a slut like Amber over a true artist like Kanye? Yall think we like all that gay booty talk yall putting up all over this site? Whether it be one of those dumb a$s questions they ask to flip shit or a slight they give like the one above “twitter fingers” is just unnecessary and quite disappointing to read from what I thought was an unbiased site. Just something I have observed over the last few weeks.

    So I ask. What is the agenda here at Allhiphop?

    • I’m seeing that on a lot of other sites too. Meeks last diss is a W. Yet they keep riding Drakes wagon (no pause necessary). He must have em on payroll

      • Brett Burgundy

        Bigger fan base dude not roccet science

      • Black Adam

        Nah mean. I can see them leaning towards Drake a lil bit because hes a bigger artist but these dudes take it way to far. True definition of Character assassination.


      Somebody working at AllHipHop is an avid Mediatakeout frequenter.

      • Black Adam

        Feels that way dont it?

    • stephen

      that’s the thing tho…when meek first sent shots at drake….EVERYONE WAS RIDING MEEK…shit even me….Radios…flex dropping bombs….playing drake’s ghost writer….meek was lookin like Jay when he dropped takeover and laughin it up at hot 97….so meek had his moment…..drake came and just took it away…Softly lol….but since that meek hasn’t been looking good……just 1 W isn’t gonna put meek back on the map after numerous failed attempts…….he gotta keep cming with the heat….

  • I agree with him 100%, some of these ppl online broadcast like kings & queens of royalty but their living like peasants & paupers

  • I ain’t gon lie, this site has really fell THE F**K off and it’s not necessarily because of the editors, it ain’t s**t to talk about in the rap industry so how can you run a successful hip-hop website when most of the music in the rap industry SUCKS!!! Now some of the WRITERS on here be having misspelling issues and for them ,that’s unacceptable because these editors on this site get paid too much money to be on here misspelling words in a article that many people read day in & day out. I’M SICK OF ALL OF THESE INDUSTRY RAPPERS BECAUSE IT’S TOO MANY FAKE RAPPERS OUT HERE GLORIFYING THE STREET LIFE MENTALITY PLUS THE SOCIAL MEDIA IS WORST THAN BET ,MTV & ALL OF RAP MAGAZINES COMBINED AS FAR AS DICTATORSHIP OF TREND SETTING INFLUENCES AMONG YOUNGER LISTENERS. Some of these old rap ni***as need to either step it up or THROW IN THE F***KING TOWEL!!!. These wack new rappers need to STFU frfr because they don’t even know the real history of hip-hop.

  • Controversy Sells

    I’m listening towar pain as I type this and its fire. If meek delivers more of that then that’s good damage control.

  • Controversy Sells

    Wait wait wait. . . Is he saying that his relationship with Nicki is fake? And his lifestyle? ???


  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    Why is this even news??

  • stephen

    no them L’s are real homie……


      Not even a little bit.

  • Hector G

    ya and meek is a fraud in real life?? im confused

  • Wesnile

    Instagram is the worst social media website, its all full of lies I miss the Myspace days.


    Meek Stating the obvious but its a lot of people who still cant see the Truth.

    • Nightmare

      Your avatar picture looks like trash ass Kevin Gates. No wait… It is trash ass Kevin Gates. Never mind, carry on.✌🏾️

  • Poseidon

    “… Some are envious of thing, relationships, & lifestyles that don’t even exist…”

    Come on guys, it’s obvious he’s he’s talking about why you still mad at his “drug dealer” boss, Rick Ross The C.O.